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Data from: Density-dependent diel activity in stream-dwelling Arctic charr Salvelinus alpinus

Amy Fingerle, Nicolas Larranaga & Stefán Óli Steingrímsson
Intraspecific competition plays a significant role in shaping how animals use and share habitats in space and time. However, the way individuals may modify their diel activity in response to increased competition has received limited attention. We used juvenile (age 1+) Arctic charr Salvelinus alpinus to test the prediction that individuals at high population density are more active and distribute their foraging activity over a greater portion of the 24-h cycle than individuals at low...

Data from: Divergence of gastropod life history in contrasting thermal environments in a geothermal lake

Magnus P. Johansson, Friederike Ermold, Bjarni K. Kristjánsson & Anssi Laurila
Experiments using natural populations have provided mixed support for thermal adaptation models, probably because the conditions are often confounded with additional environmental factors like seasonality. The contrasting geothermal environments within Lake Mývatn, northern Iceland, provide a unique opportunity to evaluate thermal adaptation models using closely located natural populations. We conducted laboratory common garden and field reciprocal transplant experiments to investigate how thermal origin influences the life history of Radix balthica snails originating from stable cold...

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  • 2016

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