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“Gardaz vostre garnir”: Garin Lo Brun’s El termini d’estiu and the Composition of the Obscene Mini-Anthology of Songbook G

Courtney Joseph Wells
In this note, the author demonstrates that, although the ensenhamen of Garin lo Brun serves as a metrical and formal model for the anonymous obscene cobla “De bona domna voill,” it is also parodied by another cobla in the same anthology of parodic and scatological coblas contained in songbook G. While scholars have studied coblas of this anthology individually, there is much that can be learned about the cultural and literary importance of this small...

Data for: PickMe: sample selection for species tree reconstruction using coalescent weighted quartets

Joseph Rusinko, Yu Cai, Allison Doherty, Katherine Thompson, Julien Boutte, Mark Fishbein & Shannon Straub
After collecting large data sets of many genes for many species for phylogenomics studies, researchers may make ad hoc decisions about which genes or samples to include in a species tree reconstruction analysis based on various parameters, including the amount of missing data. Optimally, sampling would be maximized, but it can be difficult for empiricists to determine where to draw the line for sample inclusion when data sets are incomplete. Under the multispecies coalescent model,...

Data from: The role of scratching in the control of ectoparasites on birds

Graham B. Goodman, Margaux C. Klingensmith, Sarah E. Bush & Dale H. Clayton
Grooming by birds is thought to serve essential anti-parasite functions. While preening has been well studied, little is known about the function of scratching in birds. We conducted a series of experiments to determine the effectiveness of scratching for controlling feather lice (Columbicola columbae) on rock pigeons (Columba livia). First, we used a hobbling technique to impair scratching. After six months, hobbled birds had significantly more lice than controls that could scratch. In addition, lice...

From CREATE workshop to course implementation: Examining downstream impacts on teaching practices and student learning at 4-year institutions

Kristy L. Kenyon, Bradley J. Cosentino, Alan J. Gottesman, Morgan E. Onorato, Jamila Hoque & Sally G. Hoskins
We provide the full data set for the research study informing the efficacy of the CREATE strategy for positively influencing faculty and students in science courses at ten institutions (4-year). CREATE (consider, read, elucidate hypotheses, analyze, and intrepret data; think of the next experiment) represents a scaffolded approach for teaching students using the primary literature as the foundation of course instruction. In this project, faculty from different institutions were trained in this pedagogy through a...

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