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Data from: Correlated divergence of female and male genitalia in replicated lineages with ongoing ecological speciation

Ryan Greenway, Rachel McNemee, Alexander Okamoto, Martin Plath, Lenin Arias‐Rodriguez, Michael Tobler & Lenin Arias-Rodriguez
Divergence of genital traits among lineages has the potential to serve as a reproductive isolating barrier when copulation, insemination, or fertilization are inhibited by incompatibilities between female and male genitalia. Despite widespread evidence for genital trait diversity among closely related lineages and coevolution of female and male genitalia within lineages, few studies have investigated genital evolution during the early stages of speciation. We quantified genital variation in replicated population pairs of Poecilia mexicana with ongoing...

Expression Analysis and Functional Characterization of CER1 Family Genes Involved in Very-LongChain Alkanes Biosynthesis in Brachypodium distachyon

Li Quan & Hongqi Wu
Cuticular wax accumulation and composition affects drought resistance in plants. Brachypodium distachyon plants subjected to water deficit and polyethylene glycol treatments resulted in a significant increase in total wax load, in which very-long-chain (VLC) alkanes were more sensitive to these treatments than other wax compounds, implying that VLC alkanes biosynthesis plays a more important role in drought resistance in B. distachyon. ECERIFERUM1 (CER1) has been reported to encode a core enzyme involved in VLC alkanes...

Data from: Nonlinearity of root trait relationships and the root economics spectrum

Deliang Kong, Junjian Wang, Huifang Wu, Oscar J. Valverde-Barrantes, Ruili Wang, Hui Zeng, Paul Kardol, Haiyan Zhang & Yulong Feng
The root economics spectrum (RES), a common hypothesis postulating a tradeoff between resource acquisition and conservation traits, is being challenged by conflicting relationships between root diameter, tissue density (RTD) and root nitrogen concentration (RN). Here, we analyze a global trait dataset of absorptive roots for over 800 plant species. For woody species (but not for non-woody species), we find nonlinear relationships between root diameter and RTD and RN, which stem from the allometric relationship between...

Geographical and temporal variation of multiple paternity in invasive mosquitofish (Gambusia holbrooki, Gambusia affinis)

Jiancao Gao, Francesco Santi, Linjun Zhou, Xiaoqin Wang, Rüdiger Riesch & Martin Plath
Multiple paternity (MP) increases offspring’s genetic variability, which could be linked to invasive species’ evolvability in novel distribution ranges. Shifts in MP can be adaptive, with greater MP in harsher/colder environments or towards the end of the reproductive season, but climate could also affect MP indirectly via its effect on reproductive life histories. We tested these hypotheses by genotyping N = 2,903 offspring from N = 306 broods of two closely related livebearing fishes, Gambusia...

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  • 2019

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