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Data from: Nitrogen transformations differentially affect nutrient-limited primary production in lakes of varying trophic state

J. Thad Scott, Mark J. McCarthy & Hans W. Paerl
The concept of lakes “evolving” phosphorus (P) limitation has persisted in limnology despite limited direct evidence. Here, we developed a simple model to broadly characterize nitrogen (N) surpluses and deficits relative to P in lakes, and compared the magnitude of this imbalance to estimates of N gains and losses through biological N transformations. The model suggested that approximately half of oligotrophic lakes in the US had a stoichiometric N deficit, but almost 90% of the...

Data from: Reconstructing the mass and thermal ecology of North American Pleistocene tortoises

Donald A. Esker, Steven L. Forman & Dava K. Butler
Researchers often interpret the presence of tortoises in Pleistocene assemblages as evidence of an interglacial age, based on an assumption that these fossils indicate thermic climates, as modern giant tortoises require. Since the Paleocene, tortoises have been common components of terrestrial fossil assemblages and have repeatedly evolved species of giant size. Whereas extant giant tortoises are found only on islands off the coasts of South America and Africa, at least two species persisted in North...

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