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Data from: Nutrient addition affects scaling relationship of leaf nitrogen to phosphorus in Arabidopsis thaliana

Zhengbing Yan, Xiuping Li, Di Tian, Wenxuan Han, Xinghui Hou, Haihua Shen, Yalong Guo & Jingyun Fang
1. Ambient nutrient changes influence the coupling of nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P) in terrestrial ecosystems, but whether it could alter the scaling relationship of plant leaf N to P concentrations remains unclear. 2. Here we conducted experimental manipulations using Arabidopsis thaliana, with five levels of N and P additions and nine repeated experiments, and then evaluated the changes in the scaling relationship of leaf N to P concentrations under nutrient additions. 3. Overall, leaf...

Data from: A new tealliocaridid crustacean from the Late Carboniferous of North China and its biogeographic implications

Qiang Yang, Pierre Gueriau, Sylvain Charbonnier, Dong Ren, Olivier BĂ©thoux & Sylvain Charbonner
A new tealliocaridid eumalacostracan is described from the Late Carboniferous Tupo Formation (Ningxia, China). Laevitealliocaris xiaheyanensis gen. et sp. nov. is represented by a single specimen, characterised by the possession of a short rostrum without dorsal spine, a short postcervical carina and only one weak branchial carina, both tuberculate, and a short sixth pleonal somite. This is the first unequivocal record of tealliocaridids outside Euramerica, which occurrence along the eastern inner margin of the Palaeotethys...

Data from: Determination of sulfonamides in milk by capillary electrophoresis with PEG@MoS2 as a dispersive solid-phase extraction sorbent

Jianxin An, Xuan Wang, Meiting Ming, Jian Li & Nengsheng Ye
A synthetic polyethylene glycol-molybdenum disulfide (PEG@MoS2) composite was prepared using a simple method, and the application of this material in dispersive solid-phase extraction (DSPE) was investigated for the enrichment of eight sulfonamides (SAs) in milk samples. The composite was characterized by energy dispersive spectroscopy, scanning electron microscopy, transmission electron microscopy, Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy and Brunner-Emmett-Teller measurements. The results showed that the MoS2 synthesized in the presence of PEG has the advantage of a larger...

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