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Spatial atmospheric pressure atomic layer deposition of Tin Oxide as an impermeable electron extraction layer for Perovskite solar cells with enhanced thermal stability

Lukas Hoffmann, Kai Brinkmann, Jessica Malerczyk, Detlef Rogalla, Tim Becker, Detlef Theirich, Ivan Shutsko, Patrick Görrn & Thomas Riedl
This document is the Accepted Manuscript version of a Published Work that appeared in final form in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, copyright © American Chemical Society after peer review and technical editing by the publisher. To access the final edited and published work see https://doi.org/10.1021/acsami.7b17701.

Incoherent, spatially-mapped THz spectral analysis

Daniel Headland, Philipp Hillger, Robin Zatta & Ullrich Pfeiffer
We employ a lens-coupled CMOS terahertz camera to measure the dispersion of an inexpensive reflective diffraction grating. Thus, although the terahertz camera was originally intended for terahertz imaging applications, we show that it can be re-purposed to perform spectral analysis. Two different experiments to determine the spectral content of a source under test are performed. These experiments target separate frequency bands, and hence they must make use of different sources and gratings. As such, we...

Stepper Motor Dataset

Maxime Goubeaud, Tim Grunert, Tim Lützenkirchen, Philipp Joussen & Anton Kummert
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Ficción, idea y realidad del exilio antifascista en México

Matei Chihaia (ed.) & Guillermo Ferrer Ortega (ed.)
143 pp.

Düsseldorf, Siegen, Wuppertal: Forschungsdatenmanagement im Kooperationsverbund

Henning Bohn, Torsten Rathmann & Christian Schäffer
Post-print version of a journal article that was first published in: ProLibris 2018, 23(2), 58-59. Secondary publication with friendly permission of the publisher.

Identification of scavenger receptors and thrombospondin type 1 repeat proteins potentially relevant for plastid recognition in Sacoglossa

Jenny Melo Clavijo, Silja Frankenbach, Cátia Fidalgo, Joao Serôdio, Alexander Donath, Angelika Preisfeld & Gregor Christa
Functional kleptoplasty is a photosymbiotic relationship, in which photosynthetically active chloroplasts serve as an intracellular symbiont for a heterotrophic host. Among Metazoa, functional kleptoplasty is only found in marine sea slugs belonging to the Sacoglossa and recently described in rhabdocoel worms. Although functional kleptoplasty has been intensively studied in Sacoglossa, the fundamentals of the specific recognition of the chloroplasts and their subsequent incorporation are unknown. The key to ensure the initiation of any symbiosis is...

A 64-Pixel 0.42 THz Source SoC with Spatial Modulation Diversity for Computational Imaging

Ritesh Jain, Philipp Hillger, Eamal Ashna, janusz grzyb & Ullrich Pfeiffer
This paper presents a terahertz source system-on-a-chip (SoC) specifically designed for computational imaging with a single pixel camera (SPC). The SoC consists of an 8×8 array of independent, frequency unlocked THz sources that together radiate maximum 10.3 dBm power at 0.42 THz. Each source pixel is composed of a fundamental Colpitts oscillator, followed by a common-collector doubler, and an on-chip circular slot antenna. The THz power radiated from the array can be modulated in space...

Data from: Comparative morphology and evolution of the cnidosac in Cladobranchia (Gastropoda: Heterobranchia: Nudibranchia)

Jessica A. Goodheart, Sabrina Bleidißel, Dorothee Schillo, Ellen E. Strong, Daniel L. Ayres, Angelika Preisfeld, Allen G. Collins, Michael P. Cummings & Heike Wägele
Background: A number of shelled and shell-less gastropods are known to use multiple defensive mechanisms, including internally generated or externally obtained biochemically active compounds and structures. Within Nudipleura, nudibranchs within Cladobranchia possess such a special defense: the ability to sequester cnidarian nematocysts – small capsules that can inject venom into the tissues of other organisms. This ability is distributed across roughly 600 species within Cladobranchia, and many questions still remain in regard to the comparative...

Broadband Lens-Integrated CMOS Camera-Type THz Compact Antenna Test Range

Robin Zatta, Vishal S. Jagtap, janusz grzyb & Ullrich Pfeiffer
This paper presents the concept of a lens-integrated CMOS camera-type terahertz (THz) compact antenna test range (CATR) to determine the far-field characteristics of transmitters (TX), including the radiation pattern, directivity, half-power beamwidth (HPBW), and radiation power. For concept validation, the frequency-dependent far-field radiation pattern of a 0.6–1.1 THz TX equipped with a 23.7–28.2 dBi standard gain horn antenna was measured using THz CATR. Directivity, HPBW, and radiation power have been extracted from THz CATR measurements....

Dataset for: Single-photon nonlinearity at room temperature

Anton Zasedatelev, Anton Baranikov, Denis A. Sannikov, Darius Urbonas, Fabio Scafirimuto, Vladislav Shishkov, Evgeny Andrianov, Yurii Lozovik, Ullrich Scherf, Thilo Stöferle, Rainer Mahrt & Pavlos Lagoudakis
The experimental dataset used to create the figures in the paper Zasedatelev A., Baranikov A., Sannikov D., Urbonas D., Scafirimuto F., Shishkov V., Andrianov E., Lozovik Yu., Scherf U., Stoferle T., Mahrt R., Lagoudakis P., Nature (2021). Single-photon nonlinearity at room temperature

Data archive of experimental data from studies about pedestrian dynamics

, Maik Boltes & Armin Seyfried

Additional file 1 of The contagious leader: a panel study on occupational stress transfer in a large Danish municipality

Lærke Bonnesen, Signe Pihl-Thingvad & Vera Winter
Additional file 1: Appendix I. Descriptive statistics.

Distributed Feedback Lasers Based on MAPbBr3

Neda Pourdavoud, André Mayer, Maximilian Buchmüller, Kai Brinkmann, Tobias Häger, Ting Hu, Ralf Heiderhoff, Ivan Shutsko, Patrick Görrn, Yiwang Chen, Hella-Christin Scheer & Thomas Riedl
This is the peer reviewed version of the following article: Pourdavoud, N., Mayer, A., Buchmüller, M., Brinkmann, K., Häger, T., Hu, T. , Heiderhoff, R., Shutsko, I., Görrn, P., Chen, Y., Scheer, H.‐C., Riedl, T.: Distributed Feedback Lasers Based on MAPbBr3. Advanced Materials Technologies 2018, 3(4), 1700253 which has been published in final form at https://doi.org/10.1002/admt.201700253. This article may be used for non-commercial purposes in accordance with Wiley Terms and Conditions for Use of Self-Archived...

Genesis und Greta-Wetter. Nachhaltiges Lernen durch induktive Sprachreflexion im Religionsunterricht

Stephanie Langenkämper
Die Privatisierung von Religiösität und die damit verbundene semantische Diskrepanz zwischen kirchlich-biblischer Semantik und Jugendsprache stellt seit über zwanzig Jahren neue Anforderungen für nachhaltige religiöse Lernprozesse an die Religionspädagogik und die Korrelationsdidaktik. Durch fehlende religiöse Sozialisation fehlen Kindern und Jugendlichen oft religiöse Vorerfahrungen und Vokabeln, weshalb sie bei korrelativen Transferleistungen im Religionsunterricht benachteiligt sind. Nachhaltiges Lernen wird bereits durch die fehlende Aktivierung von Vorwissen aufgrund semantischer Diskrepanzen im Sprachverarbeitungsprozess verhindert.

CMOS THz Camera Used as Compact Antenna Test Range

Robin Zatta, Vishal S. Jagtap, janusz grzyb & Ullrich Pfeiffer
In this paper, a silicon lens-integrated CMOS THz camera is employed as a compact antenna test range. The far-field radiation pattern of a 26-dBi 0.852-THz standard gain horn antenna radiation source is characterized. Both single-frame low-resolution and multi-frame super-resolution acquisition are performed. The latter is employed to measure a far-field radiation pattern with enhanced angular resolution. The directivity of the source is determined from both measured single-frame low-resolution and multi-frame super-resolution radiation patterns. The maximum...

CMOS Camera-Type THz Compact Antenna Test Range for Far-Field Radiation Pattern Analysis

Robin Zatta, Vishal S. Jagtap, janusz grzyb & Ullrich Pfeiffer
This paper presents a CMOS camera-type THz compact antenna test range (CATR) to facilitate a convenient means to measure far-field radiation patterns of transmitters (TXs). For concept validation, we measured the far-field radiation pattern of a 26-dBi 0.852-THz standard gain horn antenna-type TX with known far-field characteristics with the THz CATR. With the help of geometrical multi-frame super-resolution imaging, the directivity determination accuracy achieved at a peak signal-to-noise ratio (PSNR) of 34.8 dB is 0.2...

Performance Limits of THz Dispersive Spectroscopes Employing Super-Resolution Imaging

Robin Zatta & Ullrich Pfeiffer
The performance of terahertz (THz) dispersive spectroscopes is limited in spectral resolution and frequency accuracy due to a finite pixel count. This paper demonstrates that increasing the synthetic effective pixel count by exploiting super-resolution (SR) imaging results in improved performance. To this end, we investigated the performance of a CMOS camera-based THz dispersive spectroscope using SR imaging. From 0.75–0.9 THz, average spectral resolution improved from 76 GHz to 34.2 GHz (about a factor of two),...

Performance Characterization Method of Broadband Terahertz Video Cameras

Vishal S. Jagtap, Robin Zatta, janusz grzyb & Ullrich Pfeiffer
Integrated THz systems comprising index matched optical media introduce discontinuities in the propagation path leading to an etaloning effect. The etaloning hinders the absolute accuracy of a measuring instrument thereby limiting its applicability. A methodology using computational notch filtering is implemented here to extract the true performance of a measuring instrument. Specifically, the responsivity and NEP of the portable room temperature 1k-pixel terahertz CMOS camera have been investigated using a continuously tunable broadband spectrally pure...

Terahertz spectroscope using CMOS camera and dispersive optics

Daniel Headland, Robin Zatta, Philipp Hillger & Ullrich Pfeiffer
There is a need to reduce the cost and size of functional terahertz devices, in order to expedite this notoriously under-utilized frequency band toward practical applications. Electronic integrated circuits (ICs) are extremely useful to this end, as they provide a means to achieve miniaturization and mass-production, leveraging the foundries and techniques that have made digital electronics ubiquitous. Although integration of terahertz systems is expected to diminish performance and functionality, the increased number and availability of...

Neue Klassifikation von Fächergruppen zur verzerrungsfreien Berechnung universitärer Profilkarten

Joel Emanuel Fuchs & Thomas Heinze

The Concept of Failure-Cause-Searching and Solution-Finding Algorithm (FusLa)

Amirbabak Ansari, Nadine Schlüter & Marius Heinrichsmeyer
The increasing complexity of customer requirements, production systems and new products influences the processes of complaint management in terms of decision time and resources required. Various approaches to support complaint management can be found in the literatures. However, an analysis of these approaches shows that the state of the art in science and technology is reaching its limits in terms of complexity. In order to master this problem, the department of "Product Safety and Quality...

Fachliche Forschungs- und Lehrprofile staatlicher Universitäten in Deutschland

Thomas Heinze, Dirk Tunger, Joel Emanuel Fuchs, Arlette Jappe & Paul Eberhardt

Anforderungen der Forschungsförderer ans FDM

Torsten Rathmann
Post-print version of a journal article that was first published in: ProLibris 2018, 23(2), 64-65. Secondary publication with friendly permission of the publisher.

Diffuse Beam with Electronic THz Source Array

Daniel Headland, Robin Zatta & Ullrich Pfeiffer
An array of terahertz sources in 0.13 μm SiGe BiCMOS has previously been developed to mitigate the well-known issue of low available power from compact terahertz sources. However, the device projects beams toward different, non-overlapping directions, rendering it unsuitable for use as a general-purpose illumination source. To address this issue, custom optics are employed for incoherent power combining, and subsequently utilized in a demonstration of terahertz imaging.

Resolution Limits in Lens-Integrated CMOS THz Cameras Employing Super-Resolution Imaging

Robin Zatta, Ritesh Jain, janusz grzyb & Ullrich Pfeiffer
In this paper, we discuss the design choices of CMOS THz cameras for achieving maximum angular resolution and high sensitivity over a large bandwidth. In an active THz imaging set-up, the spatial resolution becomes a function of the object magnification, determined by the focal length of the collimating optic and the camera’s angular resolution. The THz camera investigated experimentally here, under-samples its field-of-view for incident frequencies above 0.578 THz due to its 80-µm pixel pitch...

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