Data from: Macrophage migration inhibitory factor is involved in ectopic endometrial tissue growth and peritoneal-endometrial tissue interaction in vivo: a plausible link to endometriosis development

Halima Rakhila, Madeleine Lemyre, Karine Girard, Ali Akoum & Mathieu Leboeuf
Pelvic inflammation is a hallmark of endometriosis pathogenesis and a major cause of the disease's symptoms. Abnormal immune and inflammatory changes may not only contribute to endometriosis-major symptoms, but also contribute to ectopic endometrial tissue growth and endometriosis development. A major pro-inflammatory factors found elevated in peritoneal fluid of women with endometriosis and to be overexpressed in peritoneal fluid macrophages and active, highly vascularized and early stage endometriotic lesions, macrophage migration inhibitory factor (MIF) appeared...

Registration Year

  • 2014

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  • Dataset


  • Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de QuĂ©bec
  • UniversitĂ© Laval