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Data from: Spatiotemporal variation of host use in a brood parasite: the role of the environment

Vittorio Baglione, Diana Bolopo, Daniela Canestrari, Juan Gabriel Martínez, María Roldán, Marta Vila & Manuel Soler
Avian brood parasites should target the most profitable host species, but current conditions might locally influence their choice, producing geographic mosaics of coevolution. Throughout Europe, the magpie Pica pica has been invariably reported as the primary host of the great spotted cuckoo Clamator glandarius, whereas the carrion crow Corvus corone is the secondary one. However, we found that this pattern reversed in northern Spain, where up to 70% of carrion crow nests were parasitized versus...

Data from: Decline and recovery of a large carnivore: environmental change and long-term trends in an endangered brown bear population

Isabel Martínez Cano, Fernando González Taboada, Javier Naves, Alberto Fernández-Gil & Thorsten Wiegand
Understanding what factors drive fluctuations in the abundance of endangered species is a difficult ecological problem but a major requirement to attain effective management and conservation success. The ecological traits of large mammals make this task even more complicated, calling for integrative approaches. We develop a framework combining individual-based modelling and statistical inference to assess alternative hypotheses on brown bear dynamics in the Cantabrian range (Iberian Peninsula). Models including the effect of environmental factors on...

Data from: Heritability of Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis burden and its genetic correlation with development time in a population of Common toad (Bufo spinosus)

Gemma Palomar, Jaime Bosch & José Manuel Cano
Despite the important threat that emerging pathogens pose for the conservation of biodiversity as well as human health, very little is known about the adaptive potential of host species to withstand infections. We studied the quantitative genetic architecture responsible for the burden of the fungal pathogen Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis in a population of common toads in conjunction with other life-history traits (i.e. body size and development rate) which may be affected by common selective pressures. We...

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  • 2016

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