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Alireza Bahmanzad
Cross-laminated timber (CLT), is a new generation of engineered wood product initially established in Europe, is utilized in residential and non-residential applications in several countries. CLT is new to the north of the United States, but Europeans have used CLT more than 25 years as an eco-friendly construction product in many construction sectors. Also many spectacular low, mid and even high-rise building constructed around the world using CLT products. CLT panels can be used in...

Citizenship in transit: perils and promises of crossing Mexico

Martha Balaguera
What kind of politics emerges under dire conditions of violence and precarity in the context of transit migration across Mexico? How is sanctuary practiced and gendered? This dissertation analyzes a range of experiences of transit and sanctuary practices of hospitality, care and solidarity, particularly those of marginalized women, nonbinary individuals, and grassroots movements that reveal an emerging pattern of transnational citizenship from below. As a defining issue of the 21stcentury, international migrations have provided an...

Bruhat-Tits Buildings and a Characteristic p Unimodular Symbol Algorithm

Matthew Bates
Let k be the finite field with q elements, let F be the field of Laurent series in the variable 1/t with coefficients in k, and let A be the polynomial ring in the variable t with coefficients in k. Let SLn(F) be the ring of nxn-matrices with entries in F, and determinant 1. Given a polynomial g in A, let Gamma(g) subset SLn(F) be the full congruence subgroup of level g. In this thesis...

Computing Agreement in a Mixed System

Sakshi Bhatia
This dissertation develops a comprehensive response to the question of how agreement is computed in Hindi-Urdu – a language with a mixed agreement system where the verb can agree with a subject or an object depending on the structural context. This dissertation covers new empirical and theoretical ground in two domains. First, I identify three kinds of atypical agreement patterns which are not accounted for under traditional approaches Hindi-Urdu agreement -- verb agreement with the...

Demystifying Library Research: An Evolution

Thea Atwood

Cultural Heritage and Climate Change: Exploring the Impacts and Issues

Elizabeth Brabec, Andrew Potts & Julianne Polanco
As noted at the 2017 ICOMOS Assembly in Delhi, cultural heritage is both under threat from climate change, and an asset in our attempts to adapt to and mitigate its impacts. The Paris Agreement emphasizes the need for urgency about climate change; cultural heritage can play a central role in this effort. For example, iconic sites at risk from storms, coastal erosion, wildfires or permafrost thaw can alert public to the very real impacts and...

Data from: Evidence to support common application switching behaviour on smartphones

Liam Turner, Roger Whitaker, Stuart Allen, David Linden, Kun Tu, Jian Li & Don Towsley
We find evidence to support common behaviour in smartphone usage based on analysis of application (app) switching. This is an overlooked aspect of smartphone usage that gives additional insight beyond screen time and the particular apps that are accessed. Using a dataset of usage behaviour from 53 participants over a 6-week period, we find strong similarity in the structure of networks built from app switching, despite diversity in the apps used, and the volume of...

Data from: Length polymorphisms at two candidate genes explain variation of migratory behaviors in blackpoll warblers (Setophaga striata)

Joel Ralston, Lydia Lorenc, Melissa Montes, William Deluca, Jeremy Kirchman, Brad Woodworth, Stuart Mackenzie, Amy Newman, Hilary A. Cooke, Nikole Freeman, Alex Sutton, Lila Tauzer & D. Ryan Norris
Migratory behaviors such as the timing and duration of migration are genetically inherited and can be under strong natural selection, yet we still know very little about the specific genes or molecular pathways that control these behaviors. Studies in candidate genes Clock and Adcyap1 have revealed that both of these loci can be significantly correlated with migratory behaviors in birds, though observed relationships appear to vary across species. We investigated geographic genetic structure of Clock...

Does blood loss explain higher resting metabolic rates in nestling birds with hematophagous ectoparasites?

Natalie Sun, Sarah Goodwin, Michael Griego, Alexander Gerson & Ethan Clotfelter
Nestlings of many bird species are hosts to hematophagous ectoparasites. Parasitism of nestlings is usually sub-lethal, but its effects can extend into the fledgling and adult stages. Nestling hosts lose enough blood to become anemic, but the effects of reduced oxygen-carrying capacity on metabolic rate are poorly understood. This study examined the consequences of parasitism by larval blow flies Protocalliphora sialia for nestling tree swallows Tachycineta bicolor. We found that nestlings with more parasites had...

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