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Unseen Labor

Ann Kardos
An international library community-organizing embroidery project and exhibit about metadata, the people who provide access to resources and our public service Conceived and curated by Ann Kardos On display at the University of Massachusetts Amherst in the Science and Engineering Library, January 21, 2022 through May 6, 2022.

Cross Institutional Vertical Studio Collaboration: Extending Boundaries during the Time of Covid-19

M. Naomi Darling & Elisa Kim
This paper reflects upon a cross-institutional and multi-level studio collaboration developed in response to the mid-semester closures of Mount Holyoke College and Smith College during the spring 2020 Covid-19 pandemic. Our collaboration was a conscious effort to offer our students an educational opportunity driven by both the students’ and our own desires to meaningfully address the unfolding global pandemic. Within the context of the liberal arts, our focus was to continue to develop the technical...

The state-constituted market economy: A conceptual framework for China's state-market relations

Isabella Weber & Hao Qi
China has created a distinct economic system. Yet despite a growing literature with valuable contributions on the institutional arrangements under ‘capitalism with Chinese characteristics’, the precise economic mechanisms underpinning China’s state–market relations remain undertheorised. In this paper we develop a conceptual framework of what we call China’s state-constituted market economy. We define essential as ‘systemically significant from the perspective of the state’. We argue that the Chinese state ‘constitutes’ the market economy by creating, participating...

World Profit Rates, 1960-2019

Deepankur Basu, Julio Huato, Jesus Lara Jauregui & Evan Wasner
In this paper we present estimates of the world profit rate using country-level data from the Extended Penn World Table 7.0 and industry-level data from the World Input Output Database. The country-aggregated world profit rate series spans the period from 1960 to 2019, and the industry-aggregated world profit rate series runs from 2000 to 2014. The country-aggregated world profit rate series displays a strong negative linear trend for the period 1960-1980 and a weaker negative...

One-micron spectroscopic studies of accretion and outflow in T tauri stars.

William J. Fischer

Conservative cause advocacy : the multiple sites of conservative legal ideology.

Laura J. Hatcher

Intro to GIS: Unit 4

Forrest J. Bowlick

Intro to GIS: Unit 12

Forrest J. Bowlick

Intro to GIS: Unit 7

Forrest J. Bowlick

On vagueness.

Arnold Jensen Chien

Introducing technological innovations for education in a developing country : implications for planning.

Vijay M. Kumar

A Nietzschean critique of Kant's highest good.

Donald M. Schneier

Nudging the House of Cards : brain physiology and critical consciousness.

Gail S. Von Hahmann

The effects of federal policy on the small independent liberal arts college.

Priscilla J. Angelo

Why Abu can't read : a critique of modern literacy doctrine.

Stephen J. Anzalone

Truth-value gaps in natural language.

James Hewins Waldo

Non-propositional analyses of belief.

Richard Harold Feldman

Clasificación y análisis de préstamos del inglés en la prensa de España y México.

María F. Sánchez

Kenyan higher education institutions and their social responsibility.

Beverly Lindsay

Issues in Aristotelian essentialism.

Angela F. Curran

Learning Stress Patterns with a Sequence-to-Sequence Neural Network

Brandon Prickett & Joe Pater

SCiL 2022 Editors' Note

Allyson Ettinger, Tim Hunter & Brandon Prickett

The concept of alienation : its application to emergent African states.

Benson Kaguongo Wambari

Volunteer fieldworker motivation in rural development : a case study from Indonesia.


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