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Data from: Scaling of phloem structure and optimality of photoassimilate transport in conifer needles

Henrik Ronellenfitsch, Johannes Liesche, Kaare H. Jensen, Noel Michele Holbrook, Alexander Schulz & Eleni Katifori
The phloem vascular system facilitates transport of energy-rich sugar and signalling molecules in plants, thus permitting long-range communication within the organism and growth of non-photosynthesizing organs such as roots and fruits. The flow is driven by osmotic pressure, generated by differences in sugar concentration between distal parts of the plant. The phloem is an intricate distribution system, and many questions about its regulation and structural diversity remain unanswered. Here, we investigate the phloem structure in...

Data from: Metagenomic chromosome conformation capture (meta3C) unveils the diversity of chromosome organization in microorganisms

Martial Marbouty, Axel Cournac, Jean-Francois Flot, Herve Marie-Nelly, Julien Mozziconacci & Romain Koszul
Genomic analyses of microbial populations in their natural environment remain limited by the difficulty to assemble full genomes of individual species. Consequently, the chromosome organization of microorganisms has been investigated in a few model species, but the extent to which the features described can be generalized to other taxa remains unknown. Using controlled mixes of bacterial and yeast species, we developed meta3C, a metagenomic chromosome conformation capture approach that allows characterizing individual genomes and their...

Data from: Measuring the configurational temperature of a binary disc packing

Song-Chuan Zhao & Matthias Schroeter
Jammed packings of granular materials differ from systems normally described by statistical mechanics in that they are athermal. In recent years a statistical mechanics of static granular media has emerged where the thermodynamic temperature is replaced by a configurational temperature X which describes how the number of mechanically stable configurations depends on the volume. Four different methods have been suggested to measure X. Three of them are computed from properties of the Voronoi volume distribution,...

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  • 2014

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  • Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self Organization
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