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Data from: Characterizing male-female interactions using natural genetic variation in Drosophila melanogaster

Michael Reinhart, Tara Carney, Andrew G. Clark & Anthony C. Fiumera
Drosophila melanogaster females commonly mate with multiple males establishing the opportunity for pre- and postcopulatory sexual selection. Traits impacting sexual selection can be affected by a complex interplay of the genotypes of the competing males, the genotype of the female, and compatibilities between the males and females. We scored males from 96 2nd and 94 3rd chromosome substitution lines for traits affecting reproductive success when mated with females from 3 different genetic backgrounds. The traits...

Data from: Strong premating reproductive isolation drives incipient speciation in Mimulus aurantiacus

James M. Sobel & Matthew A. Streisfeld
Determining which forms of reproductive isolation have the biggest impact on the process of divergence is a major goal of speciation research. These barriers are often divided into those that affect the potential for hybridization (premating isolation), and those that occur after mating (postmating isolation), and much debate has surrounded the relative importance of these categories. Within the species Mimulus aurantiacus, red- and yellow-flowered ecotypes occur in the southwest corner of California, and a hybrid...

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  • 2014

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