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Re-thinking Contextualisation in Solomon Islands school leadership professional learning and development

Kabini Sanga, Jack Maebuta, Seu’ula Johansson-Fua & Martyn Reynolds
Pacific Dynamics: Journal of Interdisciplinary Research (ISSN: 2463-641X), Volume 4, Number 1, March 2020.

A test of island biogeographic theory applied to estimates of gene flow in a Fijian bird is largely consistent with neutral expectations

Ethan Gyllenhaal, Xena Mapel, Alivereti Naikatini, Robert Moyle & Michael Andersen
Islands were key to the development of allopatric speciation theory because they are a natural laboratory of repeated barriers to gene flow caused by open water gaps. Despite their proclivity for promoting divergence, little empirical work has quantified the extent of gene flow among island populations. Following classic island biogeographic theory, two metrics of interest are relative island size and distance. Fiji presents an ideal system for studying these dynamics, with four main islands that...

SNP data: Population genetic structure in bull sharks (Carcharhinus leucas)

Kerstin Glaus
The bull shark (Carcharhinus leucas) is a large, mobile, circumglobally distributed high trophic level predator that inhabits a variety of remote islands and continental coastal habitats, including freshwater environments. Here, we hypothesise that the barriers to dispersal created by large oceanic expanses and deep-water trenches result in a heterogeneous distribution of the neutral genetic diversity between island bull shark populations compared to populations sampled in continental locations connected through continuous coastlines of continental shelves. We...

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