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Magnesium and calcium isotope fractionation during microbial dolomite formation

Michael Tatzel , Adina Paytan , Samantha Carter , Daniel A. Frick , Francisca Martinez-Ruiz , Zach A. DiLoreto , Maria Dittrich , Tomaso R. R. Bontognali & Mónica Sanchez-Román
Microbial mediation is considered an important process for the formation of primary dolomite at ambient temperature. Yet, no structural, mineralogical, chemical or isotopic means exist to discern this mode of dolomite formation from secondary dolomite. To explore the utility of metal isotopes in allowing this distinction we characterize magnesium and calcium stable isotope ratios in primary (proto)dolomites from a modern hypersaline environment. Samples from the Khor Al-Adaid sabkhas in Qatar show consistent isotopic differences of...

Text Analysis Software Predicting Personality from Job Interviews.

Djurre Holtrop, Janneke Oostrom, Reinout de Vries, Ward van Breda & Antonis Koutsoumpis

To Think or Not to Think: Exploring the Buffering Effect of Mindfulness and Self-affirmation on The Delayed Consequences of Ostracism

Nicole Mulas, Shayda Shwan & Kipling Williams
Ostracism can have strong effects on people’s well-being and behavior. The reflective consequences of ostracism include negative consequences on the four basic needs: control, self-esteem, belonging, and meaningful existence. Sustained and untreated ostracism can elicit resignation in the form of depression, helplessness, and alienation. To our best knowledge, no prior study has directly contrasted the effect of a short mindfulness and self-affirmation practice on the reflective consequences of ostracism. If our interventions prove to alleviate...

Mindfulness, avoidance motivation, and creativity

Marieke Roskes
Supplementary materials for the paper: Mindfulness meditation facilitates creativity but does not reduce the effects of avoidance motivation.

The development and validation of the Study Choice Check at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Mariette Huizinga, Wim Rietdijk & Nicky de Vries
This project develops a new questionnaire aimed at estimating the quality of the match between student characteristics and a study chosen (i.e., the 'match' between student and study). We will collect a large dataset of prospective students who have registered for a study programme at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (N > 1000). These students voluntarily complete a set of existing validated questionnaires on personality, congruence with study characteristics, interest development, civic mindedness, motivational strivings, and...

The moderating role of perspective taking on price precision and its underlying mechanisms

Margarita Leib, Marieke Roskes, David Loschelder & Karin Kee
In the current project, we examine the moderating role of perspective taking on price precision and its underlying mechanism. In one of the experiments, we plan to manipulate perspective taking and measure participants’ counteroffers to various asking prices. In the current pilot study, we first seek to examine whether our planned manipulation of perspective taking additionally impacts (versus does not impact) the mental effort that participants have to exhibit to complete the task (i.e., their...

Conflicts of Interest in Romantic Relationships: Pilot Study

Rebecca Horne, Francesca Righetti, Mariko Visserman, Yoobin Park & Emily Impett
The primary goal of this pilot study (data collected in January 2022) is to explore whether the way we ask people about (i.e., frame) conflicts of interest with their romantic partner is linked to how often/how recently they report having these conflicts. The insights gleaned from this pilot study will help us select an appropriate design for an eventual diary study that allows us to capture the greatest number of conflicts of interest in partners'...

Do traumas during childhood and adult attachment predict mothers’ birth experiences?

Annaleena Holopainen, Marije Verhage, Mirjam Oosterman, Susan Garthus-Niegel, Danny Horesh, Antje Horsch & Carlo Schuengel
Previous studies have suggested that as many as 34% of women may experience their childbirth as traumatic (Soet et al., 2003), 10% of women may suffer from serious traumatic stress responses related to their birth (Ayers, 2004), and 3-16% of women may develop diagnosable childbirth-related post-traumatic stress disorder (CB-PTSD) (Dikmen-Yildiz et al., 2017b; Grekin & O’Hara, 2014; Horesh et al., 2021). Traumatic childbirth experience has been linked to lack of perceived control and absence of...

Populism & Activism Study 2

Laura Mausolf & Jan-Willem van Prooijen
In our first study, a significant correlation for populism and collective action was found. As such, those who endorse higher levels of populist attitudes are more likely to take normative collective action (activism within the boundaries of the law). No effect was found for nonnormative action (illegal forms of activism according to the law) and populism. However, because the sample of 297 participant was highly skewed towards women (N= 236), it is possible that these...

Vaccination decisions, social orientation, and conspiracy mentality

Shayda Shwan
In this study, we examine the link between COVID-19 vaccination status and conspiracy mentality. Moreover, we explore the role of social orientation and narcissism on the respective relationship.

Study 8: Cross Validation Final Questionnaire Set

Siska Fitrianie, Willem-Paul Brinkman, Merijn Bruijnes, Amal Abdulrahman, Fengxiang Li, Kim Baraka, Rianne van den Berghe, Ulysses Bernardet, Tibor Bosse, Frances Brazier, Jacob Browne, Franziska Burger, Mathieu Chollet, Leigh Clark, Benjamin Cowan, Salam Daher, Ding Ding, Frank Foerster, Emer Gilmartin, Catholijn Jonker, Mirjam de Haas, Mojgan Hashemian, Evelien Heyselaar, Kangsoo Kim, Marion Koelle … & Cassidy Curtis
In this study, we determine the generalization performance of the long and short questionnaire version (i.e. cross validation: fit model on data set from a new set of ASAs). It involves crowd workers on an online platform. They will be asked to use the questionnaire instrument to rate an interaction between an agent and a human user, which is displayed in a 30 second video clip.

Negative Affectivity Data Harmonization

Or Dagan, Carlo Schuengel, Marije Verhage & The Collaboration Synthesis
This is a document that follows up on the pre-registered protocol: An individual participant data (IPD) meta-analysis on the attachment network to multiple caregivers (https://osf.io/a3qs9). We follow up on the section Harmonization of developmental outcome measures (p. 10).

Study on the psychometric qualities of the Diagnostic Instrument Adaptive Behavior (DIAG)

Hinke Drijver, Robert Didden & Carlo Schuengel
see attached pfd file

Interpersonal Emotion Regulation and Emotional and Relational Wellbeing

Lisanne Pauw, Rui Sun, Giulia Zoppolat, Francesca Righetti & Anne Milek
This study is part of a project in which we to examine the association between interpersonal emotion regulation by the romantic partner and emotional and relational wellbeing in daily life.

4 year plan Network Research Data Support

Lena Karvovskaya, M.T.L. van Dalfsen & Marcel Ras

Promoting Self-Determination of Persons with Severe or Profound Intellectual Disabilities: A Systematic Review and synthesis of effect studies.

Pála Kúld, Carlo Schuengel, petri embregts & Noud Frielink
People with severe or profound intellectual disabilities are believed to experience low levels of self-determination, which negatively affects their quality of life, yet their self-determination can be supported. However, no recent attempt has been made to summarize new intervention research to gain insight in how self-determination in various forms may be supported through interventions. Thus, the purpose of this paper is to systematically review the purposes and outcomes of these studies and to investigate how...

Perceived partner responsiveness variability in the time of COVID

María Alonso-Ferres, Rhonda Balzarini, Giulia Zoppolat, Richard Slatcher & Francesca Righetti
The goal of the present study is to examine how variability in people’s reports of PPR are associated with affect responses, satisfaction, and health. Please see the pre-registration document attached. Details about the hypotheses, variables of interest, and planned analyses are outlined within this document.

Momentary emotional differentiation in the time of COVID

María Alonso-Ferres, Rhonda Balzarini, Giulia Zoppolat, Richard Slatcher & Francesca Righetti
The goal of the present study is to examine, for the first time, how the momentary emotional differentiation (ED)––the within-person fluctuations in the degree to which people use discrete emotion labels such as anger or sadness to describe their feelings (Barrett et al., 2001; Erbas et al., 2021)––is associated with individuals’ momentary satisfaction and health. Please see the pre-registration document attached. Details about the hypotheses, variables of interest, and planned analyses are outlined within this...

Pre-registered IPD protocol

Or Dagan, The Collaboration Synthesis, Carlo Schuengel, Marije Verhage, Kathryn Kerns, Ann Easterbrooks, Mark Kennedy, Diane Wille, Jean-Francois Bureau & Rodrigo Cárcamo

Saline agriculture initiatives in Mediterranean and North Sea Region

K.E. Negacz & P. Tongeren

The Hateful People: Populist Attitudes Predict Interpersonal and Intergroup Hate

Cristhian A. Martínez, Jan-Willem van Prooijen & Paul A. M. Van Lange
Do populist attitudes predict a growth in feelings of hate? Or does experiencing hate predict a growth in populist attitudes? Previous research has not yet examined the relation between populist attitudes and hate over time. We conducted a two-wave study with a Dutch adult sample in the Netherlands, to examine the time-extended associations between populism and hate, thereby focusing on other individuals (N = 943) or groups (N = 851) as targets of hate. For...

Additional file 1 of Colorectal cancer incidences in Lynch syndrome: a comparison of results from the prospective lynch syndrome database and the international mismatch repair consortium

Pål Møller, Toni Seppälä, James G. Dowty, Saskia Haupt, Mev Dominguez-Valentin, Lone Sunde, Inge Bernstein, Christoph Engel, Stefan Aretz, Maartje Nielsen, Gabriel Capella, Dafydd Gareth Evans, John Burn, Elke Holinski-Feder, Lucio Bertario, Bernardo Bonanni, Annika Lindblom, Zohar Levi, Finlay Macrae, Ingrid Winship, John-Paul Plazzer, Rolf Sijmons, Luigi Laghi, Adriana Della Valle, Karl Heinimann … & Mark A. Jenkins
Additional file 1.

How do Charismatic Leaders Affect Followers’ Information Processing?

Lara Engelbert, Michiel van Elk, mark van vugt, Jan Theeuwes & Michal Kandrik
Registered Report for The Leadership Quarterly

Testing the relation between religious and scientific reform. A direct replication of John Hedley Brooke’s 1991 study.

Hans Van Eyghen, Rachel Pear, Rik Peels, Lex Bouter, Gijsbert van den Brink & René van Woudenberg
a. The original study: Due to divergent results in replications of well-known studies in the social and biomedical sciences and perceived problems in research practices (Maxwell, Lau, and Howard 2015), attention to the importance of replication studies is growing. Replication studies in the humanities is a new field (e.g. Aguinas & Angelo 2019, Holbrook et al. 2019, Peels 2019, Dupre et al. eds. 2020). Testing how best to define, conceptualize, and implement replication studies in...

Gossip & Reactions to Unfair Offers

Annika Nieper, Martina Testori, Terence Dores Cruz & Bianca Beersma

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