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Data from: Long-term endemism of two highly divergent lineages of the amphibian-killing fungus in the Atlantic Forest of Brazil

David Rodriguez, Carlos G. Becker, Nadya C. Pupin, Célio F. B. Haddad & Kelly R. Zamudio
The recent global spread of the amphibian-killing fungus [Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis (Bd)] has been closely tied to anthropogenic activities; however, regional patterns of spread are not completely understood. Using historical samples, we can test whether Bd was a spreading or endemic pathogen in a region within a particular time frame, because those two disease states provide different predictions for the regional demographic dynamics and population genetics of Bd. Testing historical patterns of pathogen prevalence and population...

Data from: Leafing patterns and leaf exchange strategies of a cerrado woody community

Maria Gabriela Gutierrez De Camargo, Gustavo Henrique De Carvalho, Bruna De Costa Alberton, Paula Reys & Leonor Patricia Cerdeira Morellato
The deciduousness of tropical trees and communities depend on ecosystems characteristics such as plant species diversity, and strength of the dry season. Based on seven-years of phenological observations we provide the first long-term description of leafing patterns of a woody cerrado community, aiming to investigate: (1) the leaf exchange strategies considering the inter-annual variation on the degree of deciduousness of individuals and species and quantify the community deciduousness; (2) the relationship between inter-annual patterns of...

Data from: Genetic diversity and gene flow decline with elevation in montane mayflies

Nicholas R. Polato, Miranda M. Gray, Brian A. Gill, C. Guilherme Becker, K.L. Casner, Alex S. Flecker, Boris C. Kondratief, Andrea C. Encalada, N. LeRoy Poff, W. Chris Funk & Kelly R. Zamudio
Montane environments around the globe are biodiversity ‘hotspots’ and important reservoirs of genetic diversity. Montane species are also typically more vulnerable to environmental change than their low-elevation counterparts due to restricted ranges and dispersal limitations. Here we focus on two abundant congeneric mayflies (Baetis bicaudatus and B. tricaudatus) from montane streams over an elevation gradient spanning 1400 m. Using single-nucleotide polymorphism genotypes, we measured population diversity and vulnerability in these two species by: (i) describing...

Data from: Intraspecific and interspecific trait variability in tadpole metacommunities from the Brazilian Atlantic rainforest

Mainara Xavier Jordani, Nicolas Mouquet, Lilian Casatii, Marcelo Menin, Denise De Cerqueira Rossa-Feres & Cécile H. Albert
1. A better understanding of species coexistence and community dynamics may benefit from more insights on trait variability at the individual and species levels. 2. Tadpole assemblages offer an excellent system to understand the relative influence of intra- and interspecific variability on community assembly, due to their high phenotypic plasticity, and the strong influence that environmental variables have on their spatial distribution and individual performance. 3. Here we quantified the intra- and interspecific components of...

Data from: The genomes of two key bumblebee species with primitive eusocial organisation

Ben M. Sadd, Seth M. Barribeau, Guy Bloch, Dirk C. De Graaf, Peter Dearden, Christine Elsik, Jurgen Gadau, Cornelius Grimmelikhuijzen, Martin Hasselmann, Jeffrey Lozier, Hugh Robertson, Guy Smagghe, Eckart Stolle, Matthias Van Vaerenbergh, Robert Waterhouse, Erich Bornberg-Bauer, Steffan Klasberg, Anna Bennett, Francisco Camara, Roderic Guigo, Katharina Hoff, Marco Mariotti, Monica Munos-Torres, Terence Murphy, Didac Santesmasses … & Kim C. Worley
Background: The shift from solitary to social behavior is one of the major evolutionary transitions. Primitively eusocial bumblebees are uniquely placed to illuminate the evolution of highly eusocial insect societies. Bumblebees are also invaluable natural and agricultural pollinators, and there is widespread concern over recent population declines in some species. High-quality genomic data will inform key aspects of bumblebee biology, including susceptibility to implicated population viability threats. Results: We report the high quality draft genome...

Vertical profile data of light transmission in Atlantic forests along a disturbance gradient

S. Fauset, M.U. Gloor, M.A.P. Aidar, H.C. Freitas, N.M. Fyllas, C.A. Joly, M.A. Marabesi, A.L.C. Rochelle, A. Shenkin & S.A. Vieira
The data set contains vertical profiles of diffuse light transmittance measured within six forest plots in montane Atlantic forest, São Paulo state, Brazil. The plots measured include intact, previously logged and secondary forest in a large continuous forest block of the Serra do Mar State Park (Parque Estadual de Serra do Mar), and two forest fragments outside the park. In each plot 10 - 12 individual light profiles were recorded; the data set contains these...

Data from: Importance of deep water uptake in tropical eucalypt forest

Mathias Christina, Yann Nouvellon, Jean-Paul Laclau, Jose L. Stape, Jean-Pierre Bouillet, George R. Lambais & Guerric Le Maire
Climate models predict that the frequency, intensity and duration of drought events will increase in tropical regions. Although water withdrawal from deep soil layers is generally considered to be an efficient adaptation to drought, there is little information on the role played by deep roots in tropical forests. Tropical Eucalyptus plantations managed in short rotation cycles are simple forest ecosystems that may provide an insight into the water use by trees in tropical forests. The...

Data from: Highway widening and underpass effects on vertebrate road mortality

Giordano Ciocheti, Julia Camara De Assis, John Wesley Ribeiro & Milton Cezar Ribeiro
Road widening (a.k.a. road dualling) and the presence of mitigation structures may have opposing effects on the number of animal-vehicle collisions. Their influence in tropical areas is poorly quantified, and we know little about how modifications of road structure affect fauna roadkill and mitigation. We evaluated how road widening and proximity to a wildlife underpass affect roadkill of medium and large mammals, using roadkill records from before and after the widening of 150 km of...

Data from: Transcriptionally active LTR retrotransposons in Eucalyptus genus are differentially expressed and insertionally polymorphic

Helena Sanchez Marcon, Douglas Silva Domingues, Juliana Costa Silva, Rafael Junqueira Borges, Fábio Filippi Matioli, Marcos Roberto De Mattos Fontes & Celso Luis Marino
Background: In Eucalyptus genus, studies on genome composition and transposable elements (TEs) are particularly scarce. Nearly half of the recently released Eucalyptus grandis genome is composed by retrotransposons and this data provides an important opportunity to understand TE dynamics in Eucalyptus genome and transcriptome. Results: We characterized nine families of transcriptionally active LTR retrotransposons from Copia and Gypsy superfamilies in Eucalyptus grandis genome and we depicted genomic distribution and copy number in two Eucalyptus species....

Maintaining genetic integrity with high promiscuity: Frequent hybridization with low introgression in multiple hybrid zones of Melocactus(Cactaceae)

Khan Gulzar, Evandro Marsola De Moraes, Fernando Faria Franco, Gislaine A.R. Silva, Juliana R. Bombonato, Marlon Machado, Diego P. Alonso, Paulo E.M. Ribolla & Dirk C. Albach
Hybridization and introgression between species in contact/hybrid zones provide important insight into the genetic and ecological mechanisms of speciation. Cactaceae represents the most important radiation of true succulent angiosperms in the New World. This diversification continues to date, with species experiencing few intrinsic barriers to gene flow and the frequent occurrence of natural hybridization. Here, we used RAD-Seq single-nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) data to investigate the genetic architecture of hybridization in four hybrid zones hosting Melocactus...

Rethinking megafauna

Marcos Moleón, José Sánchez-Zapata, José Donázar, Eloy Revilla, Berta Martín-López, Cayetano Gutiérrez-Cánovas, Wayne Getz, Zebensui Morales-Reyes, Ahimsa Campos-Arceiz, Larry Crowder, Mauro Galetti, Manuela González-Suárez, Fengzhi He, Pedro Jordano, Rebecca Lewison, Robin Naidoo, Norman Owen-Smith, Nuria Selva, Jens-Christian Svenning, José Tella, Christiane Zarfl, Sonja Jähnig, Matt Hayward, Søren Faurby, Nuria García … & Klement Tochner
Concern for megafauna is increasing among scientists and non-scientists. Many studies have emphasized that megafauna play prominent ecological roles and provide important ecosystem services to humanity. But, what precisely are “megafauna”? Here we critically assess the concept of megafauna and propose a goal-oriented framework for megafaunal research. First, we review definitions of megafauna and analyze associated terminology in the scientific literature. Second, we conduct a survey among ecologists and paleontologists to assess the species traits...

Spatial heterogeneity and habitat configuration overcome habitat composition influences on alpha and beta mammal diversity

André Luis Regolin, Milton Cezar Ribeiro, Felipe Martello, Geruza Leal Melo, Jonas Sponchiado, Luis Fernando De Castro Campanha, Larissa Sayuri Moreira Sugai, Thiago Sanna Freire Silva & Nilton Carlos Cáceres
The effects of habitat fragmentation on different taxa and ecosystems are subject to intense debate, and disentangling them is of utmost importance to support conservation and management strategies. We evaluated the importance of landscape composition and configuration, and spatial heterogeneity to explain α- and β-diversity of mammals across a gradient of percent woody cover and land use diversity. We expected species richness to be positively related to all predictive variables, with the strongest relationship with...

Espermatogônias tronco de zebrafish, Danio rerio: Caracterização funcional e regulação pelo Fsh (hormônio folículo estimulante)

Beatriz Marques De Souza
As espermatogônias tronco são as células da linhagem germinativa masculina responsáveis por manter o processo espermatogênico a partir de ciclos de auto- renovação e diferenciação celular durante a vida reprodutiva masculina. Apesar de importantes, à caracterização molecular destas células é ainda incipiente na maioria dos vertebrados, incluindo os peixes teleósteos. Neste sentido, o projeto anterior desenvolvido pela aluna (FAPESP 2018/17111-3), caracterizou alguns marcadores de espermatogônias tronco de zebrafish com anticorpos específicos para a espécie por...

Morpho-functional evaluation of PPARG and IL7 as key molecules related with glycemic and immune alterations in type 2 Diabetes Mellitus and Periodontitis

Raquel Mantuaneli Scarel Caminaga
It has been more frequent to find patients affected by the combination of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (T2DM), Dyslipidemia and Periodontitis (P). There is increasing evidence in the literature in demonstrating interactions between T2DM, dyslipidemia, immune system alterations and Periodontitis. For a better understanding of such interactions, studies with animal models, mainly murine, have been valuable. However, more clinical studies with patients, as well as with murine models, are necessary to know molecules with a...

Carcinogênese mamária em fêmeas senis induzida por bisfenol A: influência de terapias hormonais no desenvolvimento neoplásico

Thalles Ruiz
O câncer de mama é um dos quadros patológicos mais complexos nas mulheres. Neste contexto, os disruptores endócrinos (DE) são substâncias com elevado potencial carcinogênico. O bisfenol A (BPA), encontrado em plásticos e resinas, está entre os DEs mais disseminados na natureza. Estudos demonstram sua capacidade de atuar como promotor tumoral na glândula mamária (GM). Ainda, a co-exposição com outros agentes exógenos e endógenos podem contribuir com o desenvolvimento de neoplasias severas. Neste sentido, as...

Impactos das terapias hormonais na glândula mamária e próstata de fêmeas envelhecidas sob a influência do desregulador endócrino bisfenol A

Sebastião Roberto Taboga
A glândula mamária e a próstata feminina são órgãos suscetíveis à desordens histopatológicas relacionadas à alterações nos eixos endócrinos, uma vez que são órgãos hormônio-dependentes. Ambas glândulas são alvo de intensos estudos que relacionam a biologia da reprodução e a exposição à agentes que atuam como desreguladores endócrinos (DE). Dentre um dos principais DE, o bisfenol A (BPA) é reconhecido como um composto carcinogênico quando há a exposição em períodos de remodelamento. Ainda, a co-exposição...


Ronaldo Silva Alves Junior
Respiratory Syncytial Virus (hRSV) is the main etiologic agent of acute viral infections of the lower respiratory tract, resulting in more than 3 million very severe cases of bronchiolitis all year round. During infection, leukocytes are massively recruited to the infectious site where they secrete cytokines and other inflammatory mediators. About 70% of these cells are neutrophils which, in addition to secreting the contents of their granules, can secrete extracellular structures that form a kind...


Elizabete Cristina De Souza De Aguiar Monteiro
No contexto da Ciência Aberta estão inseridos novos fatores em sua agenda como a gestão de dados científicos e os princípios FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable) onde são escritos subprincípios em relação aos dados e aos metadados. A preparação de planos de gestão de dados pelos pesquisadores documentando todo o processo de gestão dos dados, contribuindo para os aplicativos dos princípios FAIR e fornecer insights para a disseminação e reutilização dos dados. O objetivo dessa...

Configuração de modelo de receita para captura de valor: proposta de modelo conceitual analítico e evidências de startups do agronegócio brasileiro

Marco Castro
O modelo de receita é um componente ainda pouco explorado na literatura de modelo de negócios, apesar de sua importância para a captura de valor das empresas. Seu significado, características e elementos carecem de maior compreensão para um processo de configuração mais consciente e bem informado em busca da captura de valor. Diante disso, este projeto estabeleceu como objetivo geral desenvolver um modelo conceitual analítico para configuração de um modelo de receita que busque a...

Inoculando Azospirillum brasilense e Nitrospirillum amazonense em cana-de-açúcar: uma abordagem além da fixação biológica de nitrogênio

Mariley De Cássia Da Fonseca
A cana-de-açúcar (Saccharum spp.) é uma das principais culturas de interesse econômico do mundo, servindo como matéria-prima para a produção de etanol, açúcar e bioenergia. Os microrganismos desempenham diversos papéis no ecossistema, incluindo bactérias promotoras de crescimento de plantas (BPCPs), que podem trazer diversos benefícios ao cultivo da cana-de-açúcar. Avaliar o efeito dessas bactérias em sua fisiologia, e os benefícios que podem trazer a esta cultura energética, podem ser alternativas para melhorar o uso...

Thyroid hormones and the relation to the reproductive-somatotropic axis and their possible role in embryonic development in response to maternal stress in zebrafish (Danio rerio)

Maira Da Silva Rodrigues
In vertebrates thyroid hormones are involved in the regulation of various physiological processes such as growth, metabolism, behavior, stress and reproductive system. In reproduction, our previous results (FAPESP 2017/ 15793-7; FAPESP BEPE 2018/15319-6) showed strong evidence between thyroid hormones and the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis in zebrafish. In addition, thyroid hormones are also important for embryonic development, although high doses of these can be impared to growth and cause mortality. Based on this, the present project will...

Estudo da Eficácia e Segurança in vitro do ácido gentísico objetivando sua aplicação em preparação para administração cutânea

Luciano Cunha
Gentisic acid (2,5-dihydrobenzoic acid) is a non-flavonoid phenolic compound. It is a salicylic acid active degradation metabolite which is naturally found in the plant's defense system. It has been showing a wide spectrum of biological activity such as: antioxidant, astringent, anti-inflammatory, antirheumatic, antiparkinsonian, antitumor and anticancer. However, there is a lack of scientific studies demonstrating the molecule behavior regarding skin permeation and its behavior when incorporated into emulsified systems for topical application. This study becomes...

Formas de Fósforo no solo em sistemas de produção de longa duração

João Paulo Gonsiorkiewicz Rigon
A dinâmica do fósforo (P) e suas transformações no solo sob o sistema de plantio direto (PD) em solos tropicais ainda são pouco compreendidas, ainda mais considerando a influência das rotações de culturas e sistemas de produção de longa duração. O estudo tem como objetivo analisar as rotações de culturas ao longo dos anos e seus efeitos nas diferentes espécies inorgânicas e orgânicas de fósforo (P) do solo com diferentes mineralogias. O projeto de pesquisa...


Elizabete Cristina De Souza De Aguiar Monteiro
Repositórios de dados são realidades em muitas instituições internacionais e contribuem para a divulgação e preservação dos dados coletados por sua comunidade. A operacionalização dos repositórios envolve funções diversas e possuem infraestrutura e recursos humanos que estão paulatinamente trabalhando na gestão de dados e nas orientações de estudos sobre a gestão de dados em seu ciclo de vida. Aspectos do direito autoral são preponderantes nas orientações para melhor reuso e citação dos autores e perpassam...


Fernando Putti
As mudanças dos regimes de chuvas têm ocasionado períodos de estiagem que culminam no início da época de semeadura de diversas culturas. Sendo considerado um dos momentos mais críticos em disponibilidade hídrica, eventos como este podem impactar todo o ciclo da cultura, e têm provocado redução na produção de alimentos. Dessa forma, os hidrogéis nanocompósitos de polissacarídeos vem sendo utilizado como retentor de água no solo, sendo seu uso principalmente na produção de mudas de...

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