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Eukaryotic translation initiation factor 3 subunit B could serve as a potential prognostic predictor for breast cancer

Shaoran Song, Jie Liu, Miao Zhang, Xiaoqian Gao, Wei Sun, Peijun Liu, Yaochun Wang & Juan Li
The EIF3 gene family is essential in controlling translation initiation during the cell cycle. The significance of the EIF3 subunits as prognostic markers and therapeutic targets in breast cancer is not yet clear. We analyzed the expression of EIF3 subunits in breast cancer on the GEPIA and Oncomine databases and compared their expression in breast cancer and normal tissues using BRCA data downloaded from TCGA. Then we performed clinical survival analysis on the Kaplan–Meier Plotter...

Serum vancomycin levels predict the short-term adverse outcomes of peritoneal dialysis–associated peritonitis

Ying Ma, Yingzhou Geng, Li Jin, Xiaopei Wang, Changna Liang, Liyi Xie, Wanhong Lu & Jing Lv
Background:The role of monitoring serum vancomycin levels during treatment of peritoneal dialysis (PD)–associated peritonitis is controversial. Substantial inter-individual variability may result in suboptimal serum levels despite similar dosing of vancomycin. The published predictors of suboptimal serum vancomycin levels remain limited.Methods:Data were retrospectively collected from 541 patients on continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis between 1 January 2018 and 31 December 312019. For gram-positive cocci and culture-negative peritonitis, we adopted a vancomycin administration and monitoring protocol. Short-term adverse...

Identification of novel susceptibility methylation loci for pancreatic cancer in a two-phase epigenome-wide association study

Ziqiao Wang, Yue Lu, Myriam Fornage, Li Jiao, Jianjun Shen, Donghui Li & Peng Wei
The role of DNA methylation and its interplay with gene expression in the susceptibility to pancreatic cancer (PanC) remains largely unexplored. To fill in this gap, we conducted an integrative two-phase epigenome-wide association study (EWAS) of PanC using genomic DNA from 44 cases and 556 controls (20 local controls and 536 public controls in the Framingham Heart Study) in phase 1 and 23 cases and 22 controls in phase 2. We validated the findings using...

Early palaeozoic arc-continent collision in East Kunlun, northern Tibet: evidence from the minerology, geochemistry, and geochronology of the Adatan garnet amphibolites

Xianfeng Zha, Yunpeng Dong, Dengfeng He, Meng Li, Xiaofeng Gao, Xiaoming Liu, Chaobin Hu & Lili Xu
The evolution of the Tethys is one of the key issues in revealing the global ocean-continent transition tectonic process. The East Kunlun Orogenic Belt (E-KOB) in the northern Tibetan Plateau witnessed the subduction-accretion process of the Proto- and Palaeo-Tethyan Oceans formed a trench-arc-back arc basin system. Thus, this back arc basin is a window for exploring the tectonic evolution of the Tethys. In this study, the Adatan garnet amphibolites and the host paragneiss were investigated...

RTN4/Nogo-A-S1PR2 negatively regulates angiogenesis and secondary neural repair through enhancing vascular autophagy in the thalamus after cerebral cortical infarction

Peiyi Xiao, Jinmin Gu, Wei Xu, Xingyang Niu, Jian Zhang, Jingjing Li, Yicong Chen, Zhong Pei, Jinsheng Zeng & Shihui Xing
Cerebral infarction induces angiogenesis in the thalamus and influences functional recovery. The mechanisms underlying angiogenesis remain unclear. This study aimed to investigate the role of RTN4/Nogo-A in mediating macroautophagy/autophagy and angiogenesis in the thalamus following middle cerebral artery occlusion (MCAO). We assessed secondary neuronal damage, angiogenesis, vascular autophagy, RTN4 and S1PR2 signaling in the thalamus. The effects of RTN4-S1PR2 on vascular autophagy and angiogenesis were evaluated using lentiviral and pharmacological approaches. The results showed that...

Episodic continental extension in eastern Gondwana during the mid-late mesozoic: insights from geochronology and geochemistry of mafic rocks in the Tethyan Himalaya

Kai Yang, Jingen Dai, Jie Shen & Xiaolong Jia
Mesozoic extension and rifting processes of the Gondwana continent are critical for understanding the opening and formation of the Indian Ocean. Here, we report petrological, geochemical, zircon U–Pb age, and Lu–Hf isotopic data of mafic dikes in the central Tethyan Himalaya to reveal the timing and mechanism of the eastern Gondwana rifting. These mafic rocks exhibit two groups in terms of TiO2 and MgO contents (Group I with TiO2 < 2.0 wt.%, whereas Group II...

Melatonin affects hypoxia-inducible factor 1α and ameliorates delayed brain injury following subarachnoid hemorrhage via H19/miR-675/HIF1A/TLR4

Zhijian Xu, Fengduo Zhang, Hu Xu, Fan Yang, Gezhi Zhou, Minfeng Tong, Yaqiang Li & Song Yang
This study aimed to investigate the molecular mechanism of how melatonin (MT) interferes with hypoxia-inducible factor 1α (HIF1A) and toll-like receptor 4 (TLR4) expression, which is implicated in the management of delayed brain injury (DBI) after subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH). Luciferase assay, real-time PCR, Western-blot analysis and immunohistochemistry (IHC) assays were utilized to explore the interaction among H19, miR-675, HIF1A and TLR4, and to evaluate the effect of MT on the expression of above transcripts in...

Synthesis, herbicidal activity study, and molecular docking of novel acylthiourea derivatives

Binbin Jiang, Yunlong Chai, Xu He, Yan Wang, Bo Chen, Yang Li & Ranhong Li
A series of new acylthiourea derivatives were synthesized and characterized. The results of preliminary herbicidal activity tests showed that most compounds had good herbicidal activity against Digitaria adscendens and Amaranthus retroflexus, especially for compounds 4b (N-(2-chloro-4-methylsulfonylbenzoyl)-N’-(2-chlorophenyl) thiourea) and 4f (N-(2-chloro-4-methylsulfonylbenzoyl)-N’-(2,3-dichlorophenyl) thiourea). In vivo acetylhydroxylate synthase (AHAS) enzyme activity inhibition tests showed that all compounds had inhibitory activities against the enzyme at a concentration of 100 mg·L−1, with the highest inhibition rate up to 37.05% (compound...

E74 Like ETS Transcription Factor 3 is a Negative Regulator of Pathogenic Lamina Propria T Helper 17.1 Cells in Murine Colitis

Bo Hu, Hao Wang & Fei Xiao
Interleukin-17A (IL-17A)-expressing T cells, including T helper 17 (Th17) and T helper 17.1 (Th17.1) cells, play a significant role in inflammatory bowel diseases (IBDs). Identifying the mechanisms underlying the heterogeneity and plasticity of IL-17A-expressing T cells is crucial for understanding and controlling their pathogenicity. The role of E74 like ETS transcription factor 3 (ELF3) in regulating the pathogenicity of IL-17A-expressing T cells has not been studied before. Dextran sulfate sodium was used to induce acute...

Organic contaminants of emerging concern in global estuaries: Environmental occurrence, fate, and bioavailability

Yan Wu, Ruihe Jin, Qiqing Chen, Xinyu Du, Jing Yang & Min Liu
Organic contaminants of emerging concern (OCECs) originating from assorted sources have attracted increasing attention latterly as most of them are not under routine surveillance or effective regulation but possess persistent, bioaccumulative, and toxic potential. Massive terrestrial inputs and proximity to intense human activities have elevated OCEC contamination in many estuaries. The present review outlines the current knowledge on the environmental occurrence and fate, as well as bioavailability of nine classes of OCECs, i.e., per- and...

Modulation of Atg genes expression in aged rat liver, brain, and kidney by caloric restriction analyzed via single-nucleus/cell RNA sequencing

Chuanbin Yang, Siyu Xia, Wei Zhang, Han-Ming Shen & Jigang Wang
Dysregulation of macroautophagy/autophagy has been closely implicated in aging. Caloric restriction (CR) is an effective intervention of aging partially via activation of autophagy. Recently, a high-throughput single-cell RNA-seq technique has been employed to detect the comprehensive transcriptomes of individual cells. However, the transcriptional networks of ATG (autophagy related) genes in the aging process and the modulation of ATG genes expression by CR at the single-cell level have not been elucidated. Here, by performing data analysis...

Anatomy-based characteristics of far-field SVC electrograms in right superior pulmonary veins after isolation

Wentao Gu, Weizhuo Liu, Jian Li, Jun Shen, Jiawei Pan, Bangwei Wu, Haiming Shi, Xinping Luo & Nanqing Xiong
Background. Far-field electrograms from superior vena cava (SVC) can be present in right superior pulmonary vein (RSPV) after pulmonary vein (PV) isolation. Objectives. To analyze the characteristics of far-field SVC potentials in RSPV after PV isolation and the local anatomy difference between patients with and without the potentials. Methods. Patients undergoing PV isolation were retrospectively reviewed, contrast-enhanced computed tomography (CT) was performed before procedure for observing the anatomical relationship between RSPV and SVC. The prevalence...

Characterization, expression and function analysis of anthocyanidin reductase gene from Vitis vinifera L. cv. Cabernet Sauvignon under UV-C irradiation

Tiequan Niu, Changhen Li, Bo Yang, Pengfei Zhang, Weixin Fan & Pengfei Wen
Flavonoids are important polyphenols, and widely distributed in plants. Anthocyanidin reductase (ANR), a precursor enzyme in (-)- epicatechin synthesis, could play an important role in anthocyanins biosynthesis. In the present study, the ANR gene was cloned from Vitis vinifera L. cv. Cabernet Sauvignon. Compared with VvANR (GenBank Accession No. NM_001280956.1), they differed in only 4 bp and shared similarity of 99.6%. The ANR protein belongs to the cl33424 Superfamily. In addition, many light-responsive elements and...

Greenspace’s value orientations of ecosystem service and socioeconomic service in China

Xia Yao, Tao Lin, Shoukai Sun, Guoqin Zhang, Hao Zhou, Laurence Jones, Wenhui Liu, Yiyi Huang, Meixia Lin, Junmao Zhang, Yuan Chen & Hong Ye
Background: Natural ecosystems provide necessary services for human beings, including ecosystem service values (ESVs) and socioeconomic service values (SSVs). The value orientations of ESVs and SSVs are mainly related to people’s interaction with nature. This study reclassified greenspace from a perspective of exposed and non-exposed greenspace based on the level of interaction by people and greenspace. We applied an expert questionnaire to survey the SSVs value orientations of forestland, grassland, wetland, and water bodies, and...

Utilizing network pharmacological analysis to investigate the key targets and mechanisms of kaempferol against oxaliplatin-induced neurotoxicity

Hongxing Wang, Jing Quan, Youming Deng, Jie Chen, Ke Zhang & Zhan Qu
This study investigated the pharmacological mechanism of kaempferol in the treatment of oxaliplatin-induced neuropathic pain by network pharmacological method and cells experiment. The kaempferol and disease target genes were obtained from several databases, including TCMSP, SwissTargetPrediction, GeneCards, and CTD. Then, the common target genes of drugs and diseases were obtained using Venny online tools. Gene Ontology (GO) and Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes (KEGG) functional analyses were carried out to obtain the enriched molecular...

Prognostic values of the immune microenvironment-related non-coding RNA IGF2BP2-AS1 in bladder cancer

Ke Ding, Zhihuan Zheng, Yu Han & Xiangyun Huang
Bladder cancer can range from noninvasive to invasive tumors. When non-muscle invasive bladder cancer (NMIBC) recurs, patients could endure long-term invasive malignancies with a high disease-specific death rate. Immune escape frequently results in tumor development, metastases, unfavorable prognosis, and failure of immunotherapy. Based on the median immune score, this study used ESTIMATE scores to evaluate 411 bladder cancer cases from TCGA-BLCA. Two hundred two ncRNAs were differentially expressed in two groups, where 29 candidates appeared...

TGFβ signaling activation correlates with immune-inflamed tumor microenvironment across human cancers and predicts response to immunotherapy

Jiadong Xia, Qijie Zhang, Jiaochen Luan, Pengxiang Min, Hanjie Zhang, Gang Chen, Chengjian Ji & Ninghong Song
Considering the determining role of TGFβ signaling in the tumor microenvironment (TME) on immune evasion, the inhibition of signaling is expected to enhance the therapeutic efficacy of immunotherapies, especially immune checkpoint blockade (ICB), which is confirmed in preclinical data. However, successive failures in clinical translation occur at the initial stage. To provide a better understanding of TGFβ signaling within the TME and its relation to the individual immunological status, we performed a pan-cancer analysis comparing...

Influences of drought on the stability of an alpine meadow ecosystem

Tao Zhang, Ximeng Ji, Mingjie Xu, Guang Zhao, Zhoutao Zheng, Yuanyuan Tang, Ning Chen, Juntao Zhu, Yongtao He & Yangjian Zhang
Drought plays a prominent role in affecting ecosystem stability and ecosystem productivity. Based on eddy covariance and climatic observations during 2012–2020, the Fisher discriminant analysis method was employed to accurately detect drought occurrences. Furthermore, the ecosystem water sensitivity and its resistance to drought were quantified to evaluate the ecosystem stability. The results showed that the alpine meadow suffered drought most frequently at the beginning of the growing seasons. However, drought during the peak growing seasons...

Addressing strong correlation by approximate coupled-pair methods with active-space and full treatments of three-body clusters

Ilias Magoulas, Jun Shen & Piotr Piecuch
When the number of strongly correlated electrons becomes larger, the single-reference coupled-cluster (CC) CCSD, CCSDT, etc. hierarchy displays an erratic behaviour, while traditional multi-reference approaches may no longer be applicable due to enormous dimensionalities of the underlying model spaces. These difficulties can be alleviated by the approximate coupled-pair (ACP) theories, in which selected (T2)2 diagrams in the CCSD amplitude equations are removed, but there is no generally accepted and robust way of incorporating connected triply...

Catalytic performances of fluorine-doped graphene/Pb composite for thermal decomposition of ammonium perchlorate

Qiang Ling, Hanwen Liang, Rong Wu, Zhihao Wang, Lei Zhao, Qingping Ke, Xiangchun Liu & Ping Cui
Fluorine-doped graphene supported PbO (F-rGO/PbO) composite was prepared through a facile water bath method to study an improvement strategy for its catalytic performance in thermal decomposition of ammonium perchlorate (AP). The characterization results showed that the PbO with the size of 20 ∼ 30 nm are highly dispersed on the surface of F-doped graphene (F-rGO). Compared with other samples, the F-rGO/PbO exhibited superior catalytic performance, as 3 wt% of catalyst added in AP, the peak...

Establishment of a subcutaneous adipogenesis model and distinct roles of LKB1 regulation on adipocyte lipid accumulation in high-altitude Bos grunniens

Yongqi Yue, Yonglin Hua, Jing Zhang, Yu Guo, Dan Zhao, Wentao Huo, Yan Xiong, Fenfen Chen, Yaqiu Lin, Xianrong Xiong & Jian Li
The domestic yak was regarded as a valuable model to explore the molecular mechanism of high-altitude animal adaptation, including the extreme tolerance of starvation and cold stress, which is closely associated with specifically seasonal deposition and metabolism of subcutaneous adipose tissue. However, the key regulators for these processes remain largely unknown. Here, the yak adipogenesis model in vitro was established and liver kinase b1 (LKB1) was regarded as a key negative regulator involved in yak...

Increased LCN2 (lipocalin 2) in the RPE decreases autophagy and activates inflammasome-ferroptosis processes in a mouse model of dry AMD

Urvi Gupta, Sayan Ghosh, Callen T. Wallace, Peng Shang, Ying Xin, Archana Padmanabhan Nair, Meysam Yazdankhah, Anastasia Strizhakova, Mark A. Ross, Haitao Liu, Stacey Hose, Nadezda A. Stepicheva, Olivia Chowdhury, Mihir Nemani, Vishnu Maddipatla, Rhonda Grebe, Manjula Das, Kira L. Lathrop, José-Alain Sahel, J. Samuel Zigler, Jiang Qian, Arkasubhra Ghosh, Yuri Sergeev, James T. Handa, Claudette M. St. Croix … & Debasish Sinha
In dry age-related macular degeneration (AMD), LCN2 (lipocalin 2) is upregulated. Whereas LCN2 has been implicated in AMD pathogenesis, the mechanism remains unknown. Here, we report that in retinal pigmented epithelial (RPE) cells, LCN2 regulates macroautophagy/autophagy, in addition to maintaining iron homeostasis. LCN2 binds to ATG4B to form an LCN2-ATG4B-LC3-II complex, thereby regulating ATG4B activity and LC3-II lipidation. Thus, increased LCN2 reduced autophagy flux. Moreover, RPE cells from cryba1 KO, as well as sting1 KO...

Apathy in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis: systematic review and meta-analysis of frequency, correlates, and outcomes

Mansur A. Kutlubaev, Jashelle Caga, Ying Xu, Daria K. Areprintseva, Ekaterina V. Pervushina & Matthew C. Kiernan
Objectives: To determine the frequency and correlates of apathy in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and its influence on the prognosis of the disease. Methods: Three databases were searched: MEDLINE, PubMed, and Google Scholar. Quantitative synthesis of the frequency of apathy in ALS was conducted using random effects in Stata (College Station, TX). Meta-regression and subgroup analyses were conducted to investigate the association between frequency of apathy in ALS and different covariates. Results: Fifty-two studies (51...

Dynamic transcriptome profiling reveals essential roles of the receptor tyrosine kinases (RTK) family in feather development of duck

Hehe Liu, Qian Xu, Yang Xi, Shengchao Ma, Jianmei Wang, Lili Bai, Chunchun Han, Hua He & Liang Li
1. The following study examined the expression profiles of the receptor tyrosine kinases (RTK) family in the developing feather follicles of Pekin ducks and Nonghua ducks at 6-9 weeks of age. The RTK subfamilies related to feather development were summarised, and other candidate genes related to feather development were enriched. 2. To reveal the potential role of all RTK members in feather development, the feather follicles of two duck breeds (Pekin and Nonghua ducks) at...

Feminization of channel catfish with 17β-oestradiol involves methylation and expression of a specific set of genes independent of the sex determination region

Wenwen Wang, Suxu Tan, Yujia Yang, Tao Zhou, De Xing, Baofeng Su, Jinhai Wang, Shangjia Li, Mei Shang, Dongya Gao, Rex Dunham & Zhanjiang Liu
Exogenous oestrogen 17β-oestradiol (E2) has been shown to effectively induce feminization in teleosts. However, the molecular mechanisms underlying the process remain unclear. Here, we determined global DNA methylation and gene expression profiles of channel catfish (Ictalurus punctatus) during early sex differentiation after E2 treatment. Overall, the levels of global DNA methylation after E2 treatment were not significantly different from those of controls. However, a specific set of genes were differentially methylated, which included many sex...

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