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Data from: Health insurance coverage with or without a nurse-led task shifting strategy for hypertension control: a pragmatic cluster randomized trial in Ghana

Gbenga Ogedegbe, Jacob Plange-Rhule, Joyce Gyamfi, William Chaplin, Michael Ntim, Kingsley Apusiga, Juliet Iwelunmor, Kwasi Yeboah Awudzi, Kofi Nana Quakyi, Jazmin N. Mogavero, Kiran Khurshid, Bamidele Tayo & Richard Cooper
Rationale: Poor access to care and physician shortage are major barriers to hypertension control in sub-Saharan Africa. Implementation of evidence-based systems-level strategies targeted at these barriers are lacking. Objective: To evaluate the comparative effectiveness of provision of health insurance coverage (HIC) alone versus a nurse-led task-shifting strategy for hypertension control (TASSH) plus HIC on systolic BP reduction among patients with uncontrolled hypertension in Ghana. Methods and Findings: Using a pragmatic cluster-randomized trial, 32 community health...

Data from: The unexpected depths of genome-skimming data: a case study examining Goodeniaceae floral symmetry genes

Brent A. Berger, Jiahong Han, Emily B. Sessa, Andrew G. Gardner, Kelly A. Shepherd, Vincent A. Ricigliano, Rachel S. Jabaily & Dianella G. Howarth
Premise of the study: The use of genome skimming allows systematists to quickly generate large data sets, particularly of sequences in high abundance (e.g., plastomes); however, researchers may be overlooking data in low abundance that could be used for phylogenetic or evo-devo studies. Here, we present a bioinformatics approach that explores the low-abundance portion of genome-skimming next-generation sequencing libraries in the fan-flowered Goodeniaceae. Methods: Twenty-four previously constructed Goodeniaceae genome-skimming Illumina libraries were examined for their...

Biological and chemical quantification of tadpole nurseries (phytotelmata)

Chloe Fouilloux, Shirley Jennifer Serrano-Rojas, Juan David Carvajal-Castro, Janne K. Valkonen, Philippe Gaucher, Marie-Therese Fischer, Andrius Pašukonis & Bibiana Rojas
Many species of Neotropical frogs have evolved to deposit their tadpoles in small water bodies inside plant structures called phytotelmata. These pools are small enough to exclude large predators but have limited nutrients and high desiccation risk. Here, we explore phytotelm use by three common Neotropical species: Osteocephalus oophagus, an arboreal frog that periodically feeds eggs to its tadpoles; Dendrobates tinctorius, a tadpole-transporting poison frog with cannibalistic tadpoles; and Allobates femoralis, a terrestrial tadpole-transporting poison...

Data from: Evolution of floral diversity: genomics, genes and gamma

Andre S. Chanderbali, Brent A. Berger, Dianella G. Howarth, Douglas E. Soltis & Pamela S. Soltis
A salient feature of flowering plant diversification is the emergence of a novel suite of floral features coinciding with the origin of the most species-rich lineage, Pentapetalae. Advances in phylogenetics, developmental genetics and genomics, including new analyses presented here, are helping to reconstruct the specific evolutionary steps involved in the evolution of this clade. The enormous floral diversity among Pentapetalae appears to be built on a highly conserved ground plan of five-parted (pentamerous) flowers with...

Data from: Sexual dimorphism, phenotypic integration, and the evolution of head structure in casque-headed lizards

Gregory W. Taylor, Juan C. Santos, Benjamin J. Perrault, Mariana Morando, Carlos Roberto Vásquez Almazán, & Jack W. Sites
Sexes can differ in features associated with differential reproduction, which can be used during courtship or aggressive encounters. Some traits tend to evolve independently between sexes and emerge as sexually dimorphic within the organismal phenotype. We characterize such a relationship by estimating the phenotypic integration of the head morphology and modularity of the crest in the casque-headed lizards (Corytophanidae). In this clade, some species show extreme sexual dimorphism (e.g., head crests in the genus Basiliscus)...

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