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Audio and 3D flight-track recordings of mosquito responses to opposite-sex sound-stimuli

Lionel Feugère, Gabriella Gibson & Olivier Roux
This dataset is the collection of audio and 3D-tracked flight responses of free-flying, swarming, Anopheles coluzzii, male and female mosquitoes to the played-back sound of opposite-sex, free-flying, swarming, Anopheles coluzzii and Anopheles gambiae s.s. mosquitoes.

Past deforestation (2000-2018) and future deforestation probability (2019-2053) for Wallacea

M. Voigt, J. Supriatna, N.J. Deere, A. Kastanya, S.L. Mitchell, I.M.D. Rosa, T. Santika, R. Siregar, J.S. Tasirin, A. Widyanto, N.L. Winarni, Z. Zakaria, S. Mumbunan, Z.G. Davies & M.J. Struebig
Primary forest cover and forest cover loss in Wallacea for the years 2000-2018 to train a deforestation model and produce maps of projected probability of deforestation until 2053.

Trans-generational viral transmission and immune priming are dose-dependent

Kenneth Wilson, David Grzywacz, Jenny Cory, Philip Donkersley & Robert Graham
It is becoming increasingly apparent that trans-generational immune priming (i.e. the transfer of the parental immunological experience to its progeny resulting in offspring protection from pathogens that persist across generations) is a common phenomenon not only in vertebrates, but also invertebrates. Likewise, it is known that covert pathogenic infections may become ‘triggered’ into an overt infection by various stimuli, including exposure to heterologous infections. Yet rarely have both phenomena been explored in parallel. Using as...

The effect of face masks and sunglasses on identity and expression recognition with super-recognisers and typical observers

Eilidh Noyes, Josh P. Davis, Nikolay Petrov, Katie L.H. Gray & Kay L. Ritchie
Face masks present a new challenge to face identification and emotion recognition in Western cultures. Here we present the results of three experiments that test the effect of masks, and also the effect of sunglasses (an occlusion that individuals tend to have more experience with) on 1) familiar face matching, 2) unfamiliar face matching, and 3) emotion recognition. Occlusion reduced accuracy in all three tasks, with most errors in the mask condition, however, there was...

Microbiome diversity and reproductive incompatibility induced by the prevalent endosymbiont Arsenophonus in two species of African cassava Bemisia tabaci whiteflies

Hajar El Hamss, Maruthi Gowda, Helene Delatte, Saptarshi Ghosh, M. N. Maruthi, Hélène Delatte & John Colvin
This dataset contains data from two-part experiments described in the paper: “El Hamss, H., Ghosh, S., M. N., M., Delatte, H., & Colvin, J. (2021). Microbiome diversity and reproductive incompatibility induced by the prevalent endosymbiont Arsenophonus in two species of African cassava Bemisia tabaci whiteflies. Ecology and Evolution, 00, 1–10. https://doi.org/10.1002/ece3.840”. The experiment investigates the effects of Arsenophonus on whitefly reproduction and microbiome diversity. In the first experiment (“crossing experiment”), the effect of Arsenophonus is...

Women’s Experiences in Religious Tourism: An Investigation into Women’s Involvement in Sabarimala Pilgrimage, Kerala

Shyju P.J., A. Vinodan, S. Meera & Jithendran Kokkranikal

We are what we eat, plus some per mill: Using stable isotopes to estimate diet composition in Gyps vultures over space and time

Allan Baino, Grant Hopcraft, Corinne Kendall, Linus Munishi, Abdelkader Behdenna, Jason Newton & Thomas Morrison
1. Dietary studies in birds of prey involve direct observation and examination of food remains at resting and nesting sites. Although these methods accurately identify diet in raptors, they are time consuming, resource intensive and associated with biases that stem from the feeding ecology of raptors like Gyps vultures (Gyps africanus and Gyps rueppelli). Our study set out to estimate diet composition in Gyps vultures informed by stable isotopes that provide a good representation of...

Academic Careers in Pakistan

Denise Hawkes
Driven to improve the quality of higher education as an Engine of Growth and Socio-Economic Development within Pakistan for 20 years, the Higher Education Commission in Pakistan has focused on linking academics and professional services staff with their counterparts in various countries, including the UK, US, and Australia. In collaboration with the British Council, the PAK-UK initiative has been launched to offer deeper linkages between the academics and universities in the UK and Pakistan. This...

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