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Fixed or mixed? variation in tree functional types and vegetation structure in a forest-savanna ecotone in West Africa

George K.D. Ametsitsi, Thomas Adjei-Gyapong, Vincent Logah, Jon Lloyd & Elmar M. Veenendaal
We analysed thirty-five 400-m2 plots encompassing forest, savanna and intermediate vegetation types in an ecotonal area in Ghana, West Africa. Across all plots, fire frequency was over a period of 15 years relatively uniform (once in 2–4 years). Although woodlands were dominated by species typically associated with savanna-type formations, and with forest formations dominated by species usually associated with closed canopies, these associations were non-obligatory and with a discrete non-specialized species grouping also identified. Across...

Clearcutting and selective logging have inconsistent effects on liana diversity and abundance but not on liana–tree interaction networks

Patrick Addo-Fordjour & Isaac Afram
Understanding the effects of forest management on lianas and their interaction with trees is an important step towards effective forest management. Our study therefore aimed at quantifying the patterns of liana diversity and abundance, and liana-tree interaction network structure in response to logging disturbance in a moist semi-deciduous forest in Ghana. We sampled lianas (diameter at 1.3 m ≥ 1 cm) and their host trees (diameter at breast height ≥ 5 cm) in 90 20...

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  • 2020

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  • Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology
  • Imperial College London
  • Wageningen University & Research