Data from: Differential drivers of benthic foraminiferal and molluscan community composition from a multivariate record of Early Miocene environmental change

Christina L. Belanger & Marites Villarosa Garcia
Climate changes are multivariate in nature, and disentangling the proximal drivers of biotic responses to paleoclimate events requires time series of multiple environmental proxies. We reconstruct a multivariate time series of local environmental change for the early Miocene Newport Member of the Astoria Formation (20.26–18 Ma), using proxies for temperature (δ18O), productivity (δ13C), organic carbon flux (Δδ13C), oxygenation (δ15N), and sedimentary grain size (% mud). Our data suggest increases in productivity and declines in oxygenation...

Registration Year

  • 2014

Resource Types

  • Dataset


  • South Dakota School of Mines and Technology
  • University of Chicago