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Data from: Host sex and age typically explain variation in parasitism of Rock Ptarmigan: implications for identifying determinants of exposure and susceptibility

Ólafur Nielsen, André Morrill, Karl Skírnisson, Ute Stenkewitz, Guðný Pálsdóttir & Mark Forbes
Measures of parasitism often differ between hosts. This variation is thought due in part to age or sex differences in exposure to parasites and/or susceptibility to parasitism. We assessed how often age or sex biases in parasitism were found using a large, multi-year (2006 – 2017) dataset of 12 parasite species of Icelandic Rock Ptarmigan (Lagopus muta). We found host traits (i.e. age and/or sex) accounted for significant variation in abundance of 11 of the...

Data from: Primers to highly conserved elements optimized for qPCR-based telomere length measurements in vertebrates

Stephanie Hudon, Esteban Palencia Hurtado, James Beck, Steven Burden, Devin Bendixsen, Kathleen Callery, Jennifer Sorensen Forbey, Lisette Waits, Robert Miller, Ólafur Nielsen, Julie Heath & Eric Hayden
Telomere length dynamics are an established biomarker of health and aging in animals. The study of telomeres in numerous species has been facilitated by methods to measure telomere length by real-time quantitative PCR (qPCR). In this method, telomere length is determined by quantifying the amount of telomeric DNA repeats in a sample and normalizing this to the total amount of genomic DNA. This normalization requires the development of genomic reference primers suitable for qPCR, which...

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  • 2020

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  • Icelandic Institute of Natural History
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