Data from: The Sphagnum microbiome supports greatly bog ecosystem functioning under extreme conditions

Anastasia Bragina, Lisa Oberauner-Wappis, Christin Zachow, Bettina Halwachs, Gerhard G. Thallinger, Henry Müller & Gabriele Berg
Sphagnum-dominated bogs represent a unique yet widely distributed type of terrestrial ecosystem, and strongly contribute to global biosphere functioning. Sphagnum is colonised by highly diverse microbial communities, but less is known about their function. We identified a high functional diversity within the Sphagnum microbiome applying an Illumina-based metagenomic approach followed by de novo assembly and MG-RAST annotation. An inter-environmental comparison revealed that the Sphagnum microbiome harbours specific genetic features that distinguish it significantly from microbiomes...

Registration Year

  • 2014

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  • Dataset


  • Graz University of Technology