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The environmental factors limiting the distribution of shallow-water terebratulid brachiopods

Diego A. García-Ramos, Stjepan Coric, Michael M. Joachimski & Martin Zuschin
The Cenozoic genus Terebratula seems to be an exception to the Post-Permian trend in brachiopod retreat to offshore habitats because it was species-rich and numerically abundant in warm-temperate shallow-water environments in the Mediterranean and the Paratethys realms. This was so despite the general dominance of bivalves and the pervasive bioturbation and predation pressure during the Neogene. Terebratula, however, went extinct in the Calabrian (Pleistocene). The optimal environmental conditions for Terebratula during its prime are poorly...

Unentdeckte Dichotomien in den Schriften Ismail Bey Gaspiralis

Hüseyin I. Çiçek

Taxonomical diversity and palaeobiogeographical affinity of belemnites from the Pliensbachian - Toarcian GSSP (Lusitanian Basin, Portugal)

Patrícia Rita
For the first time, high-resolution analysis of the Late Pliensbachian - Early Toarcian belemnite assemblages from the Peniche section (Lusitanian Basin) is presented. The systematic analysis allowed the recognition of eight taxa of the suborder Belemnitina, previously reported from contemporaneous NW Tethyan and Arctic sections. The presence of Bairstowius amaliae sp. nov. in the Late Pliensbachian (Emaciatum Zone) represents a novelty since hitherto the genus Bairstowius was only known from Late Sinemurian and Early Pliensbachian...

Distal and proximal hypoxia response elements cooperate to regulate organ-specific erythropoietin gene expression

Roland Wenger, Ilaria M.C. Orlando, Véronique N. Lafleur, Federica Storti, Patrick Spielmann, Lisa Crowther, Sara Santambrogio, Johannes Schödel, David Hoogewijs & David R. Mole
While it is well-established that distal hypoxia response elements (HREs) regulate hypoxia-inducible factor (HIF) target genes such as erythropoietin (Epo), an interplay between multiple distal and proximal (promoter) HREs has not been described so far. Hepatic Epo expression is regulated by a HRE located downstream of the EPO gene, but this 3' HRE is dispensable for renal EPO gene expression. We previously identified a 5' HRE and could show that both HREs direct exogenous reporter...

Data from: Collective forces of tumor spheroids in three-dimensional biopolymer networks

Christoph Mark, Thomas J Grundy, Pamela L Strissel, David Böhringer, Nadine Grummel, Julian Steinwachs, Carolin C Hack, Matthias W Beckmann, Markus Eckstein, Reiner Strick, Geraldine M O'Neill & Ben Fabry
We describe a method for quantifying the contractile forces that tumor spheroids collectively exert on highly nonlinear three-dimensional collagen networks. While three-dimensional traction force microscopy for single cells in a nonlinear matrix is computationally complex due to the variable cell shape, here we exploit the spherical symmetry of tumor spheroids to derive a scale-invariant relationship between spheroid contractility and the surrounding matrix deformations. This relationship allows us to directly translate the magnitude of matrix deformations...

Past and future decline of tropical pelagic biodiversity

Moriaki Yasuhara, Chih-Lin Wei, Michal Kucera, Mark Costello, Derek Tittensor, Wolfgang Kiessling, Timothy Bonebrake, Clay Tabor, Ran Feng, Andrés Baselga, Kerstin Kretschmer, Buntarou Kusumoto & Yasuhiro Kubota
A major research question concerning global pelagic biodiversity remains unanswered: when did the apparent tropical biodiversity depression (i.e., bimodality of latitudinal diversity gradient [LDG]) begin? The bimodal LDG may be a consequence of recent ocean warming or of deep-time evolutionary speciation and extinction processes. Using rich time-slice datasets of planktonic foraminifers, we show here that a unimodal (or only weakly bimodal) diversity gradient, with a plateau in the tropics, occurred during the last ice age...

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