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Moths as pollinators of four Cucurbitaceae crops in Asia

Chang-Qiu Liu
Each sample of hypanthium length (mm) comes from one plant individual. Nectar measurement includes two aspects, i.e. nectar volume (μL) and nectar concentration (%). The pollination experiment includes two treatments, i.e. diurnal insect exclusion vs nocturnal insect exclusion. The number of bagged female flowers per individual means how many female flowers per individual plant were treated. The fruit number means how many fruits successfully developed from the treated female flowers.

Supplemental materials of: Ignored biodiversity in acid soil islands in karst areas, South China: Impatiens longlinensis (Balsaminaceae), a new critically endangered species

Tian-Tian Xue, Chang-Ying Xia, Magnus Lidén, Wei-Bin Xu, Zhao-Cen Lu, Hai-Ling Chen, Shu-Wan Li & Sheng-Xiang Yu
The karst area in South China is notable for its fragile vegetation and unique flora with many narrow endemics, and is one of the most threatened biodiversity hotspots in the world. However, the biodiversity of acid soil areas scattered in the karst area have previously been underestimated. With a recent increase of new discoveries of plants and animals, the conservation of biodiversity in these acid soil areas has become urgent. This study deals with a...

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  • 2020

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