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EURADOS Intercomparison 2012 for Neutron Dosemeters

Elena Fantuzzi, Marie-Anne Chevallier, Rodolfo Cruz-Suarez, Marlies Luszik-Bhadra, Sabine Mayer, David J. Thomas, Rick Tanner & Filip Vanhavere
Abstract: EURADOS, within the work performed by Working Group 2 -Harmonization of Individual Monitoring in Europe, has started a self-sustained programme of regular intercomparisons and has successfully executed three intercomparisons for whole body photon dosemeters (IC2008, IC2010, IC2012) and one intercomparison for extremity dosemeters for photon and beta fields (IC2009). In 2012, the EURADOS intercomparison IC2012n was launched for personal neutron dosemeters routinely used to measure personal dose equivalent, Hp(10), in individual monitoring. No systems...

Digital Preservation at International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

Dobrica Savic & Germain St-Pierre
Since its creation in 1970 until 1996, the International Nuclear Information System (INIS) collected and converted to microfiche over 312 000 non-conventional literature (NCL) reports received from IAEA member states and international organizations. The microfiche collection contains over 1 million items, with an estimated total of 25 million pages of full-texts. In 1997, the INIS Secretariat replaced the microfiche-based production system with an imaging system to process and to disseminate all NCL documents in electronic...

Managing Diversity in the International Nuclear Information System

Dobrica Savic

Data from “Exploring Next Generation Grey” including Questionnaire and Results

Joachim Schopfel, Dominic Farace, David Baxter, Silvia Giannini, ANNA MOLINO, Tomas A. Lipinski, Veronika Potočnik & Dobrica Savic
The GL2021 Conference offered the many and diverse communities of practice in the field of grey literature a unique opportunity to collaborate in addressing and defining the next phase in the digital transformation of grey literature. In preparation for this conference, a panel session on the future of grey literature was planned on the program; and, in advance, an online survey was carried out among GreyNet’s own community of practice in the field of grey...

EURADOS Intercomparison IC2017n for Neutron Dosemeters

Sabine Mayer, Marie-Anne Chevallier, Elena Fantuzzi, Michael Hajek, Marlies Luszik-Bhadra, Rick Tanner, David J. Thomas & Filip Vanhavere
Abstract: EURADOS has carried out a number of different intercomparison exercises for personal dosemeters in the past that qualify as proficiency tests for different dosimetry systems and radiation types including one previous neutron personal dosemeter intercomparison (IC2012n). Neutron intercomparisons are especially complicated to design because of the limited availability of reference fields and the costs associated with the exposures. IC2017n was the second EURADOS organized intercomparison exercise for neutron personal dosemeters. It was an important...

Policy Development for Grey Literature Resources: An Assessment of the Pisa Declaration

Dobrica Savic, Dominic Farace, Jerry Frantzen, Stefania Biagioni, Carlo Carlesi, Herbert Gruttemeier & Christiane Stock

The Impact of Digital Transformation on the Sustainability of Grey Literature

Dobrica Savic
Digital transformation makes an impact on organizations and businesses affecting many of their activities, either in a positive or a negative way. Once an organization starts on the road of digital transformation the impact is always considerable and long-lasting. Due to the specific nature of digital transformation to be able to impact whole industries, even if some organizations decide not to start with digital transformation, they may experience an indirect impact. The area of grey...

From Digitization and Digitalization to Digital Transformation: A Case for Grey Literature Management

Dobrica Savic
Following digitization and digitalization, digital transformation is the next step in the automation of grey literature management. A brief historical overview and analysis of current trends will shed some light on terminological differences in these three terms, but also on more important conceptual differences. At one time, these terms were used almost interchangeably, especially the first two. Although the term ‘digital transformation’ is newer and currently more frequently used, it still causes semantic confusion. Digital...

International Nuclear Information System (INIS). 50 Years of Successful Contribution to Nuclear Science and Society

Dobrica Savic
INIS was established in May 1970, as a mechanism to provide access to a comprehensive collection of references to the world’s nuclear literature. It has grown from a modest 25- member endeavour to a unique global information resource with a membership of 132 countries. INIS maintains a repository of over 4.4 million bibliographic records, of which 2 million are full text. In 2020, 1.7 million unique visitors made over 2.5 million searches, viewing 4 million...

When is ‘grey’ too ‘grey’? A case of grey data

Dobrica Savic
Conformity to facts, accuracy, habitual truthfulness, authenticity, information source reliability, and security have become important concerns. Trustworthiness of news and information, and of grey and other literature types has become of interest to the public, as well as to many information science and technology researchers. Starting with a definition of grey literature, and continuing with white, dark and grey data, this paper concentrates mainly on grey data as an emerging grey literature data type and...

Public Interest in Accessing the INIS Collection

Dobrica Savić

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