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Risk perceptions of extreme heat events at the state, county, and census tract level in the U.S.

Peter Howe, Jennifer R. Marlon, Xinran Wang & Anthony Leiserowitz
Project summary, description or abstract: This dataset contains model estimates of how Americans perceive the health risks of extreme heat events at the state, county, and census tract level in the U.S. Estimates are produced using a statistical model based on national survey data. These data are associated with the following publication: Howe, Peter D., Jennifer R. Marlon, Xinran Wang, and Anthony Leiserowitz. “Public perceptions of the health risks of extreme heat across U.S. states,...

GenBank 16S rDNA Sequences for Ca. Annandia pinicola, Ca. Gillettellia cooleyia, Ca. Hartigia pinicola, Ca. Profftia spp., Ca. Pseudomonas adelgestsugas from Taiwan, and Ca. Vallotia spp.

Carol von Dohlen, Usha Spaulding, Kistie B. Patch, Kathryn Weglarz, Robert G. Foottit, Nathan P. Havill & Gaelen R. Burke
The attached .csv file contains accession number, definition, and GenBank URL for 28 rDNA sequences: MF077637–MF077640 and MF098761 (‘Ca. Annandia pinicola’), MF077633–MF077636 (‘Ca. Gillettellia cooleyia’), MF077641–MF077645 (‘Ca. Hartigia pinicola’), MF108835-MF108838 (‘Ca. Profftia spp.’), MF098762 (‘Ca. Pseudomonas adelgestsugas from Taiwan), MF063340- MF063348 (‘Ca. Vallotia spp.’).

Developmental Trajectories of Aggression from Toddlerhood to Early Adolescence in Boys and Girls: Exploring Early Predictors and Later Outcomes

SuJung Park
Early behavior problems, such as childhood aggression, emerge in the second year of life and decrease prior to school entry for typically developing children. However, some children show frequent and persistent aggression and may be at risk for subsequent difficulties that lead to poor school and life outcomes. The current study aimed to identify aggression patterns in children from toddlerhood to early adolescence for boys and girls together and separately. This study also explored early...

Machine Learning Techniques as Applied to Discrete and Combinatorial Structures

Samuel David Schwartz
Machine Learning Techniques have been used on a wide array of input types: images, sound waves, text, and so forth. In articulating these input types to the almighty machine, there have been all sorts of amazing problems that have been solved for many practical purposes. Nevertheless, there are some input types which don’t lend themselves nicely to the standard set of machine learning tools we have. Moreover, there are some provably difficult problems which are...

The Rise of Populist Rhetoric and the Mainstreaming of a Party? Testing the Rhetorical Shifts Between Front National’s Presidents Jean-Marie Le Pen and Marine Le Pen

Muriel C. McGregor
Populist movements have been on the rise across Europe and the Americas. In France, the far right-wing party, Le Front National, has experienced recent growth in electoral success. Scholars of the Front National have in part attributed the party’s success to its increased use of populist rhetoric. This thesis examines the populist rhetoric used between the Front National’s past president Jean-Marie Le Pen and current president Marine Le Pen in order to test these scholarly...

Computational and Experimental Studies on Energy Storage Materials and Electrocatalysts

Jared B. Moss
With the growing global population comes the ever-increasing consumption of energy in powering cities, electric vehicles, and portable devices such as cell-phones. While the power grid is used to distribute energy to consumers, the energy sources needed to power the grid itself are unsustainable and inefficient. The primary energy sources powering the grid, being fossil fuels, natural gas, and nuclear, are unsustainable as the economically-accessible reserves are continually depleted in exchange for detrimental emissions and...

Crypto-Jewish Identity in the Inquisition of Mexico City

Suzanne E. Skinner
This thesis studies identity among a group of Roman Catholic converts and accused heretics in Mexico City, called Crypto-Jews. The areas of identity that were examined in depth were, religious identity, gender identity, and racial identity. The records that exist for Crypto-Jews in Mexico City are limited but can be found among the records of the Holy Office of the Inquisition. In order to study the documents of the Office of the Inquisition in Mexico...

Quantifying the Predictability of Evolution at the Genomic Level in Lycaeides Butterflies

Samridhi Chaturvedi
Stephen Jay Gould, a great scientist and evolutionary biologist, suggested that if we could replay the tape of life, we would not have observed similar course of events because evolution is stochastic and is affected by several events. Since then, the possibility that evolution is repeatable or predictable has been debated. Studies using large-scale evolution experiments, long-term data for individual populations, and controlled experiments in nature, have demonstrated phenotypic and genetic convergence in several taxa....

Newspaper Representations of Homelessness: A Temporal Comparative Analysis

Sarah Werman
This research focuses on the ways in which homelessness is discussed in two newspapers in a major city in the intermountain United States. I analyzed newspaper articles with the goal of understanding public discourse in two ideologically distinct newspaper venues. I examined the news media portrayal of the homeless in 752 articles in these two newspapers during two distinct six­-month time periods, one during which the city was nationally recognized as a major advocate for...

Couple Recovery from Problematic Pornography Use: A Phenomenological Study of Change Moments and Common Factors

Travis J. Spencer
Pornography use has been reported to have harmful effects on relationships and individuals. However, research on effective treatment for problematic pornography use (PPU) is limited. This manuscript reviews the previous treatment literature for PPU and highlights the gaps that need further study. Then, I discuss how I performed a qualitative study of 11 couples who had successfully been treated for PPU in order to analyze the key mechanisms of change that were employed in their...

Synthesis and Biological Studies of Amphiphilic Compounds Derived from Saccharides and Aminoglycosides

Madher N. Alfindee
Adjacent cells communicate through gap junctions (GJs). These GJs are formed by head to head docking of two hemichannels (HCs) from two adjacent cells. HCs are connexin hexamer proteins. Connexin mutation is the most frequent cause of childhood hearing loss. This hearing impairment affects 2 in every 2000 children. Inhibition of the HCs might be the key factor to treat such disorders. A library of amphiphilic kanamycins was synthesized to be tested as HC inhibitors....

Pioneer Harmonies: Mormon Women and Music in Utah, 1847-1900

Jennifer L. Fife
By drawing on local newspapers and the diaries, journals, and autobiographies of nearly fifty pioneers, this thesis examined the varied musical experiences of Utah's Latter-day Saint women during the years 1847-1900, and sought to determine whether they followed national gender trends in music during this era. Women in nineteenth-century Utah participated in a wide variety of musical activities, including using music in their homes, taking lessons, and teaching. Women also composed and wrote song lyrics....

Effects of Student Self-Management on Generalization of Student Performance to Regular Classes

Lloyd Douglas Peterson
The use of a student self-monitoring and self-rating/teacher matching strategy to assist generalization of social skills use and decrease off-task behavior of five inner-city at-risk middle school students was investigated. A multiple-baseline design was used to assess the effects of the intervention in up to six different class settings. Results indicated that the self-monitoring and self-rating/teacher matching intervention led to an increase in correct social skills use and a decrease in off-task behaviors with all...

The Roles of Mechanical Stress and Ethylene in Clinostat-Induced Leaf Epinasty and Gravitropic Response of Dicot Shoots

Raymond M. Wheeler
Aminoethoxyvinyl glycine (AVG) and silver thiosulfate, antagonists of ethylene biosynthesis and action in plants, both delayed onset of leaf epinasty in Xanthium strumarium L. (cocklebur) plants rotated on horizontal clinostats. Xanthium plants mechanically stressed by continuous horizontal or vertical shaking, or continuous twisting back and forth, did not develop any significant epinasty, while plants inverted every 20 minutes (upside down half the time) did develop epinasty. From this it appears that clinostat-induced epinasty is a...

The Relationship Among the Contributing Factors to Anorexia Nervosa

Stephanie S. Plunkett & David M. Stein
Anorexia nervosa is now being viewed as a multidimensional disorder in terms of predisposing factors such as genetics, biology, and environment. Results from twin studies suggest that part of a susceptibility to AN may lie in genetic factors (Holland et al., 1984, 1988; Treasure and Holland, 1991). However, the nature of a genetic contribution, if any, remains unclear. Neurochemical alterations have been found to be associated with AN, but it is difficult to assess what...

Quest for Political Legitimacy; Utah 1896-1933

Kirk V. Shepherd
FROM 1896 until the early 1930's, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS or Mormon), executed what was in my opinion a quest to regain and establish it's own political legitimacy as an institution. Since early in the Church's comparatively brief history, the very mention of their religion in the majority of modern societies carries negative connotations. I hypothesize that the quest to eliminate or at least "back seat" this stereo type was...

At the New Yorker

Therese Anderson
The following essays and letters grew from a notebook I kept while interning at The New Yorker last summer. Each night, in my room at the boardinghouse on 36th Street, I recorded the decorations of the day, like the conversation I had with a prominent writer in the lunchroom, or the sight of a startled shorebird on the front of the office building.

Moral Development Theories: Controversy, Bias, and A New Perspective

Julie Ann Robinson
This thesis examines the well-established Kohlberg hierarchical model of moral development and allegations of bias within the model. The Cognitive-Development approach to moral development, the Kohlberg model, and a counter-model proposed by Carol Gilligan are presented. The interview methodology commonly used by moral development researchers as well as the applicability of interview data to actual moral decision-making is questioned. A web model that includes the interactions of culture and education in moral modifications is presented...

Undergraduate Writing in the Sciences: A Case Study

Susan Browning & Jon Bruce Obray
This research project is an attempt to understand the role of writing in undergraduate science education, including the development of writing's current role in scientific education, the present nature of writing in the scientific disciplines, and its value. With this understanding, we feel it is possible to successfully improve the communication skills of undergraduates students in the scientific disciplines, which in turn will benefit both the scientific community and society itself. A case study of...

Banking in China: Fiscal Policy Under Pressure

Thor Roundy
The radical changes occurring in China can be both exciting and frightening. Attempting to keep in reign a skyrocketing economy, Chinese Leaders such as Liu Hongru and Zhang Wei have become modern day entrepreneurs in creating a new national economy. Like typical entrepreneurs, Chinese leadership is making decisions by the seat of their pants, attempting to control growth under volatile new conditions of reform.

Iron-Dithiothreitol Dependent Production of 8-Hydroxy-2'-Deoxyguanosine in DNA

David Allan Cook
Oxidative damage to DNA in a metal-thiol system was studied. Calf thymus DNA was incubated in an iron(IIl)-dithiothreitol system prepared in various buffers. Damage was measured by monitoring the production of 8-hydroxy-2'-deoxyguanosine. DNA oxidation was proportional to the concentration of dithiothreitol (DTT) in HEPES and tris(hydroxymethyl)aminomethane (Tris) buffers while it was only roughly related to DTT concentration in sodium chloride. Incubation in potassium phosphate buffer produced no damage. The results indicate that hydroxyl radicals may...

The Proposed Use of an Anatomically Marked Presurgically Fitted Prostheses With Infants Who Have Unrepaired Cleft Palates

Amy Moser
Approximately one out of every 750 children are born with some type of an oral cleft (McWilliams, Morris, & Shelton, 1984) Children with clefts of the palate in general have a higher incidence of articulation disorders than do children without clefts. Typical speech problems which tend to occur are hypernasality and multiple articulation errors, often consisting of atypical tongue placement in the mouth or nontypical articulation at sites in the larynx or pharynx. These speech...

Collaborative Research: Elements: Advancing Data Science and Analytics for Water (DSAW)

Jeffery S. Horsburgh

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