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Data from: Periodic F-defects on the MgO surface as potential single-defect catalysts with non-linear optical properties

Alexander I. Boldyrev & Maksim Kulichenko
In this paper we suggest a new type of a single-atom (or single-defect) catalyst – MgO with periodic defects on the (0 0 1) surface – which possesses noticeable non-linear optical properties. Periodicity of these defects leads to the significant extensive increase in the activity of a catalyst by growth of the concentration of active sites. In this work we showed the presence of diffuse electride-like multi-center bonds inside every periodic F-center. We also discovered...

Data from: Realization of Lewis Basic Sodium Anion in the NaBH3- Cluster

Alexander Boldyrev & Nikita Fedik
Project reports the first example of dative bond formed by Na- (anion) in a cluster NaBH3-.

Data from: Can aromaticity be a kinetic trap? Example ofmechanically interlocked aromatic [2-5]catenanes built from cyclo[18]carbon

Alexander Boldyrev & Nikita Fedik
Project reports the analysis of interlocked C18 rings as building blocks for polycatenanes.

Computational Frontiers in the Strong Gravity Regime

Maria Rodriguez

Data from: Insight into The Nature of Rim Bonds in Coronene

Alexander Boldyrev & Nikita Fedik
Project reports bonding analysis and predicted reactivity of coronene.

Data from: High-Resolution Photoelectron Imaging of IrB3-: Observation of a p-Aromatic B3+ Ring Coordinated to a Transition Metal

Alexander Boldyrev & Maksim Kulichenko
In a high-resolution photoelectron imaging and theoretical study of the IrB3− cluster, two isomers were observed experimentally with electron affinities (EAs) of 1.3147(8) and 1.937(4) eV. Quantum calculations revealed two nearly degenerate isomers competing for the global minimum, both with a B3 ring coordinated with the Ir atom.

Data from: σ-Aromaticity in the MoS2 Monolayer

Alexander Boldyrev & Maksim Kulichenko
As is shown using the SSAdNDP approach, Mo and S form 2-centered bonds and there is a lone pair on each S. Most importantly, the remaining electrons are distributed over Mo atoms and form conjugated aromatic σ-bonds inside every hexagonal ring, which makes molybdenum the main carrier of σ-aromaticity.

Anthropogenic and climatic factors interact to influence reproductive timing and effort

Susannah French & Geoffrey Smith
Reproduction, although absolutely essential to a species’ persistence, is in itself challenging. As anthropogenic change increasingly affects every landscape on Earth, it is critical to understand how specific pressures impact the reproductive efforts of individuals, which directly contribute to the success or failure of populations. However, organisms rarely encounter a single burden at a time, and the interactions of environmental challenges can have compounding effects. Disentangling environmental and physiological pressures is difficult because they are...

Aircraft Input Files for Pylot and MachUpX

Jaden Thurgood
This data was used in an attempt at system identification for rudderless aircraft using simulation.

SaTC: CORE: Small: Deep Learning for Insider Threat Detection

Shuhan Yuan

Acoustic-Prosodic Entrainment in the Context of Autism Spectrum Disorder

Stephanie Borrie & Camille J. Wynn

Supplementary files for \"Creating a Universal Depth-To-Load Conversion Technique for the Conterminous United States using Random Forests\"

Jesse Wheeler, Brennan Bean & Marc Maguire
As part of an ongoing effort to update the ground snow load maps in the United States, this paper presents an investigation into snow densities for the purpose of predicting ground snow loads for structural engineering design with ASCE 7. Despite their importance, direct measurements of snow load are sparse when compared to measurements of snow depth. As a result, it is often necessary to estimate snow load using snow depth and other readily accessible...

Na lidar and MIGHTI/ICON investigation on turbopause tidal waves

Tao Yuan, Michael H. Stevens, Cristoph R. Englert & Thomas J. Immel
Local full diurnal coverage of temperature variations across the turbopause (~ 90 km to 115 km altitude) is achieved by combining the nocturnal observations of a Sodium (Na) Doppler lidar on the Utah State University (USU) campus (41.7?N, 248.2?E) and NASA MIGHTI/ICON daytime observations made in the same vicinity. In this paper, utilizing this hybrid dataset during summer 2020 between June 12th and July 15th, we retrieve the temperature signatures of diurnal and semidiurnal tidal...

Morphometric trait measurements of Arctic char in foothill lakes of arctic Alaska

Stephen Klobucar
Polymorphism facilitates coexistence of divergent morphs (e.g., phenotypes) of the same species by minimizing intraspecific competition, especially when resources are limiting. Arctic char (Salvelinus sp.) are a Holarctic fish often forming morphologically, and sometimes genetically, divergent morphs. In this study, we assessed the morphological and genetic diversity and divergence of 263 individuals from seven populations of arctic char with varying length-frequency distributions across two distinct groups of lakes in northern Alaska. Despite close geographic proximity,...

Compositional variation in early life parenting structures alters oxytocin and vasopressin 1a receptor development in prairie voles (Microtus ochrogaster)

Forrest Rogers, Sara Freeman, Marina Anderson, Michelle Palumbo & Karen Bales
Paternal absence can significantly alter bio-behavioral development in many biparental species. This effect has generally been demonstrated by comparing the development of offspring reared under biparental care with those reared after removal of the father. However, studies employing this design conflate two significant modifications to early life experience: removal of father-specific qualities and the general reduction of offspring-directed care. In the socially monogamous prairie vole (Microtus ochrogaster), the experience of paternal absence without substitution during...

Sampling bias exaggerates a textbook example of a trophic cascade

Elaine Brice, Eric Larsen & Daniel MacNulty
Understanding trophic cascades in terrestrial wildlife communities is a major challenge because these systems are difficult to sample properly. We show how a tradition of nonrandom sampling has confounded this understanding in a textbook system (Yellowstone National Park) where carnivore [Canis lupus (wolf)] recovery is associated with a trophic cascade involving changes in herbivore [Cervus canadensis (elk)] behavior and density that promote plant regeneration. Long-term data indicate a practice of sampling only the tallest young...

The Utah STEM Master Educator Institute

Colby Tofel-Grehl

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