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Lehmann lovegrass and black grama drought response in the Jornada Desert 2021

Sherri Buerdsell, Brook Milligan & Erik Lehnhoff
Percent cover for Bouteloua eriopoda and Eragrostis lehmanniana was collected over four years at Mt. Summerford (latitude 32.516, longitude -106.802), New Mexico State University's Chihuahuan Desert Rangeland Research Center (CDRRC), Doña Ana County, New Mexico. In June 2016, permanent 2m × 2m plots were installed to evaluate change in percent cover of B. eriopoda and E. lehmanniana in response to precipitation manipulation treatments of +80% (irrigated), -80% (drought), and ambient (control) precipitation. We used a...

Two-sex integrated population model reveals intersexual differences in life history strategies in Cooper’s Hawks

Brian Millsap, Jay Gedir, Fitsum Abadi, Matthew Gould & Kristin Madden
This site contains data files and model code for a dynamic nesting territory occupance model and 2-sex integrated population model for Cooper's hawks in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA, 2011 - 2020.

Coevolution of relative brain size and life expectancy in parrots

Simeon Q. Smeele, Dalia A. Conde, Annette Baudisch, Simon Bruslund, Andrew Iwaniuk, Johanna Staerk, Timothy F. Wright, Anna M. Young, Mary Brooke McElreath & Lucy Aplin
Previous studies have demonstrated a correlation between longevity and brain size in a variety of taxa. Little research has been devoted to understanding this link in parrots; yet parrots are well-known for both their exceptionally long lives and cognitive complexity. We employed a large-scale comparative analysis that investigated the influence of brain size and life history variables on longevity in parrots. Specifically, we addressed two hypotheses for evolutionary drivers of longevity: the Cognitive Buffer Hypothesis,...

Cystargolide-based amide and ester Pz analogs as proteasome inhibitors and anticancer agents

Rodolfo Tello-Aburto, Carlos Viera, Bradley Stevens, Talysa Viera, Cameron Zielinski, Lee Uranga, Snezna Rogelj & Praveen Patidar
A series of cystargolide-based beta-lactone analogs containing nitrogen atoms at the Pz portion of the scaffold were prepared and evaluated as proteasome inhibitors and for their cytotoxicity profile towards several cancer cell lines. Inclusion of one, two or even three nitrogen atoms at the Pz portion of the cystargolide scaffold is well-tolerated, producing analogs with low nanomolar proteasome inhibition activity, in many cases superior to carfilzomib. Additionally, analog 8g, containing an ester and pyrazine group...

Cover crop and irrigation impacts on weeds and maize yield

Prashasti Agarwal, Brian Schutte, John Idowu, Rob Steiner & Erik Lehnhoff
Winter cover crops (CC) may facilitate weed management by inhibiting weed seed germination and seedling emergence and suppressing weed growth within the cash crop. In southern New Mexico, with scarce winter precipitation and limited irrigation water, producing sufficient CC biomass for effective weed suppression while conserving water resources is challenging. This study assessed the water requirement to produce a CC with enough biomass for weed suppression benefits during cash crop growth at two locations in...

Differential seasonal avoidance of anthropogenic features and woody vegetation by Lesser Prairie-chickens

Andrew Lawrence, Matthew Boggie, William Gould, Scott Carleton & Clay Nichols
The influence of seasonal variation in animal behavior and the corresponding response in habitat selection is a critical component of habitat selection analyses. To examine this relationship, we conducted multi-scale analyses of Lesser Prairie-chicken (Tympanuchus pallidicinctus) habitat selection in relation to anthropogenic infrastructure associated with oil and gas development, mesquite, and trees during the spring and summer at home range and lek area scales. We tracked 159 Lesser Prairie-chickens using VHF radiotelemetry or PTT-GPS transmitters...

Data from: Temporal factors and distance to human settlement affect nest survival of the endangered Yellow-headed Parrot in Belize, Central America

Fabio Tarazona, Charles R. Britt, Fitsum Abadi, Mario Muschamp & Martha Desmond
The endangered Yellow-headed Parrot (Amazona oratrix) has experienced a considerable reduction in abundance and distribution. Identifying natural and anthropogenic causes of nest failure is a critical step towards developing conservation actions that increase nest survival. In this study, we examined daily nest survival in relation to temporal, habitat and anthropogenic factors, as well as nest site properties. We monitored nests (n = 124) across six study sites in Belize during 2017 and 2018 and independently...

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