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Non-Interventional, Reproducible, and Open Systematic Review (NIRO-SR) guidelines

Marta Topor, Jade Pickering, Ana Barbosa Mendes, Dorothy Bishop, Fionn Büttner, Mahmoud Elsherif, Thomas Evans, Emma Henderson, Tamara Kalandadze, Faye Nitschke, Janneke Staaks, Olmo Van den Akker, Siu Kit Yeung, Mirela Zaneva, Alison Lam, Christopher Madan, David Moreau, Aoife O'Mahony, Adam Parker, Amy Riegelman, Meghan Testerman & Samuel Westwood
Guidelines for creating and pre-registering your protocol as well as writing your systematic review for non-interventional research.

Eagle Ford Shale: Synchrotron-Based Element and Mineral Maps

Catherine Peters & Julie Kim
This project provides 2D synchrotron micro X-ray fluorescence (µXRF) and micro X-ray diffraction (µXRD) data, as well as generated mineral maps for a shale rock from the Eagle Ford formation. The Eagle Ford shale is an organic-rich laminate shale in southern Texas that is actively drilled for unconventional oil and gas operations. The Eagle Ford shale sample in this study is a calcareous mudstone consisting of ultra-fine-grained calcite and silicate minerals arranged in a foliated...

Prediction Errors Influence Rational Belief Update

Madalina Vlasceanu

Punishment in the Admissions Scandal

Joseph Cohen, Frederick Wherry, Gabriel Rossman & Leslie Hinkson
We discuss the punishment given in the College Admissions Scandal.


Bill Thompson

Incorporating context into a computational similarity measure: introducing context-relevant cosine (CRC)

Libby Barak & Adele Goldberg

Fluorescence Reconstruction Microscopy: Complete Testing Dataset

& Daniel Cohen
We provide all the test data and corresponding predictions for our paper, “Practical Fluorescence Reconstruction Microscopy for High-Content Imaging”. Please refer to the Methods section in this paper for experimental details. For each experimental condition, we provide the input transmitted-light images (either phase contrast or DIC), the ground truth fluorescence images, and the output predicted fluorescence images which should reconstruct the ground truth fluorescence images.

Data from: Upper tidal flats are disproportionately important for the conservation of migratory shorebirds

Tong Mu & David S. Wilcove
Migratory animals are crucial for global ecosystems, yet many species are threatened by human activities. Coastal shorebirds along the East Asian-Australasian Flyway have experienced precipitous declines over the past three decades, primarily due to the rapid development of the tidal flats, their major stopover habitat. However, populations of several species have declined must faster than the rate of habitat loss. To explain this discrepancy, we quantified the foraging distribution of 17 migratory shorebirds throughout the...

A dual-mechanism antibiotic kills Gram-negative bacteria and avoids drug resistance

James K. Martin, Joseph P. Sheehan, Benjamin Bratton, Gabriel M. Moore, André Mateus, Sophia Hsin-Jung Li, Hahn Kim, Joshua D. Rabinowitz, Athanasios Typas, Mikhail M. Savitski, Maxwell Z. Wilson & Zemer Gitai
The rise of antibiotic resistance and declining discovery of new antibiotics have created a global health crisis. Of particular concern, no new antibiotic classes have been approved for treating Gram-negative pathogens in decades. Here, we characterize a compound, SCH-79797, that kills both Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria through a unique dual-targeting mechanism of action (MoA) with undetectably-low resistance frequencies. To characterize its MoA, we combined quantitative imaging, proteomic, genetic, metabolomic, and cell-based assays. This pipeline demonstrates...

Person knowledge and facial identity categorization sensitivity

DongWon Oh & Jonathan Freeman
This is the preregistration of a follow up study of "Person knowledge and facial identity categorization sensitivity (preregistered: 2019-09-29)". Here, we examine the causality of the effect.


Samuel Challéat, Nicolas Farrugia, Amandine Gasc, Jeremy Froidevaux, Jennifer Hatlauf, Frank Dziock, Adrien CHARBONNEAU, Juliette Linossier, Christopher Watson, Paul Ullrich, Tomáš Jůnek, Mark Hulme, Krzysztof Deoniziak, Guillaume Marchais, Jean-Christophe Gattus, Richard Beason, Adrià López-Baucells, Jan Cibulka, Luc Barbaro, Agnès VIVAT, Robin Sandfort, Vincent Médoc, Luis da Silva, Sarah Dodgin, Philip Briggs … & Didier GALOP
A participatory monitoring programme of an exceptional modification of urban soundscapes during Covid-19 containment (Data collection in progress)

Shakespeare and Company Project Dataset: Lending Library Members

Joshua Kotin, Rebecca Sutton Koeser, Carl Adair, Serena Alagappan, Jean Bauer, Oliver J. Browne, Nick Budak, Harriet Calver, Jin Chow, Ian Davis, Gissoo Doroudian, Currie Engel, Elspeth Green, Benjamin Hicks, Madeleine E. Joelson, Carolyn Kelly, Sara Krolewski, Xinyi Li, Ellie Maag, Cate Mahoney, Jesse D. McCarthy, Mary Naydan, Isabel Ruehl, Sylvie Thode, Camey VanSant … & Clifford E. Wulfman
The Shakespeare and Company Project: Lending Library Members dataset includes information about approximately 5,700 members of Sylvia Beach's Shakespeare and Company lending library.

Chinese overseas development financing of electric power generation: A comparative analysis

Xu Chen, Kevin P. Gallagher & Denise Mauzerall
Global power generation must rapidly decarbonize by mid-century to meet the goal of stabilizing global warming below 2 degree Celsius. To meet this objective, multilateral development banks (MDBs) have gradually reduced fossil fuel and increased renewable energy financing. Meanwhile, globally active national development finance institutions (DFIs) from Japan and South Korea have continued to finance overseas coal plants. Less is known about the increasingly active Chinese DFIs. Here we construct a new dataset of China’s...

Learning and Transfer in Problem Solving Progressions

Jonathan Daniels, David Moreau & Brooke Macnamara
The purpose of this study is to investigate whether individuals learn more effectively when given incremental or variable problem-solving experience, relative to consistent problem-solving experience.

Larval site characteristics of mosquito Aedes aegypti in La Lope, Gabon

Siyang Xia, Hany K. M. Dweck, Joel Lutomiah, Rosemary Sang, Carolyn S. McBride, Noah H. Rose, Diego Ayala & Jeffrey R. Powell
This dataset is described and analyzed in the paper: "Xia, S., Dweck, H. K. M., Lutomiah, J., Sang, R., McBride, C. S., Rose, N. H., Ayala, D., & Powell, J. R. (2021). Larval sites of the mosquito Aedes aegypti formosus in forest and domestic habitats in Africa and the potential association with oviposition evolution. Ecology and Evolution, 00, 1– 17. https://doi.org/10.1002/ece3.8332" The mosquito Ae. aegypti is a major vector of several arboviral diseases. In Africa,...

Domestication phenotype linked to vocal behavior in marmoset monkeys

Asif Ghazanfar, Lauren Kelly, Daniel Takahashi, Sandra Winters, Rebecca Terrett & James Higham
The domestication syndrome refers to a set of traits that are the incidental by-products of artificial selection for increased tolerance towards humans. One hypothesis is that some species like humans and bonobos “self domesticated”, that they have been under selection for that same suite of domesticated phenotypes. However, the evidence for this has been largely circumstantial. Here, we provide evidence that in marmoset monkeys, the size of a domestication phenotype—a white facial fur patch—is linked...

Deep Potential training data for crystalline and disordered TiO2 phases

Marcos Felipe Calegari Andrade & Annabella Selloni
Data set used to train a Deep Potential (DP) model for crystalline and disordered TiO2 phases. Training data contain atomic forces, potential energy, atomic coordinates and cell tensor. Energy and forces were evaluated with the density functional SCAN, as implemented in Quantum-ESPRESSO. Atomic configurations of crystalline systems were generated by random perturbation of atomic positions (0-0.3 A) and cell tensor (1-10%). Amorphous TiO2 was explored by DP molecular dynamics (DPMD) at temperatures in the range...

💩👍🏻 emoji curation

Esmé Cowles
Lightning talk at Code4Lib 2018

Eco-evolutionary significance of 'loners'

Corina Tarnita, Fernando Rossine, Ricardo Martinez-Garcia, Allyson Sgro & Thomas Gregor
Loners, individuals out-of-sync with a coordinated majority, occur frequently in nature. Are loners incidental byproducts of large-scale coordination attempts or are they part of a mosaic of life-history strategies? Here, we provide empirical evidence of naturally occurring heritable variation in loner behavior in the model social amoeba Dictyostelium discoideum. We propose that Dictyostelium loners—cells that do not join the multicellular life-stage—arise from a dynamic population-partitioning process, the result of each cell making a stochastic, signal-based...

Multiple dimensions of dietary diversity in large mammalian herbivores

Tyler Kartzinel & Robert Pringle
Theory predicts that trophic specialization (i.e., low dietary diversity) should make consumer populations sensitive to environmental disturbances, yet diagnosing specialists is complicated both by the difficulty of precisely quantifying diet composition and by definitional ambiguity—what makes a diet ‘diverse’? We sought to characterize the relationship between taxonomic dietary diversity (TDD) and phylogenetic dietary diversity (PDD) in a species-rich community of large mammalian herbivores in semi-arid East African savanna. We hypothesized that TDD and PDD would...

Fluorescence Reconstruction Microscopy Data: Keratinocyte (10x) Phase to Nuclei (DAPI)

Julienne LaChance & Daniel Cohen
The data provided in this DataSpace consists of sample training data to be used for Fluorescence Reconstruction Microscopy (FRM) testing. We provide a subset of the keratinocyte (10x magnification) dataset used in our paper, in which interested parties may find more complete information about our data collection methods. Matched pairs of phase contrast and fluorescent images are given. The nuclei were stained using Hoechst 33342 and imaged using a standard DAPI filter set.

Agincourt Integrated Family Survey 2002

Anne Case

Agincourt Integrated Family Survey 2004

Anne Case

«Завещание Сергея Есенина. История одной мистификации

Илья Виницкий
В статье исследуется таинственное «завещание Сергея Есенина», напечатанное в американской воскресной газете в 1926 году и привлекшее к себе сочувственное внимание нескольких есениноведов. Автор устанавливает, что эта публикация представляет собой первую часть целого цикла фантастических мистификаций, начатанных в American Weekly в 1920-40-е годы и посвященных необыкновенным приключениям «этрусской вазы» с прахом Есенина и Айседоры Дункан. Этот цикл атрибутируется автором американскому журналисту-мистификатору Ивану Ивановичу Народному-Сибулю (1869-1953), названному ФБР «худшим мошенником», когда-либо эмигрировавшим в Америку из России....

Dataset for 'Auditory Activity is Diverse and Widespread Throughout the Central Brain of Drosophila'

DIEGO PACHECO PINEDO, Stephan Thiberge, Eftychios Pnevmatikakis & Mala Murthy
Sensory pathways are typically studied starting at receptor neurons and following postsynaptic neurons into the brain. However, this leads to a bias in analysis of activity towards the earliest layers of processing. Here, we present new methods for volumetric neural imaging with precise across-brain registration, to characterize auditory activity throughout the entire central brain of Drosophila and make comparisons across trials, individuals, and sexes. We discover that auditory activity is present in most central brain...

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  • 2020

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  • Princeton University
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