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Matthew Wang, Andrés Villalta, Jeffrey Gordon, Katie Chou, Christien Ayers & Daniel Trueman

Personality across world regions predicts variability in the structure of face impressions

DongWon Oh, Jared Martin & Jonathan Freeman
Research on face impressions has often focused on a fixed, universal architecture, treating regional variability as noise. Here, we demonstrated a crucial yet neglected role of cultural learning processes in forming face impressions. In Study 1, we found that variability in the structure of adult perceivers’ face impressions across 42 world regions (N = 287,178) could be explained by variability in the actual personality structure of people living in those regions. In Study 2, data...


Jessica Kosie & Casey Lew-Williams
Much of infants’ learning occurs through social interactions with others (e.g., Vygotsky, 1978), and the quality of these early social interactions is consequential for linguistic and cognitive development. In particular, there is substantial variation in input quality across the socioeconomic spectrum, often putting infants from lower-SES families at risk for learning challenges (e.g., Weisleder & Fenald, 2013; Hirsh-Pasek et al., 2015; Hart & Risley, 1995). However, current investigations into how input quality impacts learning have...

Princeton Dynamic Stall Database: Upward ramp-type pitching motions

Janik Kiefer, Claudia Brunner, Martin O.L. Hansen & Marcus Hultmark
This data set contains data of a NACA 0021 airfoil as it undergoes upward ramp-type pitching motions at high Reynolds numbers and low Mach numbers. The parametric study covers a wide range of chord Reynolds numbers, reduced frequencies and pitching geometries characterized by varying mean angle and angle amplitude. The data were acquired in the High Reynolds number Test Facility at Princeton University, which is a closed-loop wind tunnel that can be pressurized up to...

Cryptic species in a colorful genus: integrative taxonomy of the bush robins (Aves, Muscicapidae, Tarsiger) suggests two overlooked species

Yang Liu, Chentao Wei, George Sangster, Urban Olsson, Pamela Rasmussen, Lars Svensson, Cheng-Te Yao, Geoff Carey, Paul Leader, Ruiying Zhang, Guoling Chen, Gang Song, Fumin Lei, David Wilcove & Per Alström
Several cryptic avian species have been validated by recent integrative taxonomic efforts in the Sino-Himalayan mountains, indicating that avian diversity in this global biodiversity hotspot may be underestimated. In the present study,we investigated species limits in the genus Tarsiger, the bush robins, a group of montane forest specialists with high species richness in the Sino-Himalayan region. Based on comprehensive sampling of all 11 subspecies of the six currently recognized species, we applied an integrative taxonomic...

Evolutionary causes and consequences of ungulate migration

Joel Abraham, Nathan Upham, Alejandro Damian-Serrano & Brett Jesmer
Ungulate migrations are crucial for maintaining abundant populations and functional ecosystems. However, little is known about how or why migratory behavior evolved in ungulates. To investigate the evolutionary origins of ungulate migration, we employed phylogenetic path analysis using a comprehensive species-level phylogeny of mammals. We found that 95 of 207 extant ungulate species are at least partially migratory, with migratory behavior originating independently in 17 lineages. The evolution of migratory behavior is associated with reliance...

Reunion of Australasian possums by shared SINE insertions

Liliya Doronina, Charles Y. Feigin & Jürgen Schmitz
Although first posited to be of a single origin, the two subfamilies of Phalangeriform marsupial possums (Phalangeroidea: cuscuses and brushtail possums and Petauroidea: possums and gliders) have long been considered, based on multiple sequencing studies, to have evolved from two separate origins. We reinvestigated these relationships by screening ~200,000 orthologous SINE loci across the newly available whole-genome sequences of Phalangeriform species and their relatives, and identified 106 highly reliable phylogenetic SINE markers. The presence/absence patterns...

Corneal Laser Procedure for safety and efficacy in vision improvement

Michael J. Berry, Robert G. Devenyi, Samuel N. Markowitz &
Purpose: To determine the safety and efficacy of corneal photovitrification (CPV), a corneal laser procedure, for vision improvement in patients with neovascular age-related macular degeneration (nAMD) and other retinal disorders involving central vision loss. Design: Retrospective observational cohort study. Methods: In this retrospective observational case series, 72 eyes of 54 patients received a single CPV treatment. Examinations included pre- and post-treatment (post-Tx) best-corrected distance visual acuity (BCDVA) and pre-Tx potential visual acuity (PVA). Results: Safety...

Climatic niche conservatism in a clade of disease vectors (Diptera: Phlebotominae)

Emmanuel R. R. D'Agostino, Rafael Jose Vivero Gomez, Luis Romero, Eduar Bejarano, Allen Hurlbert, Aaron A. Comeault & Daniel Matute
Sandflies of the family Psychodidae show notable diversity in both disease vector status and climatic niche. Psychodid species’ ranges can be solely tropical, confined to the temperate zones, or span both. We obtained observation site data, and associated climate data, for 223 psychodid species to understand which aspects of climate most closely predict distribution. Temperature and seasonality are strong determinants of species occurrence within the clade. We built a mitochondrial DNA phylogeny of Psychodidae, and...

Racial Diversity in Deliberating Groups

Elizabeth Elder, Christopher Karpowitz & Tali Mendelberg
Group decision-making is ubiquitous in democratic practice, and questions of representation and deliberation in such groups occupy a central role in democratic theory. Yet little is known about the role of racial diversity in these groups, especially in groups where ordinary people come together to discuss and reach decisions. This project examines one such group: juries. Despite the essential place of the jury in democracy, little is known about the causal effect of racial diversity...

Voter fraud perceptions

Brendan Nyhan, Andrew Guess, Brian Fogarty, Jason Reifler & John Carey
This preregistration documents an experimental intervention implemented in the second wave of a two-wave panel survey measuring public opinion about voter and election fraud during the 2020 U.S. elections. (This study also includes observational survey data and data on web browsing behavior that will be analyzed as descriptive/exploratory rather than confirmatory.) Respondents will be randomly assigned to read one article adapted from fact-checkers debunking five myths about voter and election fraud during the 2020 U.S....

Mechanisms of dietary resource partitioning in large-herbivore assemblages: a plant-trait-based approach

Arjun Potter, Matthew Hutchinson, Johan Pansu, Bart Wursten, Ryan Long, Jonathan Levine & Robert Pringle
Sympatric large mammalian herbivore species differ in diet composition, both by eating different parts of the same plant and by eating different plant species. Various theories proposed to explain these differences are not mutually exclusive, but are difficult to reconcile and confront with data. Moreover, whereas several of these ideas were originally developed with reference to within-plant partitioning (i.e., consumption of different tissues), they may analogously apply to partitioning of plant species; this possibility has...

Data from: Evaluating staging habitat quality to advance the conservation of a declining migratory shorebird, Red Knot Calidris canutus

Tong Mu, Shangxiao Cai, Hebo Peng, Chris J. Hassell, Adrian Boyle, Zhengwang Zhang, Theunis Piersma & David Wilcove
Identifying where and when population “bottlenecks” occur is critical to the conservation of migratory species, many of which are declining precipitously worldwide. Especially challenging is the evaluation of changes to staging sites. These sites are indispensable links in the migratory cycle but are typically used only briefly. We devised a field-based approach to assess the quality and carrying capacity of a critical staging site in Nanpu, China, for the declining, migratory Red Knot (Calidris canutus...

Data from: Constraints on the evolution of toxin-resistant Na,K-ATPases have limited dependence on sequence divergence

Shabnam Mohammadi, Santiago Herrera-Álvarez, Lu Yang, María Del Pilar Rodríguez-Ordoñez, Karen Zhang, Jay F. Storz, Susanne Dobler, Andrew J. Crawford & Peter Andolfatto
A growing body of theoretical and experimental evidence suggests that intramolecular epistasis is a major determinant of rates and patterns of protein evolution and imposes a substantial constraint on the evolution of novel protein functions. Here, we examine the role of intramolecular epistasis in the recurrent evolution of resistance to cardiotonic steroids (CTS) across tetrapods, which occurs via specific amino acid substitutions to the α-subunit family of Na,K-ATPases (ATP1A). After identifying a series of recurrent...

A mechanism for punctuating equilibria during mammalian vocal development

Thiago Varella, Daniel Takahashi, Yisi Zhang & Asif Ghazanfar
Evolution and development are typically characterized as the outcomes of gradual changes, but sometimes such changes are abrupt: States of equilibrium can be punctuated by sudden change. Here, we studied the early vocal development of three different mammals: common marmoset monkeys, Egyptian fruit bats, and humans. Consistent with the notion of punctuated equilibria, we found that all three species undergo at least one sudden transition in the acoustics of their developing vocalizations. This was expected....

Perspectives about the costs and rewards of dating in and around Nairobi

Wamaitha Kiambuthi
The goal of this research is to explore motivations for engaging or abstaining from sugar dating, from the perspective of college-aged, Kenyan women from various socio-economic backgrounds, as well as their sugaring partners. This qualitative study will explore the way young women meet sugar dating partners, individual and social differentiation of sugar dating from “regular” dating or prostitution, and common sugar dating practices. This research will also explore the magnitude of economic exchange between sugar...

Candidates, Race, and Emotion

Andrea Benjamin, Davin Phoenix & LaFleur Stephens-Dougan
The aim of this study is to determine whether candidates from marginalized groups are penalized for the expression of anger, relative to white male candidates. The study also tests whether the cause of the anger is also penalized differently. Specifically, we want to know whether marginalized candidates are penalized more severely for expressions of anger involving race, versus anger about non-racial issues.

The role of context in the acceptability of caused-action constructions in Brazilian Portuguese - native speakers

Larissa Ciríaco & Adele Goldberg
This study investigates whether context improves the acceptability of caused-action constructions in Brazilian Portuguese.

Caregivers’ codeswitching behaviors during shared reading of bilingual books

Marissa Castellana, Viridiana Benitez & Christine Potter
Language exchanged during shared reading (extratextual talk) is a potentially valuable source of input (Brouillard et al., 2020; Sénéchal & LeFevre, 2020), particularly for dual language learning children whose parents may use both languages (Gonzalez-Barrero et al., 2021; Read et al., 2021). Codeswitching (mixing words from two languages) is common in speech and some bilingual books (Bail et al., 2015; Benitez et al., 2022; Kremin et al., 2021) and may provide rich opportunities for dual...

Digital Photographs, Image Processing Scripts, and Analysis Scripts for: Evolution of plumage patterns in pattern morphospace: a phylogenetic analysis of melanerpine woodpeckers

Monica Carlson & Mary Caswell Stoddard
Plumage patterns of melanerpine (Melanerpes-Sphyrapicus) woodpeckers are strikingly diverse. Understanding the evolution and function of this diversity is challenging due to the difficulty of quantifying plumage patterns. We use a 3-dimensional space to characterize the evolution of melanerpine achromatic plumage patterns. The axes of the space are three pattern features (spatial frequency, orientation, and contrast) quantified using 2-dimensional fast Fourier transformation of museum specimen images. Mapping plumage in pattern space reveals differences in how species...

Japanese Public Opinion on International Security

Yusaku Horiuchi, ATSUSHI TAGO & Ayumi Teraoka
We examine the Japanese people’s responses to various hypothetical security crises.

GEI 030: Olymos. Decree on purchase of land

Marco Santini
Edition and commentary of "Olymos. Decree on purchase of land"

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Matthew Wang, Andrés Villalta, Jeffrey Gordon, Katie Chou, Christien Ayers & Daniel Trueman

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Matthew Wang, Andrés Villalta, Jeffrey Gordon, Katie Chou, Christien Ayers & Daniel Trueman

A Horse Race of Alternative Monetary Policy Regimes Under Bounded Rationality

Joel Wagner, Tudor Schlanger & Yang Zhang
We introduce bounded rationality, along the lines of Gabaix (2020), in a canonical New Keynesian model calibrated to match Canadian macroeconomic data since Canada’s adoption of inflation targeting. We use the model to provide a quantitative assessment of the macroeconomic impact of flexible inflation targeting and some alternative monetary policy regimes. These alternative monetary policy regimes are average-inflation targeting, price-level targeting and nominal gross domestic product level targeting. We consider these regimes’ performance with and...

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