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Survey of Consumer Finances, 1952

This data collection is one in a series of financial surveys of consumers conducted annually since 1946. In a nationally representative sample, the head of each spending unit (usually the husband, the main earner, or the owner of the home) was interviewed. The basic unit of reference in the study was the spending unit, but some family data are also available. The questions in the 1952 survey covered the respondent's attitudes toward national economic conditions...

Thyroid hormone induces DNA demethylation in Xenopus tadpole brain

Robert Denver, Samhitha Raj, Yasuhiro Kyono, Christopher Sifuentes, Elvira Del Carmen Arellanes-Licea & Arasakumar Subramani
Thyroid hormone (T3) plays pivotal roles in vertebrate development, acting via nuclear receptors (TRs) that regulate gene transcription by promoting posttranslational modifications to histones. Methylation of cytosine residues in DNA also modulates gene transcription, and our recent finding of predominant DNA demethylation in the brain of Xenopus tadpoles at metamorphosis, a T3-dependent developmental process, caused us to hypothesize that T3 induces these changes in vivo. Treatment of pre-metamorphic tadpoles with T3 for 24 or 48...

Data from: The context dependent effects of host competence, competition, and the pathogen transmission mode on disease prevalence

Michael Cortez & Meghan Duffy
Biodiversity in communities is changing globally, including the gain and loss of host species in host-pathogen communities. Increased host diversity can cause infection prevalence in a focal host to increase (amplification) or decrease (dilution). However, it is unclear what general rules govern the context dependent effects, in part because theories for pathogens with different transmission modes have developed largely independently. Using a two-host model, we explore how the pathogen transmission mode and characteristics of a...

Ectoparasites in rats and shrews data related to leptospirosis in West Jakarta

Dewi Susanna, Rusyda Ihwani Tantia Nova & Rozek Laura
This study aimed to determine the presence and species of the rats and shrews that can potentially cause leptospirosis in West Jakarta and the species of ectoparasites found in them. Methods: The research was a descriptive study employing a cross-sectional approach. The study population was all species of rats and shrews in the region and the sample collection technique used was purposive sampling. The traps were installed in the homes of respondents who had suffered...

Genomic population structure of Helicobacter pylori Shanghai isolates and identification of genomic features uniquely linked with pathogenicity

Feng Yang, Jinghao Zhang, Su Wang, Zhaoyang Sun, Jun Zhou, Feng Li, Yue Liu, Li Ding, Yixin Liu, Wenjing Chi, Tao Liu, Yongqun He, Ping Xiang, Zhijun Bao, Michal A. Olszewski, Hu Zhao & Yanmei Zhang
Severe Helicobacter pylori-linked gastric disorders are especially prevalent in the East Asia region. The ability of H. pylori to cause different clinical outcomes is thought to be associated with unique sets of its genetic features. However, only few genetic features have been definitively linked to specific gastrointestinal pathologies. Genome heterogeneity of clinical H. pylori strains from patients with four different gastric disorders was studied to explore the population structure and molecular genomic features and their...

Data from: Ecological and biogeographic drivers of biodiversity cannot be resolved using clade age-richness data

Daniel Rabosky & Roger Benson
Estimates of evolutionary diversification rates – speciation and extinction – have been used extensively to explain global biodiversity patterns. Many studies have analysed diversification rates derived from just two pieces of information: a clade's age and its extant species richness. This "age-richness rate" (ARR) estimator provides a convenient shortcut for comparative studies, but makes strong assumptions about the dynamics of species richness through time. We demonstrate that use of the ARR estimator in comparative studies...

Avian Response to Hurricane Maria in Coffee Plantations

Jaime Collazo, Amarilys Irizarry, Ivette Perfecto & John Vandermeer
Insights on impacts and resiliency of avian species with respect to hurricanes in the Caribbean have largely focused on responses measured in protected habitats. We assessed avian responses in non-protected habitat, specifically shade-restored coffee plantations, because their structural complexity retains many attributes of secondary forests, and may contribute to landscape scale species resiliency. We tallied species richness and estimated occupancy probability of 12 resident avian species, after adjusting for imperfect detection, to assess the impact...

Proteomic signatures predict preeclampsia in individual cohorts but not across cohorts – implications for clinical biomarker studies

Mohammad S. Ghaemi, Adi L. Tarca, Roberto Romero, Natalie Stanley, Ramin Fallahzadeh, Athena Tanada, Anthony Culos, Kazuo Ando, Xiaoyuan Han, Yair J. Blumenfeld, Maurice L. Druzin, Yasser Y. El-Sayed, Ronald S. Gibbs, Virginia D. Winn, Kevin Contrepois, Xuefeng B. Ling, Ronald J. Wong, Gary M. Shaw, David K. Stevenson, Brice Gaudilliere, Nima Aghaeepour & Martin S. Angst
Early identification of pregnant women at risk for preeclampsia (PE) is important, as it will enable targeted interventions ahead of clinical manifestations. The quantitative analyses of plasma proteins feature prominently among molecular approaches used for risk prediction. However, derivation of protein signatures of sufficient predictive power has been challenging. The recent availability of platforms simultaneously assessing over 1000 plasma proteins offers broad examinations of the plasma proteome, which may enable the extraction of proteomic signatures...

Ultraconserved elements data for Amarsipus and Pelagiaria

Richard Harrington, Matt Friedman, Masaki Miya, Thomas Near & Matthew Campbell
Amarsipus carlsbergi is a rare mesopelagic fish distributed in the Indian and Pacific Oceans, and is the only species classified in the family Amarsipidae. Since its description in 1969, phylogenetic hypotheses have varied regarding its relationship with other percomorph lineages, but most have indicated a close relationship with the traditional suborder Stromateoidei. Molecular phylogenies place families previously classified in Stromateoidei within a diverse clade– Pelagiaria– that includes fishes such as tunas, cutlassfishes, and pomfrets. A...

A 16S rRNA gene sequencing based study of oral microbiota in migraine patients in China

Weiqing Jiang, Tingting Wang, Chen Liu, Mingzhu Deng, Xiao Ren, Fei Wang, Yaqing Zhang, Xueying Yu, Lingling Yao & Yonggang Wang
Migraine is a primary headache characterized by moderate or severe headache attacks, accompanied with reversible neurological and systemic symptoms. There are rare biomarkers for the disease. While emerging evidence has indicated the connection between gut microbiota and migraine, the relation between oral microbiota and migraine is barely known. Thus, the objective of the current study was to explore a possible correlation between oral microbiota and migraine. We compared the oral microbiota communities of migraine patients...

Dynamics in perioperative neutrophil-to-lymphocyte*platelet ratio as a predictor of early acute kidney injury following cardiovascular surgery

Yang Li, Zhouping Zou, Yunlu Zhang, Bowen Zhu, Yichun Ning, Bo Shen, Chunsheng Wang, Zhe Luo, Jiarui Xu & Xiaoqiang Ding
In this study, we applied a composite index of neutrophil-lymphocyte * platelet ratio (NLPR), and explore the significance of the dynamics of perioperative NLPR in predicting cardiac surgery-associated acute kidney injury (CSA-AKI). During July 1st and December 31th 2019, participants were prospectively derived from the ‘Zhongshan Cardiovascular Surgery Cohort’. NLPR was determined using neutrophil counts, lymphocyte and platelet count at the two-time points. Dose-response relationship analyses were applied to delineate the non-linear odds ratio (OR)...

Vaginal progesterone for preterm birth prevention in women with arrested preterm labor

Heather A. Frey, Molly J. Stout, Mahmoud Abdelwahab, Methodius G. Tuuli, Candice Woolfolk, Alireza A. Shamshirsaz, George A. Macones & Alison G. Cahill
We tested the hypothesis that administration of vaginal progesterone in women with arrested preterm labor would result in lower rates of preterm birth <37 weeks compared to placebo. We performed a randomized, placebo-controlled trial comparing vaginal progesterone to placebo in women with arrested preterm labor. Our trial included women with a singleton or twin gestation at 240/7–336/7 weeks’ gestation who presented with preterm labor with cervical dilation ≥1 centimeter but remained undelivered. Participants were randomized...

Novel mutation in TSPAN12 associated with familial exudative vitreoretinopathy in a Chinese pedigree

Zhen Song, Mo Li, Chang Wang, Yu Wang, Lihua Zhang, Na Li, Ruifang Yang & Ping Sun
Familial exudative vitreoretinopathy (FEVR) is a rare retinal disorder characterised by incomplete retinal vascular development. Symptoms vary widely from none to blindness even within the same family. Multiple genes related to the Wnt pathway have been found to be associated with FEVR. Recent studies identified tetraspanin 12 (TSPAN12) as a cause of the autosomal dominant inheritance form of FEVR. Here, we describe a novel TSPAN12 mutation in a Chinese family with FEVR. Targeted next-generation sequencing...

Value of Curation Survey, January 2021

Lisa R Johnston, Renata Gonçalves Curty, Sophia Lafferty-Hess, Hannah Hadley, Jonathan Petters, Hoa Luong, Susan Braxton, Jake Carlson & Wendy A Kozlowski
This dataset includes the raw and augmented survey results from the January 2021 Value of Curation survey run by the Data Curation Network. Distributed to US data repository staff and directors via email listservs the survey received a total of 120 responses. 22 responses were for non-US repositories and three did not provide a repository of reference. A majority of the participants self-identified as staff members with 52 staff and 34 repository directors. The remaining...

Prognostic and immunological significance of metastasis associated lung adenocarcinoma transcript 1 among different kinds of cancers

Lili Guo, Xiuwen Zhang, Hongli Pan, Yang Li, Jing Wang, Lin Li, Yafang Dong, Xinxin Du, Jun Chen & Fengjie Guo
LncRNAs belong to the type of noncoding RNA transcripts, which exceed 200 nucleotides in size. MALAT1 as one of the earlier identified lncRNAs in cancer is investigated by more and more scientific researchers. Expression, clinical significance and function of MALAT1 in pan-cancer exist as big difference. To detect the expression and clinical significance of MALAT1 gene precisely and comprehensively among different kinds of cancers, some classical databases such as GEPIA, TIMER, KM Plotter, and PrognoScan...

Pygmy rabbit landscape genomics in the southern Great Basin

Nathan Byer, Matthew Holding, Miranda Crowell, Todd Pierson, Thomas Dilts, Eveline Larrucea, Kevin Shoemaker & Marjorie Matocq
Local adaptation can occur when spatially separated populations are subjected to contrasting environmental conditions. Historically, understanding the genetic basis of adaptation has been difficult, but increased availability of genome-wide markers facilitates studies of local adaptation in non-model organisms of conservation concern. The pygmy rabbit (Brachylagus idahoensis) is an imperiled lagomorph that relies on sagebrush for forage and cover. This reliance has led to widespread population declines following reductions in the distribution of sagebrush, leading to...

Prediction of intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy in the first 20 weeks of pregnancy

Xinyuan Zhang, Yu Chen, Stephen Salerno, Yi Li, Libin Zhou, Xiaoxi Zeng & Huafeng Li
Intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy (ICP) is a pregnancy-specific liver disease associated with a significant risk of fetal complications including pre-term delivery and fetal death. Typically, it was diagnosed in the third trimester of pregnancy. This study utilized characteristics from routine maternal examinations in the first 20 weeks’ gestation to predict ICP in pregnant women. This is a retrospective case-control study. 13,329 medical records were collected on pregnant women presenting to the West China Second University...

Quantifying niche similarity among new world seed plants--Species Distribution Models (SDMs) & associated metadata

Hector Figueroa, Hannah Marx, CJ Grady, Jim Beach, Ryan Folk, Douglas Soltis, Pamela Soltis, Aimee Stewart & Stephen Smith
Niche shift and conservatism are often framed as mutually exclusive. However, both processes could contribute to biodiversity patterns. We tested this expectation by quantifying the degree of climatic niche similarity among New World seed plants. To incorporate the biological reality that species experience varied abiotic conditions across their range, we assembled distribution models and used these to characterize temperature, precipitation, and elevation niches for species as continuously-valued distributions. We then quantified niche similarity (distributional overlap)...

STAT3-induced ZBED3-AS1 promotes the malignant phenotypes of melanoma cells by activating PI3K/AKT signaling pathway

Yang Wang, Nan Lou, Min Zuo, Fuqiang Zhu, Yan He, Zhiqiang Cheng & Xiaomei Wang
Melanoma is considered as the most frequent primary malignancy occurring in skin. Accumulating studies have suggested that long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs) play critical parts in multiple cancers. In this study, we explored the molecular mechanism of ZBED3 antisense RNA 1 (ZBED3-AS1) in melanoma. We observed that ZBED3-AS1 expression was remarkably up-regulated in melanoma tissues, and high ZBED3-AS1 level was linked to unsatisfactory survival of melanoma patients. Then, we discovered that ZBED3-AS1 was overexpressed in melanoma...

Sex difference in lipid levels in first-diagnosed drug-naïve depression patients: A case-control and 12-weeks follow-up study

Rui Yang, Lu Wang, Song Cao, Ming Chen, Chu-Jun Wu, Floyd Silva, Man-Jun Shen, Jin-Dong Chen, Mi-Mi Tang & Bi-Lian Liu
Patients with depression have a high prevalence of developing dyslipidemia. In this study, we aim to investigate the difference of serum lipids, including total cholesterol (TCH), high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL-C), low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C), and triglycerides (TG), between the depressed patients and healthy controls. Sex differences in lipids and their psychological correlations were also included. The study included 56 healthy controls (males/females = 26/30) and 110 first-diagnosed drug-naïve outpatients (males/females = 35/75). A total of...

A new dihydroflavone and a new polyacetylene glucoside from Bidens parviflora

Fu-Jie Cai, Chuan-Hou Li, Xiao-Hui Sun, Lu Wang, Jin-Li Tian, Wei Zhao, De-Gang Kong, Qing Liu & Hong-Lei Zhou
A new dihydroflavone, 2(S)-isookanin-4′-methoxy-8-O-β-D-glucopyranoside (1), and a new polyacetylene glucoside, (10S)-tridecane-2E-ene-4,6,8-triyne-1-ol-10-O-β-D-glucopyranoside (2), along with seven known compounds (3–9), were isolated from the herb of Bidens parviflora Willd. The structures of all the extracted compounds were elucidated by HR-ESI-MS, 1 D and 2 D NMR spectra, as well as circular dichroism (CD).

Fugitives from Slavery in Jamaica, 1718-1795: Lessons from Datasets and Newspaper Advertisements

Anthony W. Wood & Billy G. Smith

Silencing circular RNA circ_0054537 and upregulating microRNA-640 suppress malignant progression of renal cell carcinoma via regulating neuronal pentraxin-2 (NPTX2)

Long Pei, Xianqiang Lv, Gaopei Jia, Xiaoliang Tan, Ming Li & Aili Zhang
Hsa_circ_0054537 (circ_0054537) is a novel tumor-related circular RNA in renal cell carcinoma (RCC), and we intended to ascertain its dysregulation and functions in RCC malignant progression, as well as the underlying mechanism via serving as competing endogenous RNA (ceRNA). In this research, using real-time quantitative PCR, we found circ_0054537 was upregulated in RCC tissues and cells, and distributed throughout the cytoplasm. Then, functional effects of circ_0054537 in RCC were detected using cell counting kit-8, transwell,...

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