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From Theory to Practice and Back Again: Lessons from Hostage Negotiation for Conflict Management

Deborah A Cai
This article is framed around principles drawn from hostage negotiation research and describes how those principles have been useful in managing professional conflicts. Research questions based on each set of experiences and principles are provide that could guide future research in conflict management.

Transforming Metadata into Linked Data to Improve Digital Collection Discoverability: A CONTENTdm Pilot Project

Greta Bahnemann, Michael J. Carroll, Paul Clough, Mario Einaudi, Chatham Ewing, Jeff Mixter, Jason Roy, Holly Tomren, Bruce Washburn & Elliot Williams

On the computational reproducibility of molecular phylogenies

Sudhir Kumar & Qiqing Tao
Reports on the lack of computational reproducibility of molecular phylogenies, produced in multiple runs of the same program or by different programs, cast a long shadow on downstream research using these phylogenies and on efforts to build the tree of life. We show that this irreproducibility does not decrease the accuracy of the reconstructed evolutionary relationships. Also, we find inferred molecular phylogenies to have log-likelihoods comparable to or better than the true phylogeny. Therefore, the...

Divergence time estimation using ddRAD data and an isolation-with-migration model applied to water vole populations of Arvicola

Jose Castresana, Alfonso Balmori-De La Puente, Jacint Ventura, Marcos Miñarro, Aitor Somoano & Jody Hey
Molecular dating methods of population splits are crucial in evolutionary biology, but they present important difficulties due to the complexity of the genealogical relationships of genes and past migrations between populations. Using the double digest restriction-site associated DNA (ddRAD) technique and an isolation-with-migration (IM) model, we studied the evolutionary history of water vole populations of the genus Arvicola, a group of complex evolution with fossorial and semi-aquatic ecotypes. To do this, we first estimated mutation...

Sequence conservation and structural features that are common within TRP channels

Deny Cabezas-Bratesco, Francisco A. McGee, Charlotte Colenso, Kattina Zavala, Danielle Granata, Vincenzo Carnevale, Juan Opazo & Sebastian Brauchi
TRP proteins are a large family of cation-selective channels, surpassed in variety only by voltage-gated potassium channels. Detailed molecular mechanisms governing how membrane voltage, ligand binding, or temperature can induce conformational changes promoting the open state in TRP channels are still a matter of debate. Aiming to unveil distinctive structural features common to the transmembrane domains within the TRP family, we performed phylogenetic reconstruction, sequence statistics, and structural analysis over a large set of TRP...

Data from: Experimental study of species invasion – early population dynamics and role of disturbance in invasion success

David Reznick, Sebastiano De Bona, Andres Lopez-Sepulcre, Mauricio Torres, Ronald Bassar, Paul Bentzen & Joseph Travis
Much of our understanding of natural invasions is retrospective, based on data acquired after invaders become established. As a consequence, we know little about the characteristics of the early population growth and habitat use of the invaders during establishment. Here we report on experimental introductions of guppies into natural streams in which we conducted monthly censuses of each population. Two of the four introductions were in streams with thinned canopies, which mimics a common form...

Data from: Neurotrophins induce fission of mitochondria along embryonic sensory axons

Gianluca Gallo
Neurotrophins are growth factors that have a multitude of roles in the nervous system. We report that neurotrophins induce the fission of mitochondria along embryonic chick sensory axons driven by combined PI3K and Mek-Erk signaling. Following an initial burst of fission a new steady state of neurotrophin-dependent mitochondria length is established. Mek-Erk controls the activity of the fission mediator Drp1 GTPase, while PI3K may contribute to the actin dependent aspect of fission. Drp1-mediated fission is...

Data from: Inbreeding depression and drift load in small populations at demographic disequilibrium

Rachel B. Spigler, Konstantinos Theodorou & Shu-Mei Chang
Inbreeding depression is a major driver of mating system evolution and has critical implications for population viability. Theoretical and empirical attention has been paid to predicting how inbreeding depression varies with population size. Lower inbreeding depression is predicted in small populations at equilibrium, primarily due to higher inbreeding rates facilitating purging and/or fixation of deleterious alleles (drift load), but predictions at demographic and genetic disequilibrium are less clear. In this study, we experimentally evaluate how...

Data from: Fine-Scale Mapping of Recombination Rate in Drosophila Refines its Correlation to Diversity and Divergence

R. J. Kulathinal, S. M. Bennett, C. L. Fitzpatrick & Mohamed A. F. Noor
Regional rates of recombination often correlate with levels of nucleotide diversity, and either selective or neutral hypotheses can explain this relationship. Regional recombination rates also correlate with nucleotide differences between human and chimpanzee, consistent with models where recombination is mutagenic; however, a lack of correlation is observed in the Drosophila melanogaster group, consistent with models invoking natural selection. Here, we revisit the relationship among recombination, diversity, and interspecies difference by generating empirical estimates of these...

MLA 2022 webinar: Easy Steps to Building a Team-Based Systematic Review Service

Stephanie Roth
Course materials

Familial and Lifetime History of Depression: Alterations in the Neural Circuitry underlying Reward and Social Cognition

Lindsey Tepfer, David Smith & Lauren Alloy
Using the Human Connectome Project (HCP) dataset, we examine the functional connectivity of individuals who have personal lifetime histories of Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) and familial lifetime history of MDD to examine differences in neural circuitry underlying reward processing and social cognition.

Teaching Quality: An Unexamined Element of Special Education Teacher Turnover

Allison Gilmour
The purpose of the present study is to examine if more effective special education teachers had higher probabilities of turnover, moving schools within district, moving schools between district, or leaving teaching in Tennessee, than less effective special education teachers. Evidence from general education would suggest that more effective educators, as assessed using value-added or observation system scores, have higher probabilities of turnover. An additional element of turnover exists for special educators, a switch from a...

Measuring Meaningful Change During Youth Anxiety Treatment

Jacob Blank & Margaret Crane
This study will seek to determine the time points for measuring meaningful change in anxiety severity during a 16-session cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) program for anxious youth. The data come from a non-randomized treatment outcome study. Data were collected as part of ongoing treatment research at the Temple University Child and Adolescent Anxiety Disorders Clinic (CAADC).

GCCR001 - More than smell - COVID-19 is associated with severe impairment of smell, taste, and chemesthesis

Valentina Parma, Kathrin Ohla, Maria Veldhuizen, Danielle Reed, Marco Tullio Liuzza & Daniel Houser
Multi-lingual, international questionnaire to assess self-reported quantity and quality of perception in three distinct chemosensory modalities (smell, taste, and chemesthesis) before and during COVID-19

Conducting a NIBS Experiment: Hardware

Lindsey Tepfer, Shaoming Wang, Jane Gaisinsky, Tommy Ng & David Smith

Malleability of Whole-Number and Fraction Biases in Decimal Comparison

Kexin Ren & Elizabeth Gunderson
Children and adults often have difficulties in comparing decimal magnitudes. Although individuals attempt to reconcile decimals with prior whole-number and fraction knowledge, conceptual and procedural differences between decimals and prior knowledge of whole numbers and fractions can lead to incorrect strategies. The dynamic strategy choice account has proposed that saliency, recency, prior knowledge, and other factors contribute to strategy use when reasoning about decimals. The current study experimentally tested this theory by using a priming...

Meta-analytic Five-Factor Model personality intercorrelations: Eeny, meeny, miney, moe, how, which, why, and where to go

Brenton Wiernik & Hye Park
Data and analysis code for a study to examine the impact of choosing alternative FFM correlation matrices on meta-analytic multivariate analyses and to discern the factors contributing to differences in meta-analytic FFM correlations using second-order meta-analysis.

Effects of Digital Media Use During an Experience on Subsequent Memory for the Experience

Stevent Martinez
A within-subjects study aimed at examining how contextualization of an experience may shape subsequent memory for the experience.

Building a Portable Environment for Working with Restricted Library Collections

Inna Kouper & Alex Wermer-Colan

Examining the Effects of Diet in Adolescence on Cognition and Inflammation

Susan Murray & Eunice Chen
This project will use existing data to examine the potential relation between poor diet quality during adolescence and performance on neuropsychological measures and peripheral inflammation in young adulthood

Deceptive Publishing Workshop

Allegra Swift, Anneliese Taylor, Natalie Tagge, Mitchell Brown & Karen Heskett
This is workshop designed to provide information and support for publication venue regardless of discipline, role, and rank.

Political Cue Taking on Social Media Among Teens

Jaime Settle, Kevin Arceneaux, Johanna Dunaway & David Nickerson
What influences young people’s assessments of source credibility and persuasiveness? Traditional accounts of political socialization do not consider this question, which is critically important in our current political context. The proliferation of social media and rising political polarization have changed radically the landscape of political information transmission (Settle 2018, Vosoughi et al., 2018; Shao et al., 2017) and the interaction of these changes has fostered an environment where misinformation widely circulates and people distrust both...

Social Network Characteristics of Adolescents Engaging in Non-Suicidal Self-Injury.

Julia Case, Kealagh Robinson, Jessica Garisch & Marc Wilson
In this project we will be examining self-described social networks of adolescents with NSSI.

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