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Robert R. Blake, With Recognition of Jane S. Mouton

Deborah Cai, Edward Fink & Cameron Walker

Public Shaming and Attacks on Social Media: The Case of White Evangelical Christians

Deborah Cai & Colleen Tollen

Transforming Metadata into Linked Data to Improve Digital Collection Discoverability: A CONTENTdm Pilot Project

Greta Bahnemann, Michael J. Carroll, Paul Clough, Mario Einaudi, Chatham Ewing, Jeff Mixter, Jason Roy, Holly Tomren, Bruce Washburn & Elliot Williams

¡Que viva la música! Repaso de conversación en español

Norma Corrales-Martin

Datasets for Comparison of methods for estimating omnidirectional landscape connectivity

Melissa Clark, Payton Phillips, Suraj Baral, Erin Koen & Jeff Bowman
This repository holds the raster data and the configuration files (.ini) files used to create the simulated resistance grids and omnidirectional connectivity methods in "Comparison of methods for estimating omnidirectional landscape connectivity". There are reisstance grids for each of the two sections (simulated resistance grids and omnidirectional connectivity methods) and .ini files for each run with each method (point, wall-to-wall, and omniscape. The .ini files can be run in Julia computing language. Ecological connectivity is...

Structural Analysis

Felix Udoeyo

Pollinator visitation, pollen deposition, and seed set for O. fruticosa

Gerard Smith, Rachel Spigler & Mark Swartz
Heterospecific pollen transfer, the transfer of pollen between species, is common among co-flowering plants, yet the amount of pollen received is extremely variable among species. Intraspecific variation in heterospecific pollen receipt can be even greater, but we lack an understanding of its causes and fitness consequences in wild populations. We examined potential drivers of variation in heterospecific pollen receipt in Oenothera fruticosa. We evaluated the relationship between heterospecific and conspecific pollen receipt and considered how...

Evolution and phylogeny of the deep-sea isopod families Desmosomatidae Sars, 1897 and Nannoniscidae Hansen, 1916 (Isopoda: Asellota)

Robert Jennings, Saskia Brix, Christoph Held, Stefanie Kaiser, Amy Driskell & Angelika Brandt
In the deep sea, the phylogeny and biogeography of only a few taxa have been well studied. Although more than 200 species in 32 genera have been described for the asellote isopod families Desmosomatidae Sars, 1897 and Nannoniscidae Hansen, 1916 from all ocean basins, their phylogenetic relationships are not completely understood. There is little doubt about the close relationship of these families, but the taxonomic position of a number of genera is so far unknown....

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