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Cross-biome synthesis of source versus sink limits to tree growth

Antoine Cabon, Steven A. Kannenberg, Flurin Babst, Dennis Baldocchi, Soumaya Belmecheri, Nicolas Delpierre, Rossella Guerrieri, Justin Maxwell, Shawn McKenzie, Chritoforos Pappas, Adrian Rocha, Paul Szejner, Masahito Ueyama, Danielle Ulrich, Caroline Vincke, Jingshu Wei, David Woodruff, Altaf Arain, Rick Meinzer, David J. P. Moore, Steven L. Voelker, William R. L. Anderegg & Frederick C. Meinzer
Uncertainties surrounding tree carbon allocation to growth are a major limitation to projections of forest carbon sequestration and response to climate change. The prevalence and extent to which carbon assimilation (source) or cambial activity (sink) mediate wood production are fundamentally important and remain elusive. We quantified source-sink relations across biomes by combining eddy-covariance gross primary production with extensive on-site and regional tree ring observations. We found widespread temporal decoupling between carbon assimilation and tree growth,...

Research Mentorship in Low and Middle-Income Countries: A Scoping Review

Kamryn Mcdonald, Eneyi Kpokiri, Mirgissa Kaba, Zewdie Birhanu, , joseph Tucker & Yoseph Abraha
Objective: The objective of this scoping review is to identify and understand the extent and type of literature available regarding research mentorship in low and middle-income countries (LMICs). Introduction: This scoping review is vital as it is important to identify research mentorship gaps in public health systems and build research capacity in LMICs. Additionally, we aim to create a pipeline of skilled researchers that can contribute to discussions of global public health. Specifically, we believe...

UNC MiniMart SSB RCT_public

Aline D'Angelo Campos

Item Response Theory Validation of the Hypomania Checklist for Male, Female, and Trans Identities

John Miller, Rachael Kang, Chase DuBois, Grace Little, Lillian Pitts & Eric Youngstrom

The Effects of Age on Life Impact Factors Assessed Through the Hypomania Checklist (HCL-32-R1)

Grace Little, Rachael Kang, John Miller, Chase DuBois & Eric Youngstrom

Exploratory SEM Validation of the Screen for Adult Anxiety and Related Disorders

Lia Follet, Natalie Charamut, hide okuno, Colin Park, Caroline Vincent & Eric Youngstrom

Range shifts in butternut, a rare, endangered tree, in response to past climate and modern conditions

Emily Schumacher, Alissa Brown, Martin Williams, Jeanne Romero-Severson, Tannis Beardmore & Sean Hoban
Aim: Range shifts are a key process that determine species distributions and genetic patterns. A previous investigation reported that Juglans cinerea (butternut) has lower genetic diversity at higher latitudes, hypothesized to be the result of range shifts following the last glacial period. However, genetic patterns can also be impacted by modern ecogeographic conditions. Therefore, we re-investigate genetic patterns of butternut with additional northern population sampling, hindcasted species distribution models, and fossil pollen records to clarify...

MSCA Health and Healthcare Inequities Forum

Jessica Brookshire, Nitesh Chawla, Suzane Coshow, Mark fox, patrena kedick, jennifer Lefever, Cheng Liu, Katherine Liu, Natalie Meyers, Jill Pentimonti, Matthew Sisk, Duane Wilson, Jessica Young, Xiangliang Zhang & Yenupini Adams
Project Space for MSCA Health and Healthcare Inequities Workathon

The Scholar and the State

Liangyan Ge
In imperial China, intellectuals devoted years of their lives to passing rigorous examinations in order to obtain a civil service position in the state bureaucracy. This traditional employment of the literati class conferred social power and moral legitimacy, but changing social and political circumstances in the Ming (1368–1644) and Qing (1644–1911) periods forced many to seek alternative careers. Politically engaged but excluded from their traditional bureaucratic roles, creative writers authored critiques of state power in...

Emotion Regulation Main Task Registrations

Adam Miller, Margaret Sheridan, Laura Machlin, Mitchell Prinstein, Kinjal Patel, Anais Rodriguez-Thompson, Jessica Jenness, Madeline Robertson, Andrea Pelletier-Baldelli & Gabriella Alvarez
Preregistering task analyses that have already been completed and were uploaded as files to the osf Youth Emotions Study Page

Innovative Ways to Increase Access and Engagement With Psychological Assessment via Open Teaching

Joshua Langfus, Eric Youngstrom, Lia Follet, Rachael Kang & John Miller


Logan Smith, Emma Choplin, Eric Youngstrom, Morgan Anvari, Caroline Vincent, Julia Iacoviello, Breiana Sisk, Lillian Pitts, hide okuno, Natalie Charamut & Chase DuBois

Open Source Platforms and their Untapped Potential for Dissemination Science

Eric Youngstrom & Sophia Sang
Slides about using CreativeCommons and Wiki to disseminate psychological science

Leftist Intolerance

Eleanor Cross
This study seeks to examine prevalence and correlates of intolerance among leftists.

Society for Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology (SCCAP)

Emma Choplin, Logan Smith, Shelby Anderson, Eric Youngstrom, Jessica Janos, Caroline Vincent, Hannah Kim, Julia Iacoviello, Breiana Sisk, Lillian Pitts, Natalie Charamut, hide okuno, Joshua Langfus & Chase DuBois

Circum-Arctic distribution of chemical anti-herbivore compounds arctic shrubs

Elin Lindén, Mariska Te Beest, Ilka Abreu, Thomas Moritz, Maja Sundqvist, Isabel C Barrio, Julia Boike, John Bryant, Kari Anne Bråthen, Agata Buchwal, Guillermo Bueno, Alain Cuerrier, Dagmar Egelkraut, Bruce Forbes, Martin Hallinger, Monique Heijmans, Luise Hermanutz, David S Hik, Annika Hofgaard, Milena Holmgren, Diane C Huebner, Toke Hoye, Ingibjörg Jónsdóttir, Elina Kaarlejärvi, Emilie Kissler … & Johan Olofsson
Spatial variation in plant chemical defence towards herbivores can help us understand variation in herbivore top-down control of shrubs in the Arctic and possibly also shrub responses to global warming. Less defended, non-resinous shrubs could be more influenced by herbivores than more defended, resinous shrubs. However, sparse field measurements limit our current understanding of how much of the circum-Arctic variation in defence compounds is explained by taxa or defence functional groups (resinous/non-resinous). We measured circum-Arctic...

Politics at Work

Jeffrey Lees & Brittany Solomon
Research project exploring how workers think politics affect organizational decision-making

Using Ant Colony Optimization to Create Domain Level CAT-PD Scales

Leah Emery, Shereen Khoo & Whitney Ringwald
The Comprehensive Assessment of Traits Relevant to Personality Disorders – Static Form (CAT-PD-SF, Simms et al., 2011) is a pathological personality scale initially constructed to measure a wide array of facet-level traits (e.g., Anhedonia or Impulsivity). While facet scales provide greater specificity about personality constructs, there are problems associated with this level of analysis. Multiple facet scales can require significant time to complete, increasing patient burden in clinical settings or participant fatigue in research settings....


Does Type of Trauma History Predict PTSD Symptoms in Youth?

Chase DuBois, Eric Youngstrom, Jennifer Youngstrom, Norah Feeny & Robert Findling

Helping Give Away Psychological Science to Improve Teaching Assessment and Statistics

Eric Youngstrom

The Bias Suppression-Consistency Paradox: Why and When Bias Suppression Begets Biased Decision-Making Over Time

Brittany Solomon, Matthew Hall & Cindy Muir

Getting More From Existing Tools: Sleep Problems on GBI and ASEBA Associated With Child Mood Disorders

Joshua Langfus, Yen-Ling Chen, Robert Findling, Jessica Janos, Eric Youngstrom & Jennifer Youngstrom

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