Data from: Conservation of pollinators in traditional agricultural landscapes – new challenges in Transylvania (Romania) posed by EU accession and recommendations for future research

Anikó Kovács-Hostyánszki, Rita Földesi, Edina Mózes, Ádám Szirák, Joern Fischer, Jan Hanspach & András Báldi
Farmland biodiversity is strongly declining in most of Western Europe, but still survives in traditional low intensity agricultural landscapes in Central and Eastern Europe. Accession to the EU however intensifies agriculture, which leads to the vanishing of traditional farming. Our aim was to describe the pollinator assemblages of the last remnants of these landscapes, thus set the baseline of sustainable farming for pollination, and to highlight potential measures of conservation. In these traditional farmlands in...

Registration Year

  • 2016

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  • Dataset


  • Institute of Ecology and Botany
  • Leuphana University