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Data from: Visible persistence of single-transient random dot patterns: spatial parameters affect the duration of fading percepts

Maximilian Bruchmann, Kathrin Thaler & Dirk Vorberg
Visible persistence refers to the continuation of visual perception after the physical termination of a stimulus. We studied an extreme case of visible persistence by presenting two matrices of randomly distributed black and white pixels in succession. On the transition from one matrix to the second, the luminance polarity of all pixels within a disk- or annulus-shaped area reversed, physically creating a single second-order transient signal. This transient signal produces the percept of a disk...

Data from: Downregulation of the evolutionary capacitor Hsp90 is mediated by social cues

Robert Peuß, Hendrik Eggert, Sophie A. O. Armitage & Joachim Kurtz
The relationship between robustness and evolvability is a long-standing question in evolution. Heat shock protein 90 (HSP90), a molecular chaperone, has been identified as a potential capacitor for evolution, since it allows for the accumulation and release of cryptic genetic variation, and also for the regulation of novel genetic variation through transposon activity. However, to date, it is unknown whether Hsp90 expression is regulated upon demand (i.e. when the release of cryptic genetic variation is...

Data from: Genetic differentiation within multiple common grassland plants supports seed transfer zones for ecological restoration

Walter Durka, Stefan G. Michalski, Kenneth W. Berendzen, Oliver Bossdorf, Anna Bucharova, Julia-Maria Hermann, Norbert Hölzel & Johannes Kollmann
Ecological restoration of grasslands is increasingly based on regional seeds derived from predefined seed transfer zones. However, the degree and spatial pattern of genetic differentiation among provenances of different seed transfer zones is largely unknown. We assessed the genetic differentiation among eight out of 22 German seed transfer zones for seven common grassland species (Arrhenatherum elatius, Centaurea jacea, Daucus carota, Galium album, Hypochaeris radicata, Knautia arvensis and Lychnis flos-cuculi) using AFLP markers. We analysed genetic...

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  • 2015

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  • University of Münster
  • Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research
  • German Center for Integrative Biodiversity Research
  • Technical University Munich
  • University of Tübingen