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Jaw and lip amplitude and velocity in stuttered disfluencies. A preliminary study

Ivana Didirková, Shakeel Ahmad Sheikh, Slim Ouni, Anaïs Vallé & Fabrice Hirsch

n°1|2020 - Faire dialoguer les disciplines via l'indexation des connaissances : la recherche interdisciplinaire en débat

Julien Mary & Lise Verlaet

Data from: Decreased selectivity during mate choice in a small-sized population of a long-lived seabird

Joël Bried, Malvina Andris, Marie-Pierre Dubois & Philippe Jarne
As biparental care is crucial for breeding success in Procellariiformes seabirds (i.e., albatrosses and petrels), these species are expected to be choosy during pair formation. However, the choice of partners is limited in small-sized populations, which might lead to random pairing. In Procellariiformes, the consequences of such limitations for mating strategies have been examined in a single species. Here, we studied mate choice in another Procellariiforme, Bulwer’s petrel Bulweria bulwerii, in the Azores (ca 70...

Towards an inclusive system for the annotation of (dis)fluency in typical and atypical speech

Ivana Didirková, Ludivine Crible, Christelle Dodane, Loulou Kosmala, Aaliyah Morgenstern, Berthille Pallaud, Marie-Claude Monfrais-Pfauwadel & Fabrice Hirsch

A “Dirty” Footprint: Soil macrofauna biodiversity and fertility in Amazonian Dark Earths and adjacent soils

Wilian C. Demetrio, Ana C. Conrado, Agno N. S. Acioli, Alexandre C. Ferreira, Marie L. C. Bartz, Samuel W. James, Elodie Silva, Lilianne S. Maia, Gilvan C. Martins, Rodrigo S. Macedo, David W. G. Stanton, Patrick Lavelle, Elena Velasquez, Anne Zangerlé, Rafaella Barbosa, Sandra C. Tapia‐Coral, Aleksander W. Muniz, Alessandra Santos, Talita Ferreira, Rodrigo F. Segalla, Thibaud Decaëns, Herlon S. Nadolny, Clara P. Peña‐Venegas, Cláudia M. B. F. Maia, Amarildo Pasini … & George G. Brown
Amazonian rainforests once thought to hold an innate pristine wilderness, are increasingly known to have been densely inhabited by populations showing a diverse and complex cultural background prior to European arrival. To what extent these societies impacted their landscape is unclear. Amazonian Dark Earths (ADEs) are fertile soils found throughout the Amazon Basin, created by pre-Columbian societies as a result of more sedentary habits. Much is known of the chemistry of these soils, yet their...

Construire l’interdisciplinarité en contexte institutionnel, une expérience de laboratoire en SHS

, &

Interspecific interactions regulate plant reproductive allometry in cereal-legume intercropping systems

Noémie Gaudio, Cyrille Violle, Xavier Gendre, Florian Fort, Rémi Mahmoud, Elise Pelzer, Safia Médiène, Henrik Hauggaard-Nielsen, Laurent Bedoussac, Catherine Bonnet, Guénaëlle Corre-Hellou, Antoine Couëdel, Philippe Hinsinger, Eric Steen Jensen, Etienne-Pascal Journet, Eric Justes, Bochra Kammoun, Isabelle Litrico, Nathalie Moutier, Christophe Naudin & Pierre Casadebaig
1. Calls for the application of ecological principles in agriculture have gained momentum. Intercropping systems are designed by growing two, or more, annual crop species in the same field, aiming for a better resource use efficiency. However, assembly rules for their design are lacking. Notably, it is unknown whether species performances are maximized during both the vegetative and reproductive phases given the sensitivity of reproductive allocation rules to resource limitation. Interestingly, ecological theory provides expectations...

Les inondations dans le bassin amont de la Seine

Alexandre Brun & Frédéric Gache

La protection contre les crues dans le bassin amont de la Seine

Alexandre Brun & Frédéric Gache

Exploration spatio-temporelle d’objets géographiques ponctuels

Marion Le Texier
Cette fiche rend compte d’une série de traitements permettant d’explorer la base de données MERIMEE qui consigne l’ensemble des bâtiments classés aux monuments historiques. Nous prenons l’exemple des fiches “Mérimée” du patrimoine architectural toulousain disponibles sur le site data.gouv.fr.

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