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Database Macrosismico Italiano (DBMI04)

Massimiliano Stucchi, Romano Camassi, Andrea Rovida, Mario Locati, Emanuela Ercolani, Carlo Meletti, Paola Migliavacca, Filippo Bernardini & Raffaele Azzaro
The Macroseismic Database of Italy 2004, put together in a critical way for the first time the macroseismic data used for the compilation of the CPTI04 (2004) parametric earthquake catalogue. Data come from varied main datasets: i) DOM4.1 (Monachesi e Stucchi, 1997); ii) CFTI version 2 (Boschi et al., 1997) and, for the time-window 1980-2002, CFTI version 3 (Boschi et al., 2000); iii) Bollettino Macrosismico ING (BMING); iv) Catalogo Macrosismico dei Terremoti Etnei, Azzaro et...

SHARE European Earthquake Catalogue (SHEEC) 1000-1899

Massimiliano Stucchi, Andrea Rovida, Augusto Antonio Gómez Capera, Pierre Alexandre, Thierry Camelbeeck, Mine Betül Demircioglu, Paolo Gasperini, Vasiliki Kouskouna, Roger M.W. Musson, Mircea Radulian, Karin Sesetyan, Susana Pires Vilanova, David Baumont, Hilmar Bungum, Donat Fäh, Wolfgang Lenhardt, Konstantinos Makropoulos, José Manuel Martínez Solares, Oona Scotti, Mladen Živčić, Paola Albini, Josep Batlló, Christos A. Papaioannou, Ruben Tatevossian, Mario Locati … & Domenico Giardini
The SHARE European Earthquake Catalogue (SHEEC) 1000-1899 has been compiled in the frame of the EC project "SHARE" (Seismic Hazard Harmonization in Europe; 2009-2012).nIt relies on the experience of the EC I3 project "Network of Research Infrastructures for European Seismology" (NERIES; 2006-2010), a module of which was dedicated to create the Europeann"Archive of Historical Earthquake Data" (AHEAD) and to establish methodologies to homogenously derive earthquake parameters from macroseismic data.nAHEAD has supplied the final earthquake list,...

Database Macrosismico Italiano (DBMI11)

Mario Locati, Romano Camassi & Massimiliano Stucchi
DBMI11 is the third public version of the Italian Macroseismic Database, which collects the observations that emerged in publications during the period 2006-2010. This version does not contain the results of some methodological developments carried out within the framework of the EC "SHARE" project (Seismic Hazard Harmonization in Europe); furthermore, it still does not use a considerable amount of new information made available by: Molin et al. (2008); Camassi et al. (2011); the 2009 version...

European Database of Seismogenic Faults (EDSF)

Roberto Basili, Vanja Kastelic, Mine Betül Demircioglu Tumsa, David Garcia Moreno, Eliza S. Nemser, Patrizio Petricca, Sotiris P. Sboras, Glenda M. Besana-Ostman, João Cabral, Thierry Camelbeeck, Riccardo Caputo, Laurentiu Danciu, Hilal Domaç, João Filipe de Barros Duarte Fonseca, Julián García-Mayordomo, Domenico Giardini, Branislav Glavatovic, Levent Gulen, Yigit Ince, Spyros Pavlides, Karin Sesetyan, Gabriele Tarabusi, Mara Monica Tiberti, Murat Utkucu, Gianluca Valensise … & Jochen Wössner
The European Database of Seismogenic Faults (EDSF) was compiled in the framework of the EU Project SHARE, Work Package 3, Task 3.2. EDSF includes only faults that are deemed to be capable of generating earthquakes of magnitude equal to or larger than 5.5 and aims at ensuring a homogenous input for use in ground-shaking hazard assessment in the Euro-Mediterranean area. Several research institutions participated in this effort with the contribution of many scientists (see the...

Catalogo Parametrico dei Terremoti Italiani (CPTI04)

Paolo Gasperini, Romano Camassi, Carmen Mirto & Massimiliano Stucchi
La necessità di aggiornare il Catalogo Parametrico dei Terremoti Italiani CPTI (Gruppo di lavoro CPTI, 1999; di qui in avanti CPTI99), fermo al 1992 e parzialmente lacunoso nella finestra temporale post-1980, è divenuta improrogabile nel momento in cui è stata promossa l'iniziativa per la redazione di una mappa di pericolosità sismica di riferimento per l'individuazione delle zone sismiche, secondo quanto previsto dall'Ordinanza PCM 3274 del 20 marzo 2003 (Gruppo di lavoro MPS, 2004). Nell'ambito di...

European Archive of Historical EArthquake Data (AHEAD)

Paola Albini, Mario Locati, Andrea Rovida & Massimiliano Stucchi
AHEAD, the European Archive of Historical Earthquake Data 1000-1899, is a distributed archive aiming at preserving, inventorying and making available, to investigators and other users, data sources on the earthquake history of Europe, such as papers, reports, Macroseismic Data Points (MDPs) in different scales (EMS-98, MSK, or MCS), and parametric catalogues. The AHEAD general repository rely on independent, regionally managed data archives. At present, eight regional, online macroseismic archives team up in AHEAD covering Italy,...

Catalogo Parametrico dei Terremoti Italiani (CPTI11)

Andrea Rovida, Romano Camassi, Paolo Gasperini & Massimiliano Stucchi
CPTI11 updates and improves the 2004 version of CPTI with respect to background information and structure. It is based on updated macroseismic (DBMI11; Locati et al., 2011) and instrumental databases; it contains records of foreshocks and aftershocks; for some offshore events, macroseismic earthquake parameters have been determined by means of the method by Bakun and Wentworth (1997); when both macroseismic and instrumental parameters are available, the two determinations and a default one are provided (in...

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