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Investigation on Machining Characteristics of Banana Fiber and Silicon Carbide Reinforced Polymer Matrix Composites

Venkatachalam GOPALAN, Vignesh PRAGASAM, Hitesh Byatarayanapura NARAYANASWAMY, Gokula Krishnan BALASUBRAMANIAN & Pandivelan CHINNAIYAN
In this study, machining characteristics of polymer composite consisting of banana fiber and silicon carbide (SiC) as reinforcements and epoxy resin as matrix are investigated. Reinforcement phases consist of raw banana fiber powder sieved to 100 microns size of 1% (w/w) and SiC powder of 1% (w/w). The conventional machining process is carried out on the fabricated composite samples by considering the depth of cut, feed rate and speed as influential parameters. The central composite...

Cattaneo-Christov Heat Flux on an MHD 3D Free Convection Casson Fluid Flow Over a Stretching Sheet

D. Gowri SHANKAR, C.S.K. RAJU, M.S. Jagadeesh KUMAR & Oluwole Daniel MAKINDE
In this investigation, we analyze the magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) three-dimensional (3D) flow of Casson fluid over a stretching sheet using non-Darcy porous medium with heat source/sink. We also consider the Cattaneo-Christov heat flux and Joule effect. The governing partial differential equations (PDEs) are transformed into ordinary differential equations (ODEs) using suitable transformations and solved by using the shooting technique. The effects of the non-dimensional governing parameters on velocity and temperature profiles are discussed with the graphs....

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  • 2020

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