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Data from: Bacterial diversity amplifies nutrient-based plant-soil feedbacks

Simone Weidner, Robert Koller, Ellen Latz, George Kowalchuk, Michael Bonkowski, Stefan Scheu & Alexandre Jousset
Plants foster diverse assemblages of bacteria in the rhizosphere serving important functions which may result in enhanced plant growth. Microbial diversity is increasingly recognized to shape the functionality of microbial communities. This leads to the assumption that there is a positive relationship between rhizosphere diversity and plant growth. Here we investigate how bacterial diversity affects the mineralization of organic matter and plant nutrient acquisition. We hypothesized that altered bacterial diversity will affect nitrogen mineralisation, uptake...

Data from: Peptidomics-based phylogeny and biogeography of Mantophasmatodea (Hexapoda)

Reinhard Predel, Susanne Neupert, Wolf Huetteroth, Jörg Kahnt, Dietmar Waidelich & Steffen Roth
The insect order Mantophasmatodea was described in 2002. Prior to that time, several generations of entomologists had assumed that all major insect taxa were known; thus, its description was a sensation for zoologists. Since then, a surprising abundance and species diversity of this taxon have been found, particularly in the winter rainfall region of South Africa. To learn more about the evolutionary lineages, speciation, and biogeography of Mantophasmatodea, we applied an unusual peptidomics approach. We...

Data from: Zinc supplementation inhibits complement activation in age-related macular degeneration

Dzenita Smailhodzic, Freekje Van Asten, Anna M. Blom, Frida C. Mohlin, Anneke I. Den Hollander, Johannes P. H. Van De Ven, Ramon A. C. Van Huet, Joannes M. M. Groenewoud, Yuan Tian, Tos T. J. M. Berendschot, Yara T. E. Lechanteur, Sascha Fauser, Chris De Bruijn, Mohamed R. Daha, Gert Jan Van Der Wilt, Carel B. Hoyng & B. Jeroen Klevering
Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is the leading cause of blindness in the Western world. AMD is a multifactorial disorder but complement-mediated inflammation at the level of the retina plays a pivotal role. Oral zinc supplementation can reduce the progression of AMD but the precise mechanism of this protective effect is as yet unclear. We investigated whether zinc supplementation directly affects the degree of complement activation in AMD and whether there is a relation between serum...

Data from: Evolutionary advantage of small populations on complex fitness landscapes

Kavita Jain, Joachim Krug & Su-Chan Park
Recent experimental and theoretical studies have shown that small asexual populations evolving on complex fitness landscapes may achieve a higher fitness than large ones due to the increased heterogeneity of adaptive trajectories. Here we introduce a class of haploid three-locus fitness landscapes that allow the investigation of this scenario in a precise and quantitative way. Our main result derived analytically shows how the probability of choosing the path of the largest initial fitness increase grows...

Phenotype pictures of Arabidopsis thaliana in high light and low light conditions

Benedict Wieters & Juliette De Meaux
The rate at which plants grow is a major functional trait in plant ecology. However, little is known about its evolution in natural populations. Here, we investigate evolutionary and environmental factors shaping variation in the growth rate of Arabidopsis thaliana. We used plant diameter as a proxy to monitor plant growth over time in environments that mimicked latitudinal differences in the intensity of natural light radiation, across a set of 278 genotypes sampled within four...

Data from: Competition is crucial for social comparison processes in long-tailed macaques

Stefanie Keupp, Rowan Titchener, Thomas Bugnyar, Thomas Mussweiler & Julia Fischer
Humans modulate their self-evaluations and behaviour as a function of conspecific presence and performance. In this study we tested for the presence of human-like social comparison effects in long-tailed macaques (Macaca fascicularis). The monkeys’ task was to extract food from an apparatus by pulling drawers within reach and we measured latency between drawer-pulls. Subjects either worked on the task with a partner who could access the apparatus from an adjacent cage, worked in the absence...

Octavio Paz entre la literatura mundial y las literaturas del mundo

Gesine Müller
pp. 51-63 The debate around the concept of world literature, held with new intensity in the last twenty years, is part, within the framework of cultural studies, of the controversies that are closely associated with issues related to global networks in a polycentric world. In view of this, this article would first of all like to open the field of tension between the concepts of world literature and literature of the world, with the purpose...

Ergebnisse der wissenschaftlichen Begleitung des Projekts „Medienbildung in der Kita“ : Abschlussbericht

Nadia Kutscher & Jacqueline Bischof

Detecting selection using extended haplotype homozygosity (EHH)-based statistics in unphased or unpolarized data

Alexander Klassmann & Mathieu Gautier
Analysis of population genetic data often includes the search for genomic regions with signs of recent positive selection. One of the approaches involves the concept of Extended Haplotype Homozygosity (EHH) and its associated statistics. These statistics typically need phased haplotypes and, some of them, polarized variants. Here, we unify and extend previously proposed modifications to loosen these requirements. We compare the modified versions with the original ones by measuring the False Discovery Rate in simulated...

Additional file 1 of Early clinical course of biopsy-proven IgA vasculitis nephritis

Sarina Butzer, Imke Hennies, Charlotte Gimpel, Jutta Gellermann, Gesa Schalk, Sabine König, Anja K. Büscher, Anja Lemke & Martin Pohl
Additional file 1. Comparative subgroup analysis. Of 66 patients, we identified 28 children with crescentic glomeruli and/or nephrotic syndrome at onset of IgAVN. Referring to the German Society of Pediatric Nephology, a corticosteroid pulse therapy only would have been recommended. Of these 28 children, 17 received corticosteroid pulse therapy per protocol, 11 did not receive any immunosuppressive therapy. We therefore performed a comparative subgroup analysis which showed similar improvements of clinical symptoms and proteinuria.

Additional file 1 of A multinational, phase 2, randomised, adaptive protocol to evaluate immunogenicity and reactogenicity of different COVID-19 vaccines in adults ≥75 already vaccinated against SARS-CoV-2 (EU-COVAT-1-AGED): a trial conducted within the VACCELERATE network

Julia M. Neuhann, Jannik Stemler, Antonio Carcas, Jesús Frías-Iniesta, Ullrich Bethe, Sarah Heringer, Lea Tischmann, Marouan Zarrouk, Arnd Cüppers, Franz König, Martin Posch & Oliver A. Cornely
Additional file 1. EU-COVAT-1-AGED Intervention in Part A – 3rd vaccination

Additional file 1 of A multinational, phase 2, randomised, adaptive protocol to evaluate immunogenicity and reactogenicity of different COVID-19 vaccines in adults ≥75 already vaccinated against SARS-CoV-2 (EU-COVAT-1-AGED): a trial conducted within the VACCELERATE network

Julia M. Neuhann, Jannik Stemler, Antonio Carcas, Jesús Frías-Iniesta, Ullrich Bethe, Sarah Heringer, Lea Tischmann, Marouan Zarrouk, Arnd Cüppers, Franz König, Martin Posch & Oliver A. Cornely
Additional file 1. EU-COVAT-1-AGED Intervention in Part A – 3rd vaccination

Benign and malignant cardiac masses: long-term outcomes after surgical resection

Christopher Gaisendrees, Stephen Gerfer, Charlotte Schröder, Georg Schlachtenberger, Sebastian Walter, Borko Ivanov, Kaveh Eghbalzadeh, Maximilian Luehr, Ilija Djordjevic, Parwis Rahmanian, Navid Mader, Ferdinand Kuhn-Régnier & Thorsten Wahlers
Cardiac tumors represent a rare and heterogenous pathologic entity, with a cumulative incidence of up to 0.02%. This study aimed to investigate one of the largest patient cohorts published for clinical presentation and long-term outcomes after surgical resection. Between 2009 and 2021, 183 consecutive patients underwent surgery for tumor excision in our center. Preoperative baseline characteristics, intraoperative data, and long-term survival were analyzed. The diagnosis was confirmed postoperatively by histology and Immunohistochemical investigations. Kaplan-Meier curves...

Familial Factors Associated With Symptom Severity in Children and Adolescents With ADHD: A Meta-Analysis and Supplemental Review

Lea T. Jendreizik, Elena von Wirth & Manfred Döpfner
Objective:Both genetic and environmental factors contribute to the development of ADHD, but associations between risk factors and ADHD symptom severity in affected children remain unclear. This systematic review and meta-analysis synthesizes evidence on the association between familial factors and symptom severity in children with ADHD (PROSPERO CRD42020076440).Method:PubMed and PsycINFO were searched for eligible studies.Results:Forty-three studies (N = 11,123 participants) were meta-analyzed. Five additional studies (N = 2,643 participants) were considered in the supplemental review. Parenting...

Cardiopulmonary function during exercise in heart failure with reduced ejection fraction following baroreflex activation therapy

Pia I. Nottebohm, Daniel Dumitrescu, Stefanie Hamacher, Christopher Hohmann, Navid Madershahian, Stephan Baldus, Hannes Reuter & Marcel Halbach
Purpose:Baroreflex activation therapy has favorable effects in heart failure patients. We report the results of a single-center study of baroreflex activation therapy in heart failure with reduced ejection fraction including cardiopulmonary exercise testing for the first time to show the effect on exercise capacity.Methods:A total of 17 patients were treated with baroreflex activation therapy. Eligibility criteria were the New York Heart Association class ⩾III and ejection fraction ⩽35% on guideline-directed medical and device therapy. The...

MEDICC2: whole-genome doubling aware copy-number phylogenies for cancer evolution

Tom L. Kaufmann, Marina Petkovic, Thomas B. K. Watkins, Emma C. Colliver, Sofya Laskina, Nisha Thapa, Darlan C. Minussi, Nicholas Navin, Charles Swanton, Peter Van Loo, Kerstin Haase, Maxime Tarabichi & Roland F. Schwarz
Abstract Aneuploidy, chromosomal instability, somatic copy-number alterations, and whole-genome doubling (WGD) play key roles in cancer evolution and provide information for the complex task of phylogenetic inference. We present MEDICC2, a method for inferring evolutionary trees and WGD using haplotype-specific somatic copy-number alterations from single-cell or bulk data. MEDICC2 eschews simplifications such as the infinite sites assumption, allowing multiple mutations and parallel evolution, and does not treat adjacent loci as independent, allowing overlapping copy-number events....

Analyzing pre-service biology teachers’ intention to teach evolution using the theory of planned behavior

Helena Aptyka & Jörg Großschedl
Abstract Background Even though evolution is the overarching principle that connects all areas of biology, a significant proportion of pre-service teachers do not intend to teach evolution, minimize the teaching of evolution, or teach alternative ideas in biology classes. To prevent adverse teaching practices and promote effective pre-service teacher education, we aimed to identify and analyze variables that foster or hinder their behavioral intentions to teach evolution. Method We adopted a behavioral psychology research perspective...

Additional file 1 of Analyzing pre-service biology teachers’ intention to teach evolution using the theory of planned behavior

Helena Aptyka & Jörg Großschedl
Additional file 1. This file contains the definition of teaching evolution.

A comparative study to determine the association of gut microbiome with schizophrenia in Zhejiang, China

Fuyang Yan, Lehong Xia, Li Xu, Liyun Deng & Guolin Jin
Abstract Background With the rapid progress of high-throughput sequencing technology, characterization of schizophrenia (SZ) with underlying probing of the gut microbiome can explore pathogenic mechanisms, estimate disease risk, and allow customization of therapeutic and prophylactic modalities. In this study, we compared the differences in gut microbial diversity and composition between 50 SZ subjects and 50 healthy matched subjects in Zhejiang, China via targeted next-generation sequencing (16S rRNA amplicon). Results Accordingly, the alpha diversity indices (observed...

Additional file 1 of A comparative study to determine the association of gut microbiome with schizophrenia in Zhejiang, China

Fuyang Yan, Lehong Xia, Li Xu, Liyun Deng & Guolin Jin
Additional file 1: Figure S1. (A) Rarefaction curve analysis of archaeal 16S rRNA gene clone libraries. (B) Rank abundance curves of archaeal 16S rRNA gene clone libraries. Sample color codes are presented in the legend. Figure S2. Microbial composition and abundance at phylum level (A) and genus level (B) for gut microbiota in SZ (Case) and NC (Control) groups. The bars represent the average relative abundance of each genera, having significant differences between the two...

Data from: Anthropogenic hybridization between endangered migratory and commercially harvested stationary whitefish taxa (Coregonus spp.)

Jan Dierking, Luke Phelps, Kim Præbel, Gesine Ramm, Enno Prigge, Jost Borcherding, Matthias Brunke & Christophe Eizaguirre
Natural hybridization plays a key role in the process of speciation. However, anthropogenic (human induced) hybridization of historically isolated taxa raises conservation issues. Due to weak barriers to gene flow and the presence of endangered taxa, the whitefish species complex is an excellent study system to investigate the consequences of hybridization in conservation. We focused on three naturally reproductively isolated whitefish taxa in Germany: the endangered, anadromous North Sea houting (NSH) and Baltic houting (BH),...

Data from: A comparative study of ancient sedimentary DNA, pollen and macrofossils from permafrost sediments of northern Siberia reveals long-term vegetational stability

Tina Jørgensen, James Haile, Per Möller, Andrei Andreev, Sanne Boessenkool, Morten Rasmussen, Frank Kienast, Eric Coissac, Pierre Taberlet, Christian Brochmann, Nancy H. Bigelow, Kenneth Andersen, Ludovic Orlando, M. Thomas P. Gilbert & Eske Willerslev
Although ancient DNA from sediments (sedaDNA) has been used to investigate past ecosystems, the approach has never been directly compared to the traditional methods of pollen and macrofossil analysis. We conducted a comparative survey of 18 ancient permafrost samples spanning the Late Pleistocene (46–12.5 thousand years ago), from the Taymyr Peninsula in northern Siberia. The results show that pollen, macrofossils and sedaDNA are complementary rather than overlapping, and in combination reveal more detailed information on...

Data from: Ethnicity- and sex-based discrimination and the maintenance of self-esteem

Jan-Erik Lönnqvist, Heike Hennig-Schmidt & Gari Walkowitz
The psychological underpinnings of labor market discrimination were investigated by having participants from Israel, the West Bank and Germany (N = 205) act as employers in a stylized employment task in which they ranked, set wages, and imposed a minimum effort level on applicants. State self-esteem was measured before and after the employment task, in which applicant ethnicity and sex were salient. The applicants were real people and all behavior was monetarily incentivized. Supporting the...

Data from: The origin and evolution of phototropins

Fay-Wei Li, Kathleen M. Pryer, Gane K.-S. Wong, Carl J. Rothfels, Michael Melkonian, Sarah Mathews, Juan C. Villarreal & Sean W. Graham
Plant phototropism, the ability to bend toward or away from light, is predominantly controlled by blue-light photoreceptors, the phototropins. Although phototropins have been well-characterized in Arabidopsis thaliana, their evolutionary history is largely unknown. In this study, we complete an in-depth survey of phototropin homologs across land plants and algae using newly available transcriptomic and genomic data. We show that phototropins originated in an ancestor of Viridiplantae (land plants + green algae). Phototropins repeatedly underwent independent...

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