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Data from: Overexpression of an antioxidant enzyme improves male mating performance after stress in a lek-mating fruit fly

Nicholas M. Teets, Vanessa S. Vias, Bailey Pierce, Marc F. Schetelig, Alfred M. Handler & Daniel A. Hahn
In many species, courtship displays are reliable signals of male quality, and current hypotheses suggest that mitochondrial function is a key mechanism underlying these condition-dependent traits. Environmental stressors generate reactive oxygen species (ROS) that impair mitochondrial function, and thus antioxidant pathways that remove ROS are likely critical for preserving complex sexual behaviors. Here, we test the hypothesis that enhanced antioxidant activity in mitochondria preserves mating performance following oxidative stress. Using a transgenic approach, we directly...

Data from: Propagule pressure and colony social organization are associated with the successful invasion and rapid range expansion of fire ants in China

Chin Cheng Yang, Marina S. Ascunce, Li Zhi Luo, Jing Guo Shao, Cheng Jen Shih & DeWayne Shoemaker
We characterized patterns of genetic variation in populations of the fire ant Solenopsis invicta in China using mitochondrial DNA sequences and nuclear microsatellite loci to test predictions as to how propagule pressure and subsequent dispersal following establishment jointly shape the invasion success of this ant in this recently invaded area. Fire ants in Wuchuan (Guangdong province) are genetically differentiated from those found in other large infested areas of China. The immediate source of ants in...

Data from: Risk taking of educated nematodes

Denis S. Willett, Hans T. Alborn, Lukasz L. Stelinski & David I. Shapiro-Ilan
Nematode parasites rely on successful host infection to perpetuate their species. Infection by individual nematode parasites can be risky, however; any one individual could be killed by the host's immune response. Here we use a model system to show that environmental cues and parasite past experience can be used by entomopathogenic nematodes to reduce individual risk of infection. Past parasite experience can more than double the infective virulence (number of host invaders) of a given...

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