Data from: Trends and determinants of gastric bacterial colonization of preterm neonates in a NICU setting

Ketki S. Patel, Kavitha Konduru, Alok K. Patra, Dinesh S. Chandel, Pinaki Panigrahi & Ketki Patel
Background: Newborn gastrointestinal (GI) tract is considered sterile but rapidly acquires a diverse microbiota from its intimate environment. Early acquisition of a bacterial species in the upper GI tract may play a role in establishing the colonic microbiota. There is paucity of molecular data on the upper GI tract microbiota in preterm neonates. Methods: Gastric aspirates from 22 neonates with an average gestational age 27.7 weeks (±2.8), weighing 973.2 grams (±297.9) admitted to a neonatal...

Registration Year

  • 2015

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  • Dataset


  • University of Nebraska Medical Center
  • University of Maryland, Baltimore County