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Effect of water availability on volatile-mediated communication between potato plants in response to insect herbivory

Carla Vázquez-González, Laura Pombo-Salinas, Lucia Martín-Cacheda, Sergio Rasmann, Gregory Roeder, Luis Abdala-Roberts, Kailen Mooney & Xoaquin Moreira
Airborne plant communication is a widespread phenomenon in which volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from damaged plants boost herbivore resistance in neighbouring, undamaged plants. Although this form of plant signalling has been reported in more than 30 plant species, there is still a considerable knowledge gap on how abiotic factors (e.g., water availability) alter its outcomes. We performed a greenhouse experiment to test for communication between potato plants (Solanum tuberosum) in response to herbivory by the...

Data from: Changes in the foliar fungal community between oak leaf flushes along a latitudinal gradient in Europe

Álvaro Gaytán, Ahmed Abdelfattah, Maria Faticov, Xoaquin Moreira, Bastien Castagneyrol, Inge Van Halder, Pieter De Frenne, Camille Meeussen, Bart G. H. Timmermans, Jan P. J. G. Ten Hoopen, Pil U. Rasmussen, Nick Bos, Raimo Jaatinen, Pertti Pulkkinen, Sara Söderlund, Karl Gotthard, Katharina Pawlowski & Ayco J. M. Tack
Aim: To advance our understanding of how foliar fungal communities are structured and assembled, we assessed to what extent leaf flush and latitude can explain the within- and among-tree variation in the foliar fungal community in a foundation tree species, the pedunculate oak Quercus robur. Location: A latitudinal gradient spanning c. 20 degrees in latitude in Europe. Major taxa studied: The foliar fungal community on Quercus robur. Methods: We examined the main and interactive effects...

Dataset for: Interactive effects of tree species composition and water availability on growth and direct and indirect defences in Quercus ilex

Andrea Galmán, Carla Vázquez-González, Gregory Röder & Bastien Castagneyrol
Plant diversity has often been reported to decrease insect herbivory in plants. Of the numerous mechanisms that have been proposed to explain this phenomenon, how plant diversity influences plant defences via effects on growth has received little attention. In addition, plant diversity effects may be contingent on abiotic conditions (e.g., resource and water availability). Here, we used a long-term experiment to explore the interactive effects of tree species composition and water availability on growth, direct...

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  • 2022

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