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Data from: Testing of the effect of missing data estimation and distribution in morphometric multivariate data analyses

Caleb Marshall Brown, Jessica H. Arbour & Donald A. Jackson
Missing data are an unavoidable problem in biological datasets and the performance of missing data deletion and estimation techniques in morphometric datasets are poorly understood. Here a novel method is used to measure the introduced error of multiple techniques on a representative sample. A large sample of extant crocodilian skulls was measured and analyzed with principal components analysis (PCA). Twenty-three different proportions of missing data were introduced into the dataset, estimated, analyzed, and compared to...

Data from: Testing for ancient adaptive radiations in Neotropical cichlid fishes

Hernán López-Fernández, Jessica H. Arbour, Kirk O. Winemiller & Rodney L. Honeycutt
Most contemporary studies of adaptive radiation focus on relatively recent and geographically restricted clades. It is less clear whether diversification of ancient clades spanning entire continents is consistent with adaptive radiation. We used novel fossil calibrations to generate a chronogram of Neotropical cichlid fishes and to test whether patterns of lineage and morphological diversification are congruent with hypothesized adaptive radiations in South and Central America. We found that diversification in the Neotropical cichlid clade and...

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  • 2012

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