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Data from: Interactive effects of pests increase seed yield

Vesna Gagic, Laura G. A. Riggi, Barbara Ekbom, Gerard Malsher, Adrien Rusch, Riccardo Bommarco & Laura GA Riggi
Loss in seed yield and therefore decrease in plant fitness due to simultaneous attacks by multiple herbivores is not necessarily additive, as demonstrated in evolutionary studies on wild plants. However, it is not clear how this transfers to crop plants that grow in very different conditions compared to wild plants. Nevertheless, loss in crop seed yield caused by any single pest is most often studied in isolation although crop plants are attacked by many pests...

Data from: Avian pest control in vineyards is driven by interactions between bird functional diversity and landscape heterogeneity

Luc Barbaro, Adrien Rusch, Evalyne W. Muiruri, Bastien Gravellier, Denis Thiery & Bastien Castagneyrol
Insectivorous birds are increasingly recognized for the crucial pest control services they provide to agroecosystems. While both the foraging activity and functional diversity of birds are enhanced by multiscale habitat heterogeneity, little is known about how these relationships may influence avian top-down control of insects. Specifically, interactive effects of bird community structure and habitat heterogeneity on pest control across spatial scales have rarely been explored. We sampled bird communities and measured avian predation on plasticine...

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  • 2016

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  • Sant√© et Agro√©cologie du Vignoble
  • Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
  • Royal Holloway University of London
  • University of Bordeaux