Data from: Sequence-based association analysis reveals an MGST1 eQTL with pleiotropic effects on bovine milk composition

Mathew D. Littlejohn, Kathryn Tiplady, Tania A. Fink, Klaus Lehnert, Thomas Lopdell, Thomas Johnson, Christine Couldrey, Michael D. Keehan, Richard G. Sherlock, Chad Harland, Andrew Scott, Russell G. Snell, Stephen R. Davis & Richard J. Spelman
GWAS_pop_dataChromosome 5 Illumina BovineHD genotypes and phenotypes for the milk fat percentage GWAS population.RNAseq_pop_imputed_seq_dataChromsome 5 imputed sequence and gene expression data used for eQTL mappingRNAseq_pop_imputed_seq_data_with_gap_varsChromsome 5 imputed sequence and gene expression data used for eQTL mapping - with reference gap variantsLarge_pop_imputed_seqChromsome 5 imputed sequence and phenotype data used for milk composition association mappingRNAseq_pop_del_haplotypeGene expression (phenotypes), pedigree, and diplotype (haplotype pair) data for analysis of the CNV-proxy haplotypeZipped library of Supplementary files 1-12A zipped collection of...

Registration Year

  • 2015

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  • Livestock Improvement Corporation
  • University of Auckland