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Hormos (ὅρμος)

Anna Magnetto
Trattazione della voce hormos.

GEI 037: Telmessos. Honorary decree for Ptolemy son of Lysimachos

Marco Santini
Edition and commentary of "Telmessos. Honorary decree for Ptolemy son of Lysimachos"

Low toxicity crop fungicide (Fenbuconazole) impacts reproductive male quality signals leading to a reduction of mating success in a wild solitary bee

Samuel Boff, Taina Conrad, Josué Raizer, Marten Wehrhahn, Melis Bayer, Anna Friedel, Panagiotis Theodorou, Thomas Schmitt & Daniela Lupi
Recent reports on bee health suggest that sub-lethal doses of pesticides have negative effects on wild bee reproduction and ultimately on their population growth. Females of the solitary horned mason bee, Osmia cornuta, evaluate thoracic vibrations and odours of males to assess male quality. When certain criteria are met, the female accepts the male and copulates. However, these signals were found to be modified by sub-lethal doses of pesticides in other hymenopterans. Here, we tested...

GEI 030: Olymos. Decree on purchase of land

Marco Santini
Edition and commentary of "Olymos. Decree on purchase of land"

Lessico greco delle navi e della navigazione

Il "Lessico greco delle navi e della navigazione" ha per oggetto uno dei tratti che più profondamente caratterizzano la civiltà greca fin dai suoi albori: il rapporto con il mare e il linguaggio impiegato per descriverlo, in tutti i suoi aspetti. Il progetto si propone di offrire uno strumento ideoneo alla comprensione di un lessico tecnico straordinariamente ricco e preciso nel descrivere navi e attrezzature, porti e manovre, ma anche la geografia della costa, lo...

Data from: Ruderals naturalize, competitors invade: varying roles of plant adaptive strategies along the invasion continuum

Kun Guo, Petr Pyšek, Milan Chytrý, Jan Divíšek, Zdeňka Lososová, Mark Van Kleunen, Simon Pierce & Wen-Yong Guo
1. It is increasingly recognized that the factors facilitating plant invasions depend on the stage along the introduction-naturalization-invasion continuum. Adaptative strategies, i.e., combinations of functional traits that represent overall fitness in the face of one or more selection pressures, have shown promise in explaining plant invasions. However, whether adaptive strategy patterns change with the stages of plant invasion is not yet known. 2. Using the Pladias Database of the Czech Flora and Vegetation, we explored...

New predictive factors identified by molecular study in chemoresistant human and canine mammary carcinoma cells

Patrícia Lainetti
Mammary gland tumors in dogs are common mainly in elderly and unneutered animals. Among the diagnosed cases of neoplasms, more than 50% are malignant. Mammary neoplasms in dogs are greatly important, due to the high incidence in these animals. Beyond that, they are considered a comparative model of study for mammary neoplasms of women. Similarities between the tumors of the two species include spontaneous appearance, tumor evolution, biological behavior and the expression of some receptors....

A multicentre study on spontaneous in-cage activity and micro-environmental conditions of IVC housed C57BL/6J mice during consecutive cycles of bi-weekly cage change

B. Ulfhake, H. Lerat, J. Honetschlager, K. Pernold, M. Rynekrová, K. Escot, C. Recordati, R. Kuiper, G. Rosati, M. Rigamonti, S. Zordan, J.-B. Prins & Mara Rigamonti
Mice respond to a cage change (CC) with altered activity, disrupted sleep and increased anxiety. A bi-weekly cage change is, therefore, preferred over a shorter CC interval and is currently the prevailing routine for Individually ventilated cages (IVCs). However, the build-up of ammonia (NH3) during this period is a potential threat to the animal health and the literature holds conflicting reports leaving this issue unresolved. We have therefor examined longitudinally in-cage activity, animal health and...

A comparative study on the stability of the furfural molecule on the low index Ni, Pd and Pt surfaces

Alveena Z. Khan, Jacob Alitt, Rhiannon Germaney, Ikutaro Hamada, Peter P. Wells, Nikolaos Dimitratos, C. Richard A. Catlow, Alberto Villa & Arunabhiram Chutia
We present a comparative density functional theory investigation of the furfural (Ff ) molecule on the low index Ni, Pd and Pt surfaces to understand its geometrical and electronic properties to gain mechanistic insights into the experimentally measured catalytic reactivities of these metal catalysts. We show that the number of metal d-states, which hybridize with the nearest C and O p-orbitals of the Ff molecule, can be used to explain the stability of the Ff...

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