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Crustal structure and margin configuration of the La Baja Guajira basin, Colombia: regional 2D seismic reflection interpretation, gravimetric and thermal modelling

Leidy Castro-Vera , Ralf Littke , Stefan Back & Rocío Bernal-Olaya
The La Baja Guajira Basin (LBGB) is the primary gas-producing region of Colombia and represents South America's northernmost prolongation. This study presents an analysis of regional 2D-seismic reflection data of LBGB integrated with borehole and gravity information. The deepest basement in the study area occurs in the northwestern offshore. This depocenter is oriented NW-SE. In the basin, four fault groups occur: 1) NW-SE-striking basement normal faults; 2) strike-slip faults; 3) inverted normal faults, and 4)...

Data for: Temperature and hygrometry of amphibian agar models in behavioral simulation and operational temperature of two forested areas

Jesús Eduardo Ortega Chinchilla, Laura Camila Cabanzo-Olarte, Renata Ibelli Vaz, Faride Lamadrid-Feris, Catherine Bevier & Carlos Arturo Navas
We investigated how thermoregulatory behaviors affect hydro-thermoregulation in anurans, using agar models as a sampling unit, simulating four behaviors related to behavioral fever and sickness behavior. We collected data in two forest environments (Wet forest and transitional forest) in the Parque Estadual Intervales (PEI), an Integral Conservation Unit of the Atlantic Forest (24°12' - 24°25' S; 48°03 - 48°30' W). The Wet forest is a mature Atlantic Forest, and the Transitional forest is a young...

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  • 2022

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