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Data from: The fourth dimension of tool use: temporally enduring artefacts aid primates learning to use tools

Dorothy M. Fragaszy, Dora Biro, Yonat Eshchar, Tatyana Humle, Patrícia Izar, Briseida Resende & Elisabetta Visalberghi
All investigated cases of habitual tool use in wild chimpanzees and capuchin monkeys include youngsters encountering durable artefacts, most often in a supportive social context. We propose that enduring artefacts associated with tool use, such as previously used tools, partly processed food items and residual material from previous activity, aid non-human primates to learn to use tools, and to develop expertise in their use, thus contributing to traditional technologies in non-humans. Therefore, social contributions to...

Data from: Ancestral origins and invasion pathways in a globally invasive bird correlate with climate and influences from bird trade

Hazel Jackson, Diederik Strubbe, Simon Tollington, Robert Prys-Jones, Erik Matthysen & Jim J. Groombridge
Invasive species present a major threat to global biodiversity. Understanding genetic patterns and evolutionary processes that reinforce successful establishment is paramount for elucidating mechanisms underlying biological invasions. Among birds, the ring-necked parakeet (Psittacula krameri) is one of the most successful invasive species, established in over 35 countries. However, little is known about the evolutionary genetic origins of this species and what population genetic signatures tell us about patterns of invasion. We reveal the ancestral origins...

Replication of Vohs & Schooler (2008, PS, Study 1)

Roger Giner-Sorolla, Jo Embley & Larissa Johnson

Reproducibility Project: Psychology

Christopher Anderson, Joanna Anderson, Marcel van Assen, Peter Attridge, Angela Attwood, Jordan Axt, Molly Babel, Štěpán Bahník, Erica Baranski, Michael Barnett-Cowan, Elizabeth Bartmess, Jennifer Beer, Raoul Bell, Heather Bentley, Don van den Bergh, Leah Beyan, Bobby den Bezemer, Denny Borsboom, Annick Bosch, Frank Bosco, Sara Bowman, Mark Brandt, Erin Braswell, Hilmar Brohmer, Benjamin Brown … & James Grange
Reproducibility is a defining feature of science, but the extent to which it characterizes current research is unknown. We conducted replications of 100 experimental and correlational studies published in three psychology journals using high-powered designs and original materials when available.

Bird communities across varying landcover types in a Neotropical city

Will Hayes, Jessica Fisher, Meshach Pierre, Jake Bicknell & Zoe Davies
Urbanization poses a serious threat to local biodiversity, yet towns and cities with abundant natural features may harbor important species populations and communities.While the contribution of urban greenspaces to conservation has been demonstrated by numerous studies within temperate regions, few consider the bird communities associated with different landcovers in Neotropical cities. To begin to fill this knowledge gap, we examined how the avifauna of a wetland city in northern Amazonia (Georgetown, Guyana) varied across six...

The impact of a heat and moisture exchange mask on respiratory symptoms and airway response to exercise in asthma

John Dickinson, Anna Jackson, James Hull, James Hopker, Hannah Fletcher, William Gowers & John Molphy
Respiratory symptoms, including cough are prevalent in asthmatic individuals when exercising. This study investigates whether a heat and moisture exchanger (HME) face mask is effective in modulating exercise induced bronchoconstriction (EIB) and post exercise cough in a cold, dry environment in asthmatic individuals. Twenty-six participants diagnosed with asthma (20 males, 6 females) completed three cycling exercise challenges (EX) at 8 oC and 24% relative humidity (RH) in a randomised order. Participants wore either an HME...

Transcutaneous vagus nerve stimulation improves interoceptive accuracy

Ruben Azevedo, Manos Tsakiris & Valerio Villani

Contamination Reputation

Tom Kupfer & Roger Giner-Sorolla

Moral Tribalism: Moral Judgments of Actions Supporting Ingroup Interests Depend on Collective Narcissism

Konrad Bocian, Aleksandra Cichocka & Bogdan Wojciszke
The aim of this project is to understand how group identity and protection of group interests shape morality judgments. We argue that actions that serve ingroup interests are more likely to be perceived and judged as moral (or less immoral) than the same actions serving against ingroup interests. This group-interest bias should be especially strong among those high in collective narcissism—an unrealistic belief in ingroup greatness, that is contingent on external validation

Why women stay in long-term relationships with individuals who have committed offences

Lea Kamitz & Theresa Gannon
This is a copy of my previous project "Why women stay in relationships with individuals who have committed different offences". Instead of recruiting from a student population, I will recruit participants from different local UK subreddits. Participants will need to be in a longer-term relationship than in the previous project (min. 1 year as compared to the previous two months), and half of the participants will have a child with their partner so I can...

EI and multicomponent SC

Ángel Sánchez-Rodríguez, Guillermo Willis, Rosa Rodriguez-Bailon & Ayse Uskul

Social Cognition and ageing

Martina De Lillo, Heather Ferguson, Victoria Brunsdon, Elisabeth Bradford & Matt Fysh


Roger Giner-Sorolla

Imagination Ability in Autism

Marchella Smith, Lindsey Cameron & Heather Ferguson
See attached Imagination_Pre-registration.doc.

Cognitive basis of social communication and aging

Heather Ferguson

Developing and testing a measure of Implicit Group theories (IGT)

Katie Goodbun

Perceptual stability of facial averages

Jonathan Prunty, Rob Jenkins & Markus Bindemann

preregistration plan

Tom Kupfer & Roger Giner-Sorolla

BIS and intergroup cooperation

Hirotaka Imada
The present study investigates how the activation of behavioral immune system (BIS) influences intergroup cooperation.

Covid-19 Conspiracy Theories and Collective Narcissism: Secondary analysis of Many Labs Covid19 social and moral psychology project

Anni Sternisko, Jay Van Bavel, Aleksandra Cichocka & Aleksandra Cislak
Authors: Anni Sternisko, Aleksandra Cichocka, Aleksandra Cislak, Jay J. Van Bavel The registered study builds on findings from two studies conducted earlier this year. Study 1 was conducted in March 2020 in the U.S. Study 2 was pre-registered (https://osf.io/7vjr2/?view_only=4b6a12fb56be41a98c43234c41e80db4) and conducted in April 2020. In both studies, we found that national narcissism was associated with stronger belief in COVID-19 conspiracy theories. In Study 2, we also found preliminary evidence that belief in COVID-19 conspiracy theories...

Social Cognition and ageing

Martina De Lillo, Heather Ferguson, Victoria Brunsdon & Elisabeth Bradford

Collective Narcissism Conspiracy Theories Covid-19

Anni Sternisko, Aleksandra Cichocka, Aleksandra Cislak & Jay Van Bavel
This project responds to the urgent need of psychological research on conspiracy theories during public-health crises in the current COVID-19 pandemic. Our study will test the hypotheses that collective narcissism -- the belief in the greatness of one’s in-group that is seemingly undervalued by others -- is a risk factor for the endorsement and dissemination of COVID-19 conspiracy theories. Further, we will investigate whether the belief in COVID-19 conspiracy theories predicts engagement in health-related behaviors...

Accuracy of feminist stereotypes

Aífe Hopkins-Doyle, Aino Petterson & Robbie Sutton

Social vs non-social decision-making under uncertainty

Anne-Marie Nussberger, Molly Crockett, Jim Everett & Nadira Faber
Following-up our project "uncertainty in moral dilemma", this study aims to (i) replicate previous results and to (ii) explore potential differences between social and non-social decision-making under uncertainty.

Narrative Perspective and Social Cognition: Text stimulus Experiment 2

Lena Wimmer, Gregory Currie, Kayleigh Green, Heather Ferguson, Stacie Friend & Jacopo Frascaroli

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