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Taxonomic revision of Ediacaran tubular fossils: Cloudina, Sinotubulites and Conotubus

Ben Yang, Lucas Warren, Michael Steiner, Emily Smith & Pengju Liu
The Ediacaran tubular fossils, Cloudina, Sinotubulites, and Conotubus, are taxonomically revised with type materials. It is proposed that Aulophycus lucianoi Beurlen and Sommer, 1957 is not a senior synonym of Cloudina hartmannae Germs, 1972. Instead, most of its syntypes may be assigned to Sinotubulites or other taxa. Lectotypes of Sinotubulites baimatuoensis Chen et al., 1981 and Conotubus hemiannulatus Zhang and Lin, 1986 are designated from rediscovered syntypes. Sinotubulites baimatuoensis Chen et al., 1981 is reported...

Atlas of impact-induced, in vivo human brain kinematics

Arnold Gomez, Philip Bayly, John Butman, Dzung Pham, Jerry Prince & Andrew Knutsen
Accelerations cause brain tissue to move, and this data summarizes MRI-based observations of 3D brain movement during an in vivo impact (brain-skull displacement and brain tissue deformation). The data is a group average, or atlas, of indivudial data from two groups of study participants: neck extension (n=10) and neck rotation (n=9).

Do tradeoffs govern plant species responses to different global change treatments?

J. Adam Langley, Emily Grman, Kevin Wilcox, Meghan Avolio, Kimberly Komatsu, Scott Collins, Sally Koerner, Melinda Smith, Andrew Baldwin, William Bowman, Nona Chiariello, Anu Eskelinen, Harry Harmens, Mark Hovenden, Kari Klanderud, Rebecca McCulley, Vladimir Onipchenko, Clare Robinson & Katharine Suding
Plants are subject to tradeoffs among growth strategies such that adaptations for optimal growth in one condition can preclude optimal growth in another. Thus, we hypothesized that the response of plant species abundance to one global change treatment would relate inversely to the response to a second treatment, particularly for treatment combinations that accentuate distinct traits. To address this hypothesis, we examined plant species abundances in 39 global change experiments manipulating CO2, nitrogen, phosphorus, water,...

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